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alwayseating  Irene Thye. Originally from Taiping, Malaysia. Lived/worked in Miami, London, Honolulu and finally settled/married in Sydney in 1977.

All You Can Eat Crabs $39.90 per person 🦀Thanks @chocolatesuze for our farewell treat before we go on a long holiday. In most of the shots you will see hubby's hands busily deshelling the crabs for us while we try to take the photos as fast as we can! With a 1.5 hour time limit for each seating he has to work very fast 😂
1) Crab Tom Yum Creamy.
2) Crab Tom Yum Noodles.
3) Crab Omelette.
4) Crab Fried Rice.
5) Steamed Crabs with a yummy dipping sauce. (We ordered 2 serves= 4 crabs)
6) Dry Curry Crab.
Excellent value! 😋👍
#crab #blueswimmers #buffet #allyoucaneat #tomyum #omelette #friedrice

Dinner with my family again after an emergency 2 weeks' trip back to Malaysia. The next family dinner will be in 7 weeks' time as hubby and I are going on a long holiday 🚢 🚢
1) Crispy Roast Pork/Siew Yoke. Very happy with the Crackling. Wonder why the pork belly at Miracle Butchers always results in a perfect Crackle🤔
2) Chicken, mushrooms and Lup Cheong/Chinese pork sausage. An easy dish and clearing my fridge and freezer 😉
3) 8 eggs omelette, @chocolatesuze said I should make a 10 eggs omelette next time😯 🔸Blanched Baby Bok Choy with oyster sauce 🔸Baked spicy salt chicken mid-wings 🔸Roast Pork/Siew Yoke with another 15 mins. back in the oven, couldn't get a big slab this time.
4) Imitation Sharkfin, Crab meat, dried scallops/Conpoy in a chicken broth. Served with Black Vinegar.
#thyefamilyeats #homecookedthye #siewyoke #crackling #porkcrackle

Within 2 days of my return to Sydney from Malaysia we are eating Malaysian food 😂
1) Our favourite Curry Fish Head Noodles is consistently good at @papparichaus Liverpool St. branch in the CBD.
2) Generously topped with meaty and crispy fish head pieces. Hubby transferred them onto a plate to enjoy them separately 😋👍
#papparichaus #curryfishhead #crispyfishhead

On my second day back from Malaysia and already we are eating Malaysian food at our favourite Malaysian restaurant 😊
1) Lup Mei Fun, tastes 😋 as good as it looks👁️👁️ (but served in claypots as part of @hojiak.haymarket Chinese New Year menu). The accompanying sambal belacan goes very well with it. We were already full but couldn't help salivating at the feast laid out for their staff at the next table. Thanks @jundakhoo_hojiak and Cassandra for sharing 🤗
2) Free dessert/Nyonya Kuih💕 one of the many benefits of being a VIP member and it's free to join!
3) Roast Chicken Rice. First time ordering this and it's so 👍😋
4) Sum Wong Darn, a 3-eggs steamed dish, one of our favourites.
#hojiaksydney #hojiaksyd #hojiakhaymarket #sydneyhaymarket #malaysianfood #nyonyakuih

We had just finished our late lunch and suddenly the restaurant is packed with the afternoon High Tea crowd. I think @hojiak.haymarket is the only place in Sydney that does Malaysian/Nyonya High Tea☕ and does it well 💕
1) Front tier is for 2 people, 3 savoury and 6 sweet items per person 😋. Bottomless Kopi or Teh! So envious! In the background, hubby in white top & jeans seems impressed with the parade of the tiers.
2) The staff is busy assembling the High Tea tiers.
#hojiaksyd #hojiaksydney #hojiakhaymarket #nyonyahightea #nyonyakuih #hightea #haymarket

1) 4 Veg. dish stir fried with sambal belacan. Eggplant, beans, 4 angled beans and stinky petai.
2) Signature Sticky Char Siew. Tender, not too fatty or sweet.
3) Signature tofu dish
Delicious lunch ! 😋
Going home to Sydney soon ✈️😊
#stickycharsiew #tofu #vegetables
#belacanvege #petai

Simple dinner at one of my brother's favourite restaurants.... Memories.
1) Yam Ring with Pork Ribs.
2) Curry Fish Head, hubby's favourite but he's in Sydney 😕
3) Sweet Potato Leaves stir fried with blacan and chillies.
4) Mantis Prawns. Probably my least favourite dish. Found it too heavily battered and overcooked.
Plus 6 bowls rice and pots of tea total RM96 only.

My favourite shop in Taiping (not to be confused with the small makeshift stall outside the same railway station and also selling Assam Laksa and Cendol) for Penang Assam Laksa (RM4.30) with unlimited Hae Ko/Prawn Paste and Cendol (RM2.70). Ice Kacang is only RM3 and is good too. This place also brings back sad memories for my sister and I as it's just opposite the hospital. We used to walk across for a quick meal in between visiting hours.
#assamlaksa #cendol #icekacang #taipingrailwaystation #taiping

Rest In Peace my ❤ beloved brother, Jeffrey. Such a kind and caring person we will miss you so very much. My family and I cherish all the beautiful memories shared with you. I am comforted knowing you have gone to a better place.

Made just ONE Neen Ko 'sandwich' for my breakfast! Experimented using my leftover spring roll wrapper (from the Popiah a few days ago) and it's Good, better than the ones dipped in batter👍 Super crispy, turn🔉 on (till the last bite😋) and NOT oily. In my excitement to try this method I forgot to sandwich the sticky glutinous Chinese New Year 'cake'/Neen Ko between the Taro and sweet potato slices but no difference to taste, in fact the colours look more striking👍 Excuse my poor coordination of using the scissors and videoing at the same time 😂
The Neen Ko was from @alicesmakan who brought it back all the way from Malaysia and which I had sliced and individually wrapped and frozen. Another way I like is steaming the sticky Neen Ko and roll in fresh grated coconut.
#thyefamilyeats #homecookedthye #chinesenewyear2018 #neenko #nienkou

Family dinner. Quite a healthy dinner tonight😉
1) Spicy Salt & Pepper Squid. (Australian squid👍) Lightly battered, so tender and NOT greasy. No splattering of oil 🙃
2) DIY Popiah/NOT deepfried spring rolls. 3 pretty good rolled ones👍
3) Ingredients for the Popiah.
4) Blanched Broccoli. King Mushrooms which I got for free as it scanned higher than the shelf price at Checkout 😄😉
5) Ayam Masak Merah/Spicy Red Chicken.
6) Asparagus and boneless chicken. Cooked too early hence the dull colour ☹️ but it's tender. Only A$1 a bunch.
Watercress and soft pork bone soup.
#thyefamilyeats #homecookedthye
#saltandpeppersquids #ayammasakmerah🍗 #popiah #watercresssoup #kingmushroom #healthydinner

Something Red 🌶️ for Chinese/Lunar New Year. Love Ayam Masak Merah❤️/Spicy Red Cooked Chicken, much prefer this to Curry Chicken. Thanks to my sister for her recipe😋
#thyefamilyeats #homecookedthye #ayammasakmerah

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