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Alexa Chapman AKA Heath  @alexachapmanofficial

I want to give my little sister Martha a HUGE CONGRATULATIONS!!! What a huge win!! So proud! Xoxo ***note she also did this after breaking two fingers earlier in the day!
Lyon’s Creek Bellini and Martha win the WCHR A/O Hunter 3’3” Challenge and sew up the year end WCHR A/O 3’3” High Score award for the 2nd consecutive year!
Each year the top 10 nationally ranked riders in each WCHR category, as well as the top six riders from each region, are invited to compete in their respective WCHR Challenge competitions at the Capital Challenge.
It’s the ultimate rivalry among the nation’s elite professional hunter riders as they compete head-to-head riding the same mounts. At stake is this most prestigious and coveted title.

HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my little bro LUCAS! 🔥🔥🔥 Keepin it 💯 since day 1!

TEENS THE DREAM ...THE ONE AND ONLY... STAYED STUNTIN ON EM SINCE *1991 (92’ got lucky) ! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TBOP I LOVE YOU SO SO MUCH!! (sorry I’m a day late) 😘😘 @thecurreyaccount @brownleebathingcorp

Details....FW18 Shearling trench coat withy python collar and cuffs #ALEXACHAPMAN

Thank you again to our beautiful, amazing, model, you took the cold like a champ! (She also put this video together) thank you 😘 @ola_zieminska and the rest of our team; HAIR @adam_livermore PHOTOGRAPHY @oscar_ouk STYLING @jean_luc_francoise MAKEUP @stevencanavanmakeup canavan and PR @ebconsults And and EXTRA EXTRA special people who made any of this possible, my partner @jess_stone, my HEAD OF DESIGN @Nirco_Castillo @nirco_nirco , DESIGN ASSISTANT @jlmolley SEAMSTRESS @celia_almonte and our incredible CEO @ken_hinman, and @john_ingram @stephanie_ingram none of this would be possible without you guys! .... and a shout out to @alessandra_rivera_hats coming through with her beautiful hats, and slip stitches and the very talented @angelinavivace for doing what no one else could, you both came through in a major way ❤️ 😜

I’ma spend the summer getting to the cake
And I’ma wish a nigga would on every c a n d l e @corypaulmartin @snowflake.r @jess_s_stone @juliamcguire @curreychapman @brownleebathingcorp @gabe_aiello_ #thankseveryonefortheneverendingsupport

Maybe it's just the heat, but I think I've been doing the running man for at least 8 hours..... Help me!! @snowflake.r @ksouk #risenshine #goodmorning #summerstyle #friends #exboyfriends #airportpickupservice #dontleavemeherewithher #wherearewe #uber #just1morehrofmusicplease

This might take longer than expected. #ajetpackwouldbehandy @nickbilzerian can I borrow your gold snowmobile @jess_s_stone I have flares, so if you see a flare it's me and it's an SMS not a joke a very real SMS

If we don't make it back someone please feed Petey and Peaches!

"I'm not, your baby."

In lieu of fashion week....a. It's true and b. Exactly @thenickofficial #fashion #dos and #donts
#nyfashionweek #anonatelier #anon

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