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Do these till failure ! Helping me push through my workout is blasting the NEW @biffy_clyro record 🙏🎵 track is : HOWL
Who else CANT workout without music ❓

No matter where we go we have fun and turn heads . Never a dull moment with @jhop01 #LA #powercouple #livelife

So excited to be apart of a great cause @veteranvisionproject 📸 @devinography
9 years active Duty - present
SSgt Alysia Macedo 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸
Growing up I wasn't the "cool" girl . I was picked on, And was extremely shy and always worried whAt people Thought about me .
I wanted to be an independent woman so
I joined the military at 19 left the little small town of plattsmouth, NE.
I've always been passionate About fitness so I dedicated my Instagram too that . I went from that shy scared girl to a woman who speaks to the military population about prevention of sexual assault , Violence ,and much more . One of the reasons I love Wonderwoman is because she stands up for what is right , she is strong , and loving . Now I have over 150K followers and everyday get messages about how I have helped them or changed their lives . It's amazing the impact you can have on people's lives , just by motivating them. I motivate them when because Active duty and still wake up at 3am Work on my blonde Coaching and social
Media . I want to show people you can make your dreams come True no matter what barriers you face .
I never stop .
I keep it real and talk About the ups and downs ,I don't try to be perfect .That's what I want women and men to know ...they should always Be true To themselves . I am stationed in the United Kingdom and very excited for making a new life once. I separate and use what the military has given Me Good and bad .
God Bless American 🇺🇸🇺🇸

To train at this high level of intensity, you want to keep your workouts brief. The ideal time is 30 minutes or less. This is a pretty good proposition, right? Better results in less time.

Specifically, I want you to use three simple intensity-boosting strategies: maximum effort interval training, full-body workouts and/or "metabolic strength" training. Why? When you push yourself beyond your perceived threshold, your body initiates a chemical response and neuro-endocrine reaction.

lifting in wheelchair
This chain can cause your body to naturally raise testosterone and release human growth hormone (HGH) and insulin-like growth factor 1 (IGF-1) in your system.

Stimulating and maximizing these hormones via intense training helps stimulate muscle growth and fat loss.

What's more, you'll initiate physiological processes that will keep you burning even more body fat long after your workout ends. So let's light the fire and go to work.

❤️Real people ...I've been so lucky to meet the most Loyal and incredible people in my life recently .
I never understood what that meant loyalty with friends till I came to LA . real People who are successful and humble who only have your best intentions.. hold on to that it's rare...I have always felt like I has it figured out ...even at 27 and let me tell you .|I was sooo wrong . I've let so many people who loved me down . Your real friends even though at the time you might not like it when they can see your faults, will call you out at the right time , because they love you . my problem is when someone I love tells me the truth about my fault . I blame others or situations instead of MY. Own actions. Today forward I am taking the responsibility and pointing the finger at the only person who pulled the "trigger" . My normal reaction is strress kicks in, anxiety goes up , emotions run and pity follows with emotions .I woke up this morning with a different mind set . Smiling At the people around me and looking at the ones who mean the world to me and I'm READY to change what I've been doing . I want to start making the about me because their is no better feeling than making the ones around me proud and making them smile everyday . Sulking is over 👊 time to START changing .
I am too old and grown . If you get the same results it's because of YOU . DONT LOSE the most amazing loyal people in your life . Same time don't waste your energy on the ones that don't deserve your time . I'm excited to work on the next months in England on the NEW ME! Will it be easy ...NO will it be worth it ..hell yes . Surround yourself with successful , loyal people
Like @jhop01 @ella_torosian @nolimit.boss @dj_glue @liliana_anais ❤️❤️ the realist on #LA thank you for an amazing time and eye opening experience

Who else understands international flying struggles ????
12 hours of flying it's hard for me to stay still😬 Getting my booty pump before I touch down in beautiful #LA 🇺🇸
Monster mini loop bands - @bforcebands
Waist trainer @squeezmeskinny

WHAT DO YOU LOVE ABOUT GETTING OLDER❓ FOR ME 1. I know who I am 2. what my purpose is 3. Know what I want in a man .I use to always want approval from others . The older I get the less I care . If you're being someone else other people aren't loving you for who you're . Be yourself and if others don't like it they aren't worth your time . Life is too short to be live like you're walking on egg shells, embrace who YOU are kit what people want you to be ❤️❤️❤️ If you are an approval addict, your behaviour is as easy to control as that of any other junkie. All a manipulator need do is a simple two-step process: Give you what you crave, and then threaten to take it away. Every drug dealer in the world plays this game.


Who needs a club to have fun ? Not my #LAFAM if you surround yourself with good positive people that's even better than any club . And I'll be going to LA literally my favourite place I've been to . I've been all over the world , you name it prob been there . This was just a small clip of how life was everyday was a new adventure . It was literally like being in the movies . The positive vibes, people, beauty , crazy things we would see lol Everywhere we went we had a good time . LA became my home right away . Not just because the love of my life but because the city is fast pace but yet everyone is laid me 🙌🇺🇸 no place like LA I had the best days of my life there I can't wait to spend the rest of them in just a couple months ✌️

Yes I waist train ! I k eo getting questions to be honest if it works . Yes! It brings out our sides in and is a constant reminder to keep my core tight which works those inner muscles you don't normally use while doing ab exercises . I normally just wear mine during work . Helps with my posture as well, when I eat since it's tight in my stomach I feel more full after meals and let me tell you I'm Portuguese and I can eat 😂😂😂 It's not just waist training that helps though proper diet is 🔑 @squeezmeskinny discount using code : Wonderwoman 💥 🔹
✔️Waist trainer @squeezmeskinny
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👇TAG YOUR #swolemate ✖️5 BOOTY EXERCISES ✖️
NotE: @Trxbands not needed @bforcebands (monster bands) A MUST ! Why ? Because it will keep constant Resistance on your glutes , I use them everytime I work legs or glutes .
✖️ @bforcebands use code :WONDERWOMAN At checkout for a great discount ! 👉DO THIS 4 times TOAL 30 sex rest 1 min rest after ALL 5 exercises are completed 🔥TRX ALTERNATE JUMP LUNGES (20reps total) 🔥 ELEVATED FROGS PUMPS @bforcebands around thighs or knees ( 20 REPS) 🔥 SQUAT JUMPS IN/OUT (15 reps total) 🔥FIGURE 4 SQUAT / STRETCH (10 reps each leg) 🔥JUMP SQUATS (feet together) 20reps 👊👉👉REPEAT 3 TIMES 👈
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