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Alyson Edie  •Photographer, mom to @thedailychlo •Animal lover, theatre nerd •NYC and Nebraska •Currently booking winter and spring 2019

How about we skip the winter thing this year and just stick with the fall thing? 🍁

There is beauty in the chaos.

There’s nothing quite like fall in NYC. 🍁

New Yorkers have a reputation for not being the friendliest bunch. Hamish the Great Dane is clearly putting that stereotype to rest. (Special thanks to Hamish’s dad for letting us borrow his dog for a minute.) #nyc #greatdane #dogsofnyc #alysonedieseniors

This is Lucille. Her favorite city is Boston. She loves cookies, her mom Jessica, and French kissing photographers that she’s known for 20 minutes. 🐾

No matter where I go, there I am.

Happy Halloween! 🎃

When you find the best pumpkin in the whole darn patch. 🎃🍁🐾

Have I mentioned lately that I love fall? 🍂 #imbasic #ilovefall #falleverything #fallpleasestay

It’s a rainy, chilly fall evening, and I feel like I should be curling up in front of my fireplace with a bowl of soup. But- it’s October, and I’m a photographer, so I’m curling up in front of my computer with a bowl of Chipotle instead. 😂 🍁#photographerproblems #itsfallyall #neverendingtodolist

How are we already in the last week of October? Why does fall have to fly so fast?? 😭🍁🎃 #fallpleasestay

It’s mid October and the leaves are just barely starting to turn in the Midwest, but now today it’s literally snowing. Two weeks ago it was 90 degrees. I’m so confused about what season we’re trying to do here. Halp. ☀️🌧❄️🍁

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