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I can’t begin to explain how amazing it feels to be back doing what I love and seeing all the amazing women I compete with !! I had absolutely no pain competing this weekend and felt so confident on the runway. This time last year I was terrified of pole vaulting, never wanting to take off in practices and in competition warm ups. This year I have no problem taking off EVER ! This injury has been a blessing in disguise. It killed me sitting on the couch watching the women pole vaulters compete last year so I promised myself that when I was fully healed I would never take this sport for granted or an opportunity to rundown a runway and take off again.
Last two weeks of season has been a little rusty for me but that’s okay because I’m here, competing, happy, healthy and getting my mojo back a little more every week!! Next stop... BOSTON 😍😍

Smiling my way back to the runway tonight😀!! Pole Vault Summit is one of my favorite weekends with so many pole vaulters in town 🙌🏼🥰 Let’s leave some high bars up this weekend!!

Year 3 pro, here we go!😈 Excited to open up my season this weekend!🙌🏼
📸: @notanothergay

Not only is it my Queen’s birthday but this Boss A$$ Women is officially promoted to Vice President of @themineryltd !!💯 There is no words to express how proud I am of you !! I see you work so damn hard everyday and this is only the beginning, I can’t wait to see how far you go!! No one can stop these Newman girls 👯‍♀️💪🏼

Getting that core tight after all those holiday snacks!! Who’s been killing it in 2019?! I know I’ve been motivated like crazy 😈😈

And just like that, it’s like we never left the gymnastics gym!! From little girls to beautiful, successful women, I’m so lucky to have these babesss in my life🤸‍♀️❤️ Happy Birthday Casssss !🥂🎉🍾

New year, same motto ⬇️
“Turning the impossible to possibilities!”


1/6 - Dear 2018,
You were a beauty and beast all in one year.  I was tested in every way possible, but I know there is another year coming that I need to be suited up for. I can’t stop time to take a deep enough breath for 2019, so I wrote you a letter to thank you for every challenge and success you put me through this year. ⏩

2/6 - 2018, Thank you for allowing me to doubt myself as I stood at the back of the pole vault runway thinking that this sport wasn’t for me anymore.  Just as I was about to see it through, that light that everyone kept reminding me to hold onto was apart of the master plan. Turning my self doubts into a Commonwealth Games CHAMPION! All I needed was that spark to remind myself that nothing in this world makes me feel alive like the sport of pole vaulting!⏩

3/6 - But then you decided to take it away from me again. However, this time it wasn’t about giving up my sport, it was the complete opposite to where my knee injury motivated me more then ever! 2018, you showed me that I needed to take this time to take care all of my aches and pains because the next two years are going to be hard, but the most fulfilling years of my life!
You were right again. With time and patience, I was itching to get back. Spending hours in the gym, hospitals and rehab centres, filling my mind and body as much as possible with knowledge, wisdom and positive energy. I was fully healed, back into full training; stronger, faster and jumping the best I had ever jumped in any practice. Now I actually started to feel like myself again! Bulletproof !! ⏩

4/6 - But 2018, you were not done playing with my heart. You showed me the true colours of my best friend, the man I wanted to spend the rest of my life with and let me tell you, you shattered my heart into a million pieces.
I let those pieces lay maybe a day too long but finally realized that all those broken pieces symbolized pain, negativity and was turning me against everything I stood for. I realized before I knew about every lie and everything he did behind my back, that I was truly at a place in my life were I was happy and was falling in love with the woman I was becoming. ⏩

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