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alwayseating  Irene Thye. Originally from Taiping, Malaysia. Lived/worked in Miami, London, Honolulu and finally settled/married in Sydney in 1977.

Family Dinner.
1) Panfried Crispy Skin Salmon with garlic butter, shallots & coriander.
2) Boneless chicken with crispy potato chips in a 🌢️chilli πŸ… tomato sauce.
3) 3 Cup Chicken with Thai basil and chillies.
4) French beans and minced pork in LKK's XO sauce.
5) Baked Chicken Boomerangs.
Also, Deep Fried Ling with shallots, lime and fish sauce. Stir fried Choy Sum.
Desserts - Pandan Coconut Millecrepe and a sweet herbal jelly πŸ˜‹ thanks @spreadpastry
#familydinners #homecooked #familyfavourites

Life is too short, eat dessert ......but it's 11 p.m!!..... just a small piece πŸ˜‰ Sharing the other slices with the family tomorrow.
Paper thin Pandan flavoured crepes with Pandan infused coconut custard filling, dusted with toasted coconut, not too sweetπŸ‘
Thank you @spreadpastry for your yummy πŸ’š Emerald Pandan Coconut Millecrepe.
#pandan #coconut #millecrepe #spreadpastry #ediblegifts

Sydney's best Banh Mi πŸ˜‹ Generous filling, fresh crusty bread roll and only $5 each! We like to warm ours in the oven, brings out the fragrance of the patΓ©, etc. πŸ‘
Mine is in the middle, no shredded pork substituted with Vietnamese BBQ pork/ham.
#marrickvilleporkroll #banhmi #vietnameseporkroll

Edible gifts are the best πŸ˜†πŸ˜‹Thank you Loki @spreadpastry and for including extras for my family! Will have it after our family dinner tomorrow.
1) Elegant packaging 🎁 Slowly untying the pretty πŸŽ€ ribbon. (Sorry @spreadpastry for my retying effort, should have been more central like yours) Guess what's inside......
2) Looks and smells so good.
3) The latest flavour - The Emerald πŸ°πŸ’šYumπŸ’š
#spreadpastry #millecrepe #pandan #coconut #nottoosweet #cakes

So cold and windy today, nice and warm in this basement food court for our usual favourites. Hainan Chicken Rice with soup only $8.50. Ipoh fried Sar Hor Fun only $9. Add a drink (Saturday lunch only) just $1. Love their super 🌢️🌢️ hot sambal belacan, Hainan chilli sauce and pickled chillies.

Hubby's day off and it's a drive to Parramatta for lunch at Temasek, one of our favourite restaurants when we used to live in the suburbs.
Singapore Chicken Laksa, weekday lunch special size and price, $11.50 πŸ‘πŸ˜‹
#chickenlaksa #parramatta #temasekrestaurant

Yesterday's lazy lunch.
1) Cheat's version of Pan Mee Goreng. Topped with leftover seasoned minced pork, CRISPY shallots/Ikan Bilis/Pork lard, chopped chillies, coriander and lots of lettuce. Would have been complete if garnished with a poached runny egg.
2) Packet Pan Mee from Malaysia πŸ˜‰ I don't usually eat instant noodles because of the after effects but this is goodπŸ‘
#panmee #malaysianhawkerfood #homecooked

A light but filling dinner, so close to home πŸ‘
1) Soft Shell Crab Golden Dippers - Deep-fried mantou with Singapore chilli crab dipping sauce $10. Available on certain days of the week only. Thanks @mrbaobuns for offering us extra sauce πŸ˜‹πŸ‘
2) - 5) Any 2 Baos plus sweet potato fries $15. Our usual favourites, Crackling Pork bao πŸ˜‹ and the massive Karaage Chicken baoπŸ˜‹
#baos #porkcrackling
#karaage #softshellcrab #mrbao

Bak Kut Teh. Bought only one packet of the herbs back from Malaysia as I was rushing and there were too many choices! πŸ€” So I chose the most expensive one 😊 and it was a good choice πŸ‘πŸ˜‹
Cooked the pork belly in my thermal pot, so easy. Added Chicken stock powder which has no MSG, also bought from Malaysia.
#bakkutteh #porkbelly #homecooked

Lovely High Tea at Swissotel's Crossroads Bar. $59 for 2, similar to Groupon's offer I think.
Love the Starry Eyed Cocktail - Lychee, Strawberry syrup, sparkling wine.
Enjoyed all the dainty savoury bites and sweets (which were not too sweet πŸ‘) except for the 'Vegetarian' Frittata piece which we thought πŸ€” tasted and smelled a bit beefy? (I don't eat beef). Great place for a long catch-up with friends as they don't rush you πŸ‘ Cheerful service with big smiles πŸ˜†
#hightea #swissotelsydney #grouponsydney #crossroadsbarsydney #cocktails

Family Dinner/Happy Birthday in advance Andrew πŸŽ‚ .........2/2
1) Gourmet mushrooms and Baby Bok Choy, healthy πŸ‘
2) Sticky Char Siew. Always something in the oven to free up stove space πŸ˜‰
3) Steamed egg with minced pork and salted egg yolk.
Three Double yolkers = an orangey coloured dish!
4) More vegies, healthy πŸ‘
#homecooked #familydinners #birthday

Family Dinner/Happy Birthday in advance Andrew πŸŽ‚ ........1/2
1) Strawberry Gateau from Breadtop, our family's favourite.
2) Long-life Birthday Noodles. Fresh egg noodles, Canadian Lobster tail and local Spanner Crab meat tossed in a mild chilli tomato paste. Garnished with caramelised shallots and salty crispy chicken skin πŸ˜‹
3) Ling fillet served with a garlic, lime, coriander, fish sauce & palm sugar dipping sauce.
#birthday #homecooked #familydinner #noodles #birthdaycake #strawberrygateau #breadtop

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