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Amy Corson  I'd rather be a forest than a street. Yes I would, if I could, I surely would. I'd rather feel the earth beneath my feet.


Made this portrait of the late, great Tom Petty entirely out of cassette tape. His music was the soundtrack to so many of our lives. I have fond childhood memories of butchering “Free Fallin” in countless cars and shower stalls. Through the best times and the worst times, his music always hit the spot. Thankful for that.

I'm sorry for too much or too little water, and that diagnosis, and this president, and a hot planet and all those parking tickets. I'm sorry for wildfire and that one fight we had and flat tires and bad laws and bad movies. But hey, that means we can make it better. We can do better. Let's be better.


Hiking with someone is so different than texting or calling or grabbing a drink together. You learn what goes through their heads in empty, quiet moments. You tend to learn the weird games they picked up at summer camp, too.

I like to hide my phone from myself sometimes to just....breathe. Live. No tapping, no texting, no scrolling. If you don't hear from me for awhile, now you know why. I delete messages because I don't want to be able to fact check a conversation I had 3 months ago. I never write myself a note because I want to remember what's important and forget what's forgettable. Maybe that makes me lo-fi and unfashionable and out of touch, but I prefer my memories grainy and tattered and my late-night conversations to have an expiration date. Sometimes I leave the questions un-Googled. I like the answers my imagination comes up with better anyway.

TGIF (thank god it's fall)

A dusty rose sunrise from the foot of a lake. The promise of coffee and unmapped hours. A topo map of bug bites. A moment awake before the rest of the world joins you. Gimme dat. Gimme lotsa dat.

I'm Gene Kelly and it's started to spritz.
#WHPdynamic #boomerangoftheweek

We get up and get dressed and get going and get paid. But we're 60 percent water, tiny tidal swings hungry for the ocean and bossed around by the moon, infinite salt and silt and sulfur.
Stay wild.

My favorite kinds of flowers are the ones that never die.
#WHPmadewithlove #paperflowers

Mountains or the coast? They always ask. I want to say mountains. But I think I'd be lying.

Did you know that Bruce from "Finding Nemo" was named as an homage to the robot shark from "Jaws," who was named as an homage to Steven Spielberg's lawyer? Just things I think about out here for no particular reason.

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