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something new / I'm back :-)

GUYYYYSSSS!!!!! BIG NEWS!!!!! My magazine, @tonguetiedmag, is releasing its FIRST print issue and is available for pre-order! ((ONLY 13$$$$$$$))
Mae, Rachel, myself and our team have all been working so insanely hard to make this come together as perfectly as possible and it's finally happening, and I'm so so so happy about it and for you all to see it!
I'm gonna put the link to the pre-order at the end of this post and in my bio, and I will kiss your face if you get one 😽 I love you all muchly xx πŸ’•

I'm sorry I'm sorry 😣 this account is abandonment at its finest. I'll be back on my grind again soon, gotta get that inspo spark back ASAP x

this is me impatiently awaiting the arrival of winter...

Shoutout to this crazed From Indian Lakes lovin' girl. I love your face and your never ending inspiring love for Jesus. Thanks for jammin' out to the Little Image babes a person away from me last night x I love you endlessly.


(77) You Heard Me

Colorado, you are missed by me greatly

crazy big things are happening in my life, and I'm just so happy.
I'm sorry I've been absent, I truly am ( although I'm crazy active on my personal ((@clxii)) )
so many crazy things are happening: 1. Big Turtle's, the 2 man duo band I'm in, debut gig is next Tuesday (you can dm me for deets 😏)!! 2. I started a magazine awhile ago with @maekrell and that's insane just in itself.
3. keep this hush hush, but I'm in the EP creating works 😈
I love love love you all πŸ’

Payton doodled on my face and I love her for that

"you were a fire, and I was a galaxy. yet you saw nothing in me."


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