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sparkle X melanin monroe  god is in the rain. face of angel. heart of a ms13.

him: “we’re just going to watch the royal wedding together, don’t get carried away.”
me: .
📸: @nickydfi 💄: @madebyrodneyjon
bridal couture: @ayasaafi 👰🏾

C4 💣

where’s there’s confidence, there’s wondrous peace of mind.
custom head piece and body paint: @alexandreamaranthe
college art: @giovanni_caretti
Lips: Dahlia by @crystalheartscosmetics_usa

giving birth to the 8th world wonder, I named Moses Seven (Moses by definition means being drawn out of water) via water birth -teleported me into an irreversible Queendom. Being your mom is the ultimate glow up. I look forward to teaching you, raising you, styling you, cursing you out, kicking you out at 17 and a half and loving and supporting you all of the days of my existence. Milk me for everything I’ve got young King it’s your birthright 😉😩😭😍

I have the most magnanimous, sharp, witty, intelligent, hilarious, kind, generous, master of ALL trades, solver of all problems, cinema trivia expert, well read, most amazing screenwriter I’ve ever come across, non judge-mental, woke AF, pro black ✊🏾, born during the civil rights movement, won’t take injustice lying down, woman empowering, body positivity promoting, Rihanna loving, always cooking, family lifting, selfless, above and beyond MOTHER in thee world!!!! Let’s argue!! Happy Mother’s Day mommy you are my biggest cheerleader! And my best friend! Can’t wait until you move to LA so I can free load alll up in and through your house. I’m talking “Step Brothers” 😂😂😂 🖤 🖤 Thanks for spoiling me rotten, literally teaching me everything, you are why I’m so close to being perfect and also why I’m an asshole 🤦🏾‍♀️😂 #LUCKIESTDAUGHTERALIVE
#HAPPYMOTHERSDAY goddess!! I love you!!

there are so many different sides to me no one ever gets to see...I’m going to start showing them...brace yourself 👥 🤯 🖖🏾
📸: @mykebogan

according to the laws of aerodynamics bees aren’t supposed to fly but they don’t know it so they fly anyway..Red Bull wasn’t working so I gave myself wings..

The Everlasting Gobstoppers. 🤫🌹
song: @myfavoritecolor_
model: @purenovakane

she reminds me of a west side story...🌹
Model: @purenovakane 📸: @callowayphotos

somehow everything's gonna fall right into place..
if we only had a way to make it all fall faster everyday..if only time flew like a dove..will God make it fly faster than I'm falling in love?...🕊🕊🕊

if i lay here...if i just lay here...would you lie with me and just forget the world...

get you a girl that can do both...nah too easy... get you an icon. 💋
📸: @jejuansmith

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