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•||10/1/18||• hey there sunshine. 🌻

•||09/13/18||• this ones for Amal. Happy Birthday boo 🌻❤️

•||08/24/18||• this is me watching my life disappear bc of uni.

•||08/14/18||• love lives here.

•||08/06/18||• golden ✨

•||01/31/18||• Lovin life

•||07/01/18||• Happy Somali Independence Day. Photos from Miss. Africa Utah 2017. #somaliahanoolaato

•||06/23/18||• Cheers to World Refugee Day.

•||06/15/18||• Eid Mubarak 🌻

•||04/17/14||• y’all, spring needs to come and finals need to end.

•||03/20/18||• I entered Miss. Africa Utah with a mission: to inspire young minority women to be unafraid and unapologetically themselves. I have always struggled with my identities, being a Black Muslim Women born to Refugee Parents. My clashing identities have always been in the negative light throughout society. Horrific claims and misconception that were based from ignorance and lack of education placed a label on me with out my integrity and compassion being in place. I began to internalize and hate myself for such claims. It wasn’t long until I realized the damage I have subconsciously done to myself as a result from this. It was then when I started a journey of self rediscovery and love for all aspects of my life. I fear for the damage that may potentially burden the lives of our young beautiful girls. I refuse for the plague of society to damage the brilliant souls that are yet to flourish. I vowed to be the representation that I never had as a child. I vowed to be my authentic self. I vowed to stay true in what I believed in and to encourage greatness through interaction. Through out my reign, I had the privilege speaking and starting dialogs with young brilliant charismatic women. I have promoted college readiness and taught that dreams can become reality. I have shared my story to guide through my difficulties and achievements. In reflection of this past year, I am not only proud of my efforts but of the willingness of our communities willing to show up and make a stand. I am eternally grateful for all the various outlets willing to listen to my story. From O Magazine to to the support of Miss. Africa and those of you who have followed my journey. As one of my last posts of Miss. Africa 2017, I want to make one more vow. With the end of my reign approaching, I vow to continue on my mission that I made a year ago. This battle of self acceptance, for myself and community, is still ongoing. And the mission of challenging society views on all types of identities still needs tremendous work. I am here to stay.

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