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Always the Road  • Pete + Tay + Snoop • Living and traveling out of our self-converted van 🚐💨 📍Nor Cal 👇 Download our step-by-step Van Conversion Book Here!


Thank you @colinjoseph_ for this sick illustration of Sonder! Those shuttle doors have never looked so sexy 👌

No matter what type of van we have, there will always be dogs in it 🐾

We have a weird tendency to give names to everything: we named every stray dog we met in Asia (our favs were Rafi from Lombok and Chester from Nusa Lembongan), we named both our vans, I (Tay) named my newest yoga mat, and we named the sun man that watches over us. His name is Oberon and if you like beer, you know why 😉🍺 Anyone else name inanimate objects?

I call Snoop my little Benjamin Button. He's an old man and little needy baby at the same time. I (Tay) grew up with small dogs and as a kid, I loved my dogs so much that they actually didn't like me. I also showed my love it weird ways, like playing "dog show" and making our 2 shih tzus jump over stacks of books and pillows. So yeah, they didn't like me much, but all I wanted was for my pets to love me and need me. That's how I know that I was meant to find Snoop. This huge, incredibly loving and cuddly pitbull that serves as both a loyal companion and a warm meat blanket. He's the kind of dog I always wished I had growing up; the dog that's always by my side, that's in my lap as soon as I sit down, that gives me his paw and licks my face when he can tell I'm sad or upset, and I'm so lucky that we found each other. I dont know what I would do without my living, drooling body pillow 😊Anyone else out there have a Velcro dog permanently stuck to their side?

This is a scary time for us. We've been working on a farm near Ukiah, CA and we've found ourselves smack dab in the middle of two of the largest wildfires in Northern California right now, the Redwood Valley fire being only about 20 miles from us. This is the view from the back porch this morning and if you swipe left, you can see what the view usually looks like along with the blood red sun that set over the hills yesterday evening. Acres of rolling hills are hidden by a thick, smokey fog. Last night we walked outside and in the light cast from our flashlight, all we could see was raining ash. Our hearts go out to those who've suddenly found themselves without their homes, possessions, and even family members. If anyone in the area knows of any places that need volunteers or any type of aid, please let us know as we'd like to help in any way we can. Everyone please stay safe ❤️
#RedwoodComplex #CaliforniaWildfires #NorCal #SonomaCounty #Wildfires

After a fun weekend, we're clinking our coffee mugs and toasting to a relaxing Sunday ☕️☕️And Snoop is tenderly holding his favorite pillow 💤

This is what our van looks like during a bed bug scare. We're pretty positive there aren't any in the van but Pete had a few bites after staying in a hotel in San Fran and we're taking no chances! We've been through a ton of crazy situations while living in our van but bed bugs were never one that we thought we'd have to battle. Another lesson from the road: Never give up, never surrender! 💪🙏😆

Beautiful, sunny mornings aren't hard to come by here in California, but we never take them for granted☀️
And if your life is as chaotic and active as ours, you know that buying crazy expensive sunglasses is a total waste of money. They get scratched and cracked when we throw them in our backpack on hikes. We lend them to friends and forget to ask for them back. Snoop takes a seat right on top of them and they crumble to pieces. That's why we like to stock up on our favorite styles from @sunglasswarehouse. So check out their vast selection of affordable shades. Our favorite styles right now are Cash and Darwin 🕶 #SpendLess #DoMore
#SunglassWarehouse #GetOutThere

We make so many posts about people. Whether it's about one of us or the people we meet on the road. But I feel like Snoop gets left out sometimes and in my opinion, he's way more interesting than us. So here's a little more about our beloved furry child:
1. He loves hot dogs. So much that he doesn't care that we hide his pills in them.
2. He snores/makes pig sounds when he begs.
3. He'll sit in the most uncomfortable places just to be close to us.
4. He loves being the little spoon.
5. He knows the word "readjust" because he sits on us so much and makes our legs fall asleep. We asked him to readjust so many times he just caught on.
6. If you scratch his booty, he'll be your friend for life. 🐶

We're stoked to team up with @lotusfoods for a GIVEAWAY! The winner will get 2 packs of #LotusFoods #Organic Forbidden Ramen (the beautiful purple rice noodles above). --
Entering to win the giveaway is almost too easy 😁:
1. Must be from the US (for shipping purposes).
2. Tag a friend in the comments and tell us your favorite food.
3. Must be following us and @lotusfoods --
We'll announce the winner on our story in 3 days (Friday, Sept 28th)! 🎉🎁
Cooking and eating in the van was a mysterious subject before we started living on the road. We thought we'd be limited by only having a two burner propane stove, a few pots and pans, and a small fridge. But after over 8 months on the road, we're proud to say that we're eating healthier now than we ever have in our lives! Even though we don't have a consistent grocery store or farmers market that we go to, we're almost always able to find healthy ingredients to cook up in our van. And to bring back our memories of Southeast Asia, you'll find us whipping up @lotusfoods Ramen Noodles and Pad Thai whenever we get the chance.

We rarely have the chance to all 3 be in a picture together. So in case you forgot what our family looks like all together... 😁
And thank you @taketodaycommunity for my new favorite dad hat (that conveniently covers my unkempt hair) 😀

“How do you make money on the road and sustain a life of travel?” – We get asked this question far more than any other and we’re finally diving into this subject with our new blog post (link in bio)! We go into detail about the various ways we make money on the road and how we’re able to sustain our traveling lifestyle. Spoiler alert – we didn’t have much money when we hit the road and we had absolutely no plan or idea as to how we were going to sustain our new lifestyle. The beautiful part is that we did it and we want to give you hope that you can too! ~~~
We’re stoked to be sharing this new post with you because our goal (as always) is to show you that you can do it too. It might sound cliché, and maybe it is, but the truth is that if you have the right mindset, work ethic, and crazy motivation to live a traveling lifestyle, you’ll find ways to do it yourself! Check out the blog post (link in bio) and comment any other questions that you have.

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