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Alyssa Mooney 

I’ve been riding my 4th grade bike for the last 20 years... until today 😍#specializedbikes #adulting

Our tuition probably paid for this open bar somewhere along the line 🤷🏽‍♀️ #eaglesonthewarpath #bcalumni

Gyms are cool, but all you really need is a sunny day and an open track. Bonus points if you have a boyfriend to jump on your back for weighted squats and fireman carries 💪🏼 #makefitnessfunagain #justmove

Scale of 1-10: solid 11 😂 #friends @mjtroy12 @thefeldymancan @jpiece33

Milk & bread are for the birds. Cocktails and foot reflexology is the new nor’easter prep #partnerincheese @marycatherinerossi

Desire to leave: 0/10

90 minute Augiethon workout got me feeling some type of way. Thanks to the coaching team at OTF Boca, always fun hanging with you guys! #famfromoutoftown 🍊

The cute old Italian man told us “friends together is nice. You need a picture.” Can’t argue that logic 🤷🏽‍♀️ #friendstogetherisprettynice #flock @orbyinpink @dee_sidoti @brittanysidoti

Trapp queen. #puns #stowe

Half alpine skiing, half water skiing. Also we’re melting. #bringbackwinter #skitheeast #nofunmatt

4200 meters for team distance challenge! 💪🏼#whoruntheworld

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