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🇨🇦Alysha Newman🇨🇦  ✨OLYMPIAN ✨NIKE ATHLETE ✨RSP ATHLETE ✨5xAll-American ✨2018 CWG Champ ✨🥇🥇xNational Champ ✨Hurricane Alum🙌🏼 ✨National/Hurricane PV Record Holder4.75m

I’ve been putting off this post because I never wanted to admit to myself that my season was over. But looking back on this year, I have nothing to be ashamed of, I KICKED ASS !! I became a better jumper, a better person on and off the track and just because I didn’t finish a complete season doesn’t mean I failed, it means I have that much more energy saved up and motivation for next year. SEEE YOUUUU IN 2019 TRACK AND FIELD, YOU BEST BELIEVE ILL BE READY ! 🙌🏼👏🏼💯

Where are these heat waves in December☀️🙄😂

Today we celebrate @nike 30th anniversary of our world famous slogan JUST DO IT!! On top of everything I got to chat with some of the Nike fam, Coach Kevin Murray and Maynor DeLeon about all the different ways success is attainable! The conclusion? Everyone is built for success but it comes down to mindset and determination! You got to love and JUST DO IT !!

Choose to shine ☀️☀️☀️

It’s a process. The great, the bad, the ugly. Turning everything into a positive that’s how you live your best life !💯

Thank you @rogerscup &
@tenniscanada for having me today !! I had way to much fun playing and learning the game of tennis! I can’t wait to come watch the men battle it out, GOOOD LUCKKk! 🎾 #RogersCup #Tennis #2018

When you’re kind of extra but your bathing suit also cost $8 from Target... balance 😂

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Athletes from all over the world are auctioning their jerseys to support @gounderdogs quest in providing safe drinking water solutions for children in Kenya!! Thank you for letting me be apart of this amazing project! 🇰🇪💞

Rain or shine, always on that grind🌧☀️💪🏼

Sun Kissed or Miami Glow...👄☀️

Injuries are athletes worst nightmare. However, I have never been so motivated in my life, to get stronger and back on the runway. I’m excited about this part of my career because I’ve been tested in a different way and I know I’ll be an even better athlete after this phase!!💪🏼

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