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Margherita Luisa-Rosa Barbieri  🌙 DANCER 🌱 Vegan 🌹 Self love badass! 🗻 Eating disorder blogger 🏳️‍🌈 & proud creator of ©Warrior Talk 📍 London 🌐

Happy birthday to the bravest, kindest, most beautiful and special person to kiss the Earth 🌺
Thank you for being my sunflower and my sweet angel of all things good, my anchor, my home and the other half of my soul. Thank you for being my shoulder to rest on, my shoulder to cry on and my shoulder to open my first eyes upon. I love you more than words can express, you are my best friend in the whole wide world and I would be lost without you. I love you until the end of time, keep glowing and being radiant Mumma 🌻❤️

6/6 Full house ❤️

I’ve had the BEST day spent with the BEST people in my life/the BEST people in the world. We love you @raffaello.barbieri, you’re made with a heart of solid gold, we are all so so unexplainably proud. (You made me cry for 95% of the day!) Keep shining you handsome soul 💞💞 #theroyalballet #nothingbeatsfamily #soproudofhim #whitelodge #theymeantheworldtome

Hey hey Friday, and all the amazing people on Instagram! Today I’m off to Richmond to spend the day at White Lodge celebrating my little broski’s graduation with the entire Barbieri gang! I’m so proud of you @raffaello.barbieri and we love you to the moon 💙💙
Photography by the beautiful angel @rebeccaxalison

Just a normal girl, cleaning her face whilst she boils the kettle for a well-needed morning coffee and smoking hot bowl of oats ☕️✌🏼️🥣
I use @muddybody_ all-in-one skin cleanser which is (OFC) All natural, cruelty-free and vegan! 🍌
It’s perfect for removing my makeup late at night before bed, and its amazing first thing in the morning to wake up, cleanse and hydrate my skin.
Use my code: ALWAYSMARGI for 10% off at 🌞🌚 (you must- their products are so good!) #muddybody #riseandshine☀️ #morningroutine #barefaced #veganskincare

Learning to cook for the right reasons! 🥄
I (now) love to cook and I love to eat and share what I have cooked. I really enjoy creating recipes and then cooking those vegan recipes for myself and others. Cooking is both spiritually healing and very therapeutic for me. Creating recipes has definitely been an element of my recovery and has strengthened my love for the earth... 🦋
However in my past years when I was drenched in anorexia I have experienced very crazy times with cooking. From the mad 'obsession' with cooking shows to the 'odd and craving need' to have to cook for others while staring at them eating it but not allow myself to eat it too. I bet many of you are nodding your heads at this point that you have felt and very likely done the same 🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♂️
I upload a very detailed blog on my website a few months on the 24th of December 2017 titled, “Abolishing your fear of cooking and learning to cook for the right reasons”. 💖 I wish I could include everything on my Instagram posts but there’s never enough capacity. My blogs are ordered in a date structure, so you’ll have to scroll along my blogs until you find this specific one, but I think it’s well worth it - especially if you were one of the people nodding you’re head a few moments ago. 🖤
Head over to:
to give it a read and hopefully it’ll help heal your relationship with cooking as well as it did for myself 👩🏼‍🍳🌸 #chefmargi #learningtolovefoodagain #relationshipwithfood #loveforcooking #healthymindhealthybody
(P.s I made my jacket 🖖🏼)

The beautiful women at @superfoodlx have created a stunning range of plant based, cruelty-free and all natural beauty products, using the best and strongest ingredients from Mother Nature.
🌾 Being vegan is about so much more than what you eat, and the powerful team at @superfoodlx understand this.
🌺 Here are my all natural beachy waves after having some help from @superfoodlx new 7 ingredient fruit + veg hair, skin and nail oil.
🌹 And guess what... I kid you not... if you use my code: MARGI50 at @superfoodlx you will get 50% off your order! CRAZY GOOD & so so worth it! 🌈🌻 #gogogo #veganhaircare #crueltyfreehaircare #plantbasedbeauty #hairoil

Peachy bum, small waist, perky boobs... and you can have it all in about 30 seconds of editing. #WTF
It’s scary how easily and quickly you can change your body, it’s scary to think that ‘modern day perfect’ is my fake and edited body on the right, it’s scary to realise that the demand must be so high for these tools that people have actually created apps for it. It’s scary, it’s upsetting and it shocked-me-speechless to see that this app ‘recommended’ to me on my App Store had 133k 5 star rating reviews... it boggles me why apps like this are even allowed in the first place, let alone earning the right as a 5 star app. This is not right!!!
These apps target every vulnerable man and woman to think that there body is ‘better’ another way.
Instagram can be so encouraging and inspiring, but it can also be a ‘perfection’ trap... which can end up consuming your life. 💔
A word of wisdom: Don’t compare yourself to another human being, don’t compare yourself to anyone else’s body and never ever wish to look or be like anyone but yourself... and NOT the edited version - the REAL DEAL I DON’T GIVE A SHIT I LOVE MYSELF VERSION. You’re beautiful in your own unique way. The universe fucking loves you and the best version of yourself is the real one. ❤️ #therealme #thebestversionofyourself #donteditme #fuckdietculture #perfectdoesntexist

What would I do without you? @cirooobarbieri 💝

Be your own best friend 🌷

2 slices of heaven to start my Monday morning in high spirits!
1: chunky orange marmalade, fresh banana and crunchy hazelnut granola from @rollagranola
1: chocolate spread from @mr_organic, fresh banana and mixed seeds from @sainsburys
OH SO SCRUMPTIOUS ⭐️ #chocolatespread #bananaontoast #marmalade #rollagranola #bestcombo

Nothing compares. 💞
Happy fricking birthday to my one in a 7.442 billon best friend. I am so proud of you and I love you to pieces. Distance and time is no match for how close I will always and forever feel to you. Keep rocking it Lyds! 🌊💥 Love you always 💜

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