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Alejandra 💋  Wellness ▪ Strength ▪ Joy "I am made up entirely of flaws but stitched together perfectly by grace." - God First ✝ ⏬⏬⏬⏬⏬⏬⏬⏬ Save 10% w code ALY 👇

@anthony_gizze keeps a collection of pictures of me eating ... Yes, this is, in fact, one of the many in said collection lol.

Just wanted to clear up a common myth today: "Cardio is the only way to lose weight."
If you truly believe in this myth, please read on ... ⏬⏬⏬ Although cardio exercises are great ways to burn calories, building muscle is the only way to raise your metabolism permanently. This means that the more muscle you have, the more calories you burn ▶24/7◀
YEAH, you read right!
Cardio is good for the heart and increases endurance, but is not the best way to burn fat. Since muscles have higher energy stores in them, the body will actually begin to feed off your muscle after extended cardio regimens, rather that your actual goal: to burn fat.
10-25 minutes of cardio will give your heart what it needs, without causing your body to feed off of muscle.
So when your in the gym, always think strong 💪, instead of skinny. You'll have more energy and life to you anyway 😘

🚨 Long caption alert 🚨

Quick note before I jump onto the topic:
I never thought that, after the spinal fusion surgery, I'd have a strong back like I do now. I literally thought that my life was over and I would never be able to resume normal life and get back to basic, everyday functions.
How silly was I? Lol. Well I was definitely scared, I know that much. Not only am I "normal" now, but I have great posture, strength (it wasn't easy btw), and a cool scar to go along with it 😇 ⏬⏬⏬⏬⏬⏬ Anyhow, LUNGES. Favorite finisher to my leg work outs!! To be specific, I really enjoy hitting walking lunges with dumbbells or barbell to really exhaust myself and my legs.
Now why are they so awesome, you ask?
Not only do lunges target your quads, but they also attack your glutes, hammies, calves and core muscles, which makes them high on the list for toning your lower body.
Unlike many leg exercises, they are back-friendly, because of the need to keep your back straight and chest lifted, resulting in decreased risk of back strain.
Other great benefits: ▶ Allows for better balance
▶ Increase hip flexor flexibility
▶ helps w/ symmetry
▶ Super functional in every day life

Add this exercise to your leg routine!
And as always, let me know. I love to know about you guys ❤

I posted this on my story but decided to elaborate ... When WILD-CAUGHT + not farmed, salmon is one of the most nutritious foods to eat.
To summarize, because there are many, MANY health benefits that salmon supplies,
Salmon: ▶Provides an all-around wellness of the body
▶Aids in bone & joint health
▶Repairs the brain & neurological functions
▶Prevents ADHD ▶Helps you keep a healthy heart
▶Improves eyesight
▶Gives you healthy skin
▶Prevents cancers

Now, I know some of you don't really like fish. But if I didn't like fish, this would most likely be enough to encourage me to give it one more try! Cook salmon in different ways, in different dishes, and I hope your taste buds turn around 🙏

My ultimate favorite exercise:
45 degree overhead barbell press ✔

You can do this in any gym. All you need is a 45-pound barbell. Shove one end into a corner, a piece of equipment, or a landmine.
You recruit a lot of muscle for this exercise and it takes a toll—you'll use your glutes, core, legs, and shoulders, which is why this is one of my faves.
Try it out and let me know how you like it!!

Started 2018 right w. leg day 💪
What are your goals for 2018?
Are they health, career, money or spiritual related?
Do you want to read more books this year?
Drink more water?
Grow your savings?
Grow a relationship with God?
Let me know below!! 👇👇

Your back is an essential piece of a balanced, symmetrical physique. I say this all the time ... You want that "hourglass shape"? Well you gotta stop neglecting your back!! Exercise 1: Lat Pulldowns 4x10

This is my warm up, so no need for excessive weight. Try to really FEEL the contractions by lowering the weight and making sure your movements are slow and controlled.

Exercise 2: Assisted pull-ups 4×10-12

If you can do this without being assisted by a machine or partner, more power to you (literally)!! Unfortunately, I can't yet. By making sure my negatives are slow though, I'm helping my muscles grow so that I can do a pull up on my own one day.

Exercise 3: Bent over T-bar row 4x12-15

I'm in love with these. For beginners, I definitely recommend starting out with just the bar to see where you're at with these and slowly add more weight.
Exercise 4: Single-Arm row? Lol 3x10
I like adding in unilateral arm exercises because you stimulate more muscle fibers in the working muscle, and you use more fibers in the assisting muscles. This in turn leads to the goal: balanced development 💪

Exercise 5: Cable rows 4x10

Guess I love rows, huh? 😂
With this one, focus on not using your whole upper body to pull the weight. Make sure your focused on utilizing your lats (mind to muscle connection - I'll be elaborating more on soon). Exercise 6: Omg, more rows 3x10

HONESTLY GUYS, doing this video made me realize how many variations of rows that I do and I clearly need to vary my exercises cause ya know ... Training back is fun and there are many other things to do. Don't kill me! 👀

FINALE - Exercise 7: Push ups (not shown) 3 sets to failure ❤
As always, let me know how your work out goes! I love and appreciate hearing from you all 🙏

PSA: Meal prepping does not have to be boring, plain, expensive, or even very restrictive at all.
I used to HATE meal prepping because I associated it with competition prep (I didn't learn to enjoy the process back then), and so I avoided it at all costs ...
Well it started costing me a lot actually lol

Eating out constantly, buying "healthy" options at the store, and not preparing meals for myself ahead of time just wasn't cutting it for me. In the gym, I didn't have much energy, focus, and strength. Physically, I didn't like what I saw (I'm very hard on myself) because I was gaining unhealthy weight, especially in my butt and tummy.

Clearly, my only option was to meal prep healthy foods that I liked that weren't pricey and didn't take much time to prepare. I love my prepped food so much more than the garbage I was putting into my body. I feel so much better and my body is thanking me greatly 🙏 ⏩ YOU ARE WHAT YOU EAT!! ⏪

Let me know about your meal prepping down below👇👇👇 Even better, send me pictures of YOUR meals!

Just curious 👀
Who would like me to post a back video?
I want to know what kinds of things you guys need help with!! 🙏
So if not a back video then what kind of video/post?
So comment below 👇👇👇 or make it over to my DMs and I'll make sure to post about the topic asap 😘

My day is complete ✌
Had to squeeze in a quick workout this morning before all the feasting commenced cause, honestly, who has that much self control?? Don't forget! ➡ balance is 🔑
#MerryChristmas everyone!!

You are strong. You are beautiful. You are AMAZING. Just a friendly reminder to not be so hard on yourself 😘

Tried out a different lat pulldown than I'm used to the other day. Rope lat pulldowns allow for a slightly deeper range of motion, which targets your muscles in a unique way.
I like trying different variations of exercises. This keeps things exciting and keeps your body guessing. ☝A strong back will support everything else you do.

BY THE WAY, wearing my favorite (Airflow) leggings of all time from @ethos_co ❤🔥
Used code ALY for 10% off!!!

Today, decide to make a change and be happy.
An amazing thing happens when you get honest with yourself and start doing what makes you happy. I'll be quitting my job soon to move on to bigger and better things and I honestly feel a weight lifted off of my shoulders.

It's like your life literally slows down. You stop wishing for the weekend. You stop just looking forward to special events. You basically begin to live in each moment and start feeling like a human being again.
I don't want to "work" anymore and so I'm going to start loving what I do for a change. My excitement & drive is back, guys!! My challenge for you:

Decide today .... And be HAPPY ❤

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