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🔥Partner Workout🔥 @jhop01
1️⃣Squat & hold + tricep dips
2️⃣Back to back chair squats
3️⃣Bicycle built for two crunches

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1️⃣Muscle group: See Video for each bodypart
2️⃣Reps/sets: 1 min round for 3-5 rounds
3️⃣Rest: 1 min

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“It’s easy to dream about it, but much harder to execute it”❤️Time – the one asset none of us are ever going to get more of.”
One thing that will always remain the same is who i am. What i stand for . It’s amazing to hear vets active duty military tell me how long are you going to play the veteran card.
#1 You are a PIECE OF 💩
#2 You’re an insecure jealous asshole
#3 I WILL PLAY THAT CARD For the rest of my life because 9 years on the military makes me who i am everyday and what i stand for .
FOCUS ON YOURSELF people who cut other people down shows how bored, insecure, and jealous you are . Be a #boss#scatpack #challenger

👉Thanks to my @bforcebands_ they don’t roll because they are thick. In this video I'm using the booty bands
1️⃣SUPINE HIP ABDUCTION ➖4X30REPS (hold 2 sec -legs open)
2️⃣GLUTE BRIDGE (on toes) hold 2 sec at top ➖4X30REPS
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Please READ 👉I never want anyone to feel alone like I did, when it comes to body dysmorphia. I went from 130 to 104 to 150 pounds . These pictures are 2 years apart . It took me years of competing in bikini shows until i really understood how the body works. I had to learn for myself, the hard way. That’s why i love my training and diet plans. I never want anyone to feel lost when they complete my training . I want them to be confident that they understand what they are doing . I Am NOT a coach for life. I want you to take your body and health in your own hands once you learn . After my training i want you to have the tools to be able to take charge of YOUR body. I don’t do yo-yo diets. i want you to embrace your body while reaching your goals. At the end of the day it’s about feeling healthy , looking healthy, and confident . So many people use embracing your body as an excuse to abuse it . No! You need a good nutritional plan and exercise routine . If you’re ready to take control go to 👉 www.ALYSIAFITNESS.com 👈
Online 🌎WIDE training (females only)

🔥Partner Workout🔥
@jhop01 👈
1️⃣Touchy feely push-ups
2️⃣Leg Throw Downs
3️⃣Medicine Ball Pass

Wanna reach those fitness goals you never thought possible? Then sign up today by clicking link in my bio @alysia_magen or www.ALYSIAFITNESS.com and let me COACH YOU!
1️⃣Muscle group: See Video for each bodypart
2️⃣Reps/sets: 1 min round for 3-5 rounds
3️⃣Rest: 1 min

Try this workout
Stop saying tomorrow and let's start today! 👉🏻 click link in bio @alysia_magen or go to 🔻🔻🔻

#happyveteransday 🇺🇸 from @nolimittrainingfacility 🎥 @valafilms
Love my vets now doing big things in LA CALIFORNIA 👇
🇺🇸 NO one telling me I have to go to PT ( physical training) anymore...but I still go . Because of who u am. Are you someone that gets pushed around or do you want to be someone people take serious and be the best you can be. I didn’t always see eye to eye with the military but that’s like anything . One thing i agree is i couldn’t be more proud to have served. Now it’s time to do BIG things and it just got started . #savage#airforce #bossassbitch 🔻🔻🔻
start training like the REAL #wonderwoman 😘

I was a dental tech in the USAF from 2008 to 6 Oct 2017 Stationed at Hurlburt Field for 6 and RAF Lakenheath UK 🇬🇧 for 3 as an extension . I will say i never appreciated the life we have a Americans till i lived in England. No matter what your thoughts are about the country or president one thing you can’t argue is The reason you can tAlk about shit you don’t know about and insult people who have the ultimate sacrifice for your ass is because of the military holding it down all over the world . At the end of the day...look in the mirror And if you hate someone who has
Served and feel the right to leave mean ignorant jealous comments thank those Vets and the ones still serving for that right 😘 Next internet bully’s take the time to see why you are filled with HATE and jealousy for anyone or someone you don’t agree with. Thank you Veterans and those still serving. You are the REAL hero’s #GodBlessAmerica

Before I ask you to sit with me ,
I must be able to sit by myself,
Before i ask you to accept my pain,
I have to accept the pain myself,
Before i ask you to love me,
I must be madly in love with myself.💕
- C.Thoth
Last couple of months out of the military has given me time to reflect on my life. The mistakes i made, people i hurt , people who hurt me . I don’t regret and feel guilty like i did in the past . If you know what you are getting into you can’t keep crying or playing dumb . I did the self pity when i was hurt . At the end of the day WE have made a decision that caused your pain . People don’t go out of their way to hurt you . YOU did it to yourself . ACCEPT RESPONSIBILITY . I LOVE that i can look at my life and where i am and i don’t feel regret . I know God made things happen the way they were meant to be. At the time it might not seem it . Looking now and where i am I couldn’t be happier . It’s whoever comes out stronger out of the storm. I look back and I’m glad those trials in life happened . If you regret how things are, or turned out means you haven’t taken responsibility you aren’t happy with YOURSELF . Stop blaming everyone but yourself . Be a REAL #BOSS . Run shit for once 😘

Tag your #military friends ❤️
Early Big Thanks to all veterans, active duty , retired , wives, and children . You are Appreciated everyday 🇺🇸
Words can’t express that sacrifice that is made for our freedom 🇺🇸 #GodBlessAmerica

@bforcebands_ booty bands
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Go to 👉 www.ALYSIAFITNESS.com

#mondayMotivation 🇺🇸
Everyone wants the rewards in life but they DONT want to put in the work . I️ am not anything special, but I️ have heart and passion in everything I️ do . Therefore when I️ want something in life I️ go after it...I do what I️ set myself out to do. . So many people quit their jobs, live off the system because they are lazy . I️ worked 10 hour days active duty ...still managed my fitness career that alone is a full time job, yup! Still went to the gym 2 hours a day . I️ don’t like someone telling me I️ can’t, or I️ shouldn’t , when I️ can, I️ push myself hard because I️ know my potential..I️ am NOT afraid... I️ am CONFIDENT . I️ do NOT take the easy way out ! I️ do not need a mans money 💰 or anyone else’s that isn’t what I️ worked for . I️ embarrass my weaknesses and strengths . If you’re reading this and think “she is ok”, or “idk how she made it this far.”
You say that because you will never know . You’re to weak to even try . I’ll tell you how I️ did it - I️ never gave up ! I️ slept 4-5 hours a night went to the gym at 4am and after work. Was always hustling, everyday, no social life . I️ knew that though I️ knew at the time I️ had to sacrifice for 3 years to be where u am . Now that I’m out of the military I am able to do what I️ love everyday. That is the American dream . So why haven’t you gotten where you need to be ? If you’re thinking of anything other than yourself YOU are wrong . Only person that has ever held you back was your insecurities, excuses, blaming others . Shut up and be a #boss

👉🏻 @jhop01 🎥 @patdlucky

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