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Margherita Barbieri  🌙🌺🐉 19| Dancer who loves, loves dancing 🌜🌞 Vegan for Mother Nature, and all her creations 🌊 Anorexia warrior, here to create an unstoppable army

If I can do it. You can do it.
We will do it together. All of us will.
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***IMPORTANT POST*** ⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️
Today is the 2 day countdown until my BEAT fundraising event on Sunday afternoon and I have had a handful of people disappointed that they couldn't make it or that Burghfield Common was like an alien world miles away from them. Lots of these incredibly kind people offered me donations as they couldn't make the event but only now have I figured out how this 'online' donation can be possible!...
So if you take a look into my bio you sill see a '' link, which you simply press on and enter the amount you wish to donate. PLEASE DONATE! Every penny counts! 💘
For those attending on Sunday, tomorrow I'll be baking cakes so if anyone has any suggestions, let me know! And if anyone was kind enough to make a donation, pop your name in the comments below and I'll make sure to send you a message of thanks. 💖
Let's help BEAT beat eating disorders! 🌈#beateatingdisorders

🌜🌞 London lines from Last Monday with © @_rhythmofthenight_ 🖤🏙📸

Golly please excuse the belt line from my jeans... but I love my roses 🌹🌹🌹

I just spent 5 hours talking with this gorgeous girl/Starbucks queen/my literal soul sister and it still doesn't seem like we've had enough time! ☕️🛋💬 I love, adore and couldn't live without you @briony_bell 💙

We've came a long way together, Ana & I. But all I can say was you held me back from living and loving to my full potential, so goodbye was always going to happen. I don't regret our time we spent together, you taught me more than anyone ever has about myself, but neither do I regret us being apart now, as I learnt all I could from you.
_ (Ana= my anorexia.) _
Take the wisdom, leave behind the struggle.

***HELP NEEDED*** 🌿🌹🍃
If I started to make/upload videos to my Instagram and then very soon my website (I'm feeling really impatient)+ perhaps even YouTube (if I started my own channel) would anyone 1) be at all interested? & 2) have any subject suggestions, ideas or things they think I should talk about? 🤷🏼‍♀️
This all seems highly ambitious, but it's all possible! Everything's possible, it's simply all about the power of choice and positivity. So on that note videos anyone? 🎬📽💻

Happy 18th Benjamin! Throwing it back to our partner in crime water-fight time. Excited to see you in a couple of weeks for our annual family holiday house! But until then continue being your awesome self. 🔫💦 @prophetofcoolness

I've been so unproductive these last couple of days... so this evening I wrote a blog about being unproductive... Now I'm feeling slightly more productive. 🐻💻🥑

ITS THE 4 DAY COUNTDOWN!!! ☕️🍰👗📚💄🍬👒👛👖💎!
You'll find everything from tea and homemade cake to jewellery, make up and jeans!
For an incredible cause & a charity that helped me recover and is continuing to help my friends... get together this Sunday with friends and family, eat cake and donate! I have almost emptied my room of things to sell, so don't miss out on some lovely items too. I hope to see you there! 🌻🌿🌈 #burghfieldcommon #beateatingdisorders

Kat, how CRAZY are these photos! Reunion 1 + 2 compared with reunion 3... in literally the same exact locations! I swear you are sat on the same patch of grass? I think these photos show 1) distance means nothing in terms of our friendship and 2) that we've come along away together in our fights. There's just over a years difference and look at the progress we have both made. I am so proud of you Kat, you beautiful earth-child. @katya_gray #mentalhealthawareness
Last photo- @katya_gray + @connor_mw don't worry guys, grandma is okay now (I literally look like a 90 year old crazy-ant-lady!)

I love you Ansa! 📸🖤 PC: @_rhythmofthenight_

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