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Alejandra 💋  Fit Lifestyle Blogger 📍SoFlo based influencer #TeamDYE✉️ Check it out 🙊 ⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️

The more you weigh, the harder you are to kidnap. Stay safe ... Lift weights 💪

I'm a napper but lately I've been trying to train my body to nap less so that I can do more.
Let's just say it's way harder than I thought it would be ... But I was starting to feel like I just didn't have enough hours in the day, and so napping definitely wasn't going to solve the problem and only make it worse.
To everyone around me: pardon my grumpiness, I'm just trying to overcome obstacles and smash goals 😂

Slowly but surely I'll knock naps out of the equation and just go to 😪💤sleep at a decent time.

Set a goal that is so meaningful that it creates a drive inside of you. A drive to become better and stronger.

Watch until the end ... 😂😭

Thank goodness for tomato soup and grilled cheeeeese 🙏
Despite being so busy, I'm still eating pretty nutritiously (minus this meal lol).
What's your FAVE CHEAT MEAL?? 🍽️

Life has been so weird and crazy and hectic and unmanageable at times lately.

New job, life changes, my prayer life has been whack, the gym has been put to the side a little bit (totally going in a few minutes though), my diet has went down the drain ... Yeah, working in a restaurant craps on your diet sometimes. BUT I'm tired of making excuses and I'm putting my big girl pants on. 🙅

I hate when others make up constant excuses so why should I continue to do the same? 🤦 My goal writing is back in progress too ... What do you do when you feel like life is becoming overwhelming? Let me know, dude. I (and others) might benefit ❤️💕

I'm so grateful for the people who don't give up on me and are patient while I'm distant and trying to figure myself out.

"I've loved you for 730 days, and I will love you until the very end of time." Boyfriends deserve to get nice things too 💁 #TwoYearAnniversary @coach

Going out sooooon 💐

Be so full that even if they take
& take
& take
& take
You can still be overflowing 🌊


So the beautiful baby squirrel that my cat brought into my home (that I thought was dead) is finally in the hands of a very caring old classmate of mine and her fiancè.
I was very sad to let this baby go, I feel like a foster parent lol. But I'm very happy and relieved this squirrel has a permanent, loving home.
The videos are from the couple. She's finally eating!! I could only get her to drink water when she was with me.

Anyway, just wanted to update everyone on the condition of the baby that literally got carried into my home.
Anyone else a serious animal lover? ❤️

A really brave decision about how you respond to life. It doesn't simply just happen. Again, we have to CHOOSE joy in all circumstances.
Happiness depends on your situation, condition, or events in your life. In other words, we won't always be happy. That's a given.

5 ways to fight for joy:
✔️ Focus on the good
✔️ Surround yourself with joyful people
✔️ Talk about joyful things
✔️ Sing!

No matter what, fight and choose joy every day 💙

The fact that people still complain about how eating right for your body is hard is beyond me. Food = FUEL ⛽

You shouldn't beat yourself up if you eat sorta crappy from time to time, but #healthyeating is not difficult. Apply yourself🙋 GET IT TOGETHER 💁
There's much info on the internet, it amazes me how much a lot of people are still not utilizing the resources available.

At this point in time, it is not expensive when shopping wisely 🙅 And if you truly believe it is, grow your own garden of fruits and veggies. That way, the only true spending would be towards your protein sources 💪

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