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alex jen 🇹🇼🇺🇸  so gauche || hyperallergic, williams '19


never mind that this is @diaartfoundation's literal gallery attendant uniform #arth #itsalook
pc: @bdoggydog

hbd 2 one of my art mains, sol lewitt!! #tbt #solbb
pc: @margoisabel

i don't know where i'd be with art if i'd never met elle pérez -- as a professor, @elleperex taught me to just look at the photograph; they got me hooked on process and asking questions, and successfully hurt my feelings in crit more than once. as a friend, elle reassured me that it was okay i didn't feel like i belonged in the art world -- for now. they're also the reason i finally had the courage to instagram my weird photos of old, mundane things. now, they're tearing it up at @harvard and i wish them the best of luck 🔥
oh, and elle also makes some of the most devastatingly beautiful photographs i know, that gently but persistently remind us who we are and why we are -- you can find them in @aperturefnd, @newyorkermag, @thefader & more 🤷🏻‍♂️✨

this is my friend josh. when he's not playing candy crush he makes some pretty kick-ass paintings 🔥👨🏼‍🎨

i've been a big fan of thomas demand's uncanny, artificial photographs that seem to collapse reality and representation for awhile. by using paper to reconstruct social & political scenes, playing with the lighting and then re-photographing them, demand confuses familiar spaces and freezes once-inhabited moments in time for an unsettlingly beautiful effect. //
to visit his studio, and learn more about the thinking behind his process, was absolutely surreal. still can't believe it 🙃

"if u think this is cool, we also changed furniture design forever too haha" -- charles + ray eames (slight paraphrase) // "case study house no. 8," 1949

always a pleasure to linger, slow down and see light be spilled and captured in robert irwin's work -- that my dad wanted to join this time?
so special; thank you, mr. irwin ✨

there's a scene in @columbusmovie when jin (john cho) takes a drag of a cigarette and holds it in -- the smoke creeping and clouding through his lungs as the tip glows bright orange. his chest caves slightly before he breathes out, smoke trailing.
there's a parallel "holding in" when jin asks casey (haley lu richardson) bitterly if he should stay in columbus to care for his comatose father: "why? did he ever pause his life for mine?" cho bites off the question and spits it out, his face steely and hardened, a smirk almost turning up his mouth -- until he breaks, cries and releases.
"columbus" is hard, quiet and ethereal, but beautifully necessary. it gives us something we never see in movies: an asian-american man, unsure, hesitant and working on it, letting it out when he needs to. unsure if he owes it all to his immigrant dad, unsure of how to love, unsure if he should feel guilty because he's unsure.
like the smoke that floats in front of the different saarinen, pei and berke buildings (sublimely and sturdily framed), "columbus" lingers. thank you @kogonada, @escimages, @johnthecho, @haleyluhoo and the cast for this subtle home run.
i cannot recommend this movie more. go watch it. (s/o to @itsminhstagram for letting me know about it)

dad's work

"hell ya, my buildings are hot as hell" -- frank lloyd wright (slight paraphrase) // "unity temple" (1908)

mid-century milwaukee

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