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Alex Jen  theaster gates studio // hyperallergic // williams '19

i mean, "where do we go" from here, really

meet me in the bathroom

here's alex 🔪 //
pc: @am1nakhan

spending the 4th with artists definitely makes me seem cooler than i actually am 🙃

thinking about bob & home today // "1° 2° 3° 4°," robert irwin (1997)

u ever just miss ur best friend, but also have a great outfit you never got to show off? 🕺🏻#twobirds #tbt
pc: @grandmaesthetic

"to hell with pictures -- they should be the wall." // "white curve," ellsworth kelly (2009) #stilllooking #restinpeace

great minds dress alike 😉 #virgos #bigT

@williamscollege i saw this dino in a science museum today, count it as a div iii pls #rocksforjocks #firstselfie

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