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Alvin Chong  Life time Entertainer & Entrepreneur 🎤 [email protected] [email protected] 💰For Job inquiries 👇🏻 📩 : [email protected] Facebook: 👇🏻

For those who know me well enough should know I always go for vacations at least 2 to 3 times a year. And I'm very picky when comes to selecting accommodation. Do you guys wanna know my secret of selecting comfy hotels at the cheapest rate ? I’ve been using the HotelsCombined app. This app compares prices from all the top travel sites in one search. Check them out now if you don't believe me. You won't regret it. #hotelscombined

As you grow older, you will learn that it's harder to make real friends. Don't ask me why do I say so. Eventually you will know and feel what I have just said. For those who agree , like this photo.

#DariMata duet version is now up on @thestereofolks YouTube channel. Go check it out and share it to your friends alright? Which song should I cover next? Hari ni dh vote utk Alvin for #AME2017 blm?

早餐對每个人来说都很重要,特别是我得知了 Bioley Toco Oats 后。發覺 Toco Oats 跟其他的燕麦很不一样,它含有優質燕麥與生育三烯酚,有助於保持健康胆固醇水平,并促进脑部健康。所以,它跟其他的燕麦是不一样。想要了解更多,可浏览,以获得进一步的资料。

健康一身, 幸福一生
#BioleyTocoOats #TocoOats健康與你同行 #TocoOats #OatsMeal

Good morning insta peeps. Me and @emma_maembongofficial just wrapped up for #TangisanKubur .More than 20 working hours since 11am yesterday 😅. I wanted to pose a heart shape with Emma but I guess she doesn't want anyone to misunderstand as her heart belongs to Mr K.A. Which is cool because diorg secocok sgt together. Klau korg nak diorg kawen cepat2 just doakan je la ek. I have fun working with her. Her movie #KimchiUntukAwak is showing next week on the cinema. Nnt ajak ramai2 tgk together ok? And lastly jgn lupa utk undi Alvin dkt #AME2017 hari2 . 19th March will announce the top 5 already. So vote byk2 ok? The link is on my bio. 😘

Yeay! Now I have a phone that can do a clear selfie in low light! No need to find lighting dah. Siapa nak berselfie? Masuk laaa #myGalaxyA2017 #A2017LiveUnplanned

Doctor Julian is on duty today for #TangisanKubur . Nak pesan korg kena minum air byk2 and tido awal . And also jgn lupa vote utk alvin dkt #AME2017 hari2 . The link is in my bio . Klau tk vote, Doctor Julian cucuk bontot ngan jarum stringe 😎 Haaaa ...#CubeFilm

In this life , people will try to bring you down when you're trying something new. Some will even try to take advantage on you when you have a bit of success. But for me, I will just keep doing what I believe in and make sure I don't get affected by any negativity. Those who appreciate you will always stand by your side. Trust your instinct and go for your dreams. #ThomasSaboMalaysia

#TangisanKubur a horror movie coming soon on #AstroCitra in April 2017. Siapa berani tgk ? 👻#CubeFilm 📸: @hadithomar

Happy Sunday everybody! I just finish a video shoot for #SingWithAlvin . Going straight to set #TangisanKubur now . Gonna be a long day today. I wish to have a coffee now. Sadly none of the coffee shop is open nearby. Kan bagus klau ada org sudi bancuhkan coffee utk Alvin 🙈 . Lagi bagus klau leh masak lunch sekali hehee. Jgn lupa undikan Alvin dkt #AME2017 . The link is on my bio. And korg dh tgk #3GadisManis blm ? Suka tk watak Josh ? 😬

Apa nak beli hari ni erh? Shopping for groceries now feels way easier with Hong Leong Debit card cuz… I don’t even have to bring cash. Just swipe and I’m done! plus I get to set my retail purchase limits so tak la boros nanti. And now I even stand to earn monthly grocery cash back when I spend RM50 & above in a single receipt on groceries, lagi la save! And that’s not all, I stand to earn 5 extra entries which means higher chances to win the Limited Edition Hello Kitty 999.9 Gold Bar ! So tunggu apa lagi?

Congratulation to #BoniaMalaysia for opening their Flagship Boutique ! Thanks for having me today ! Managed to have a glimpse of #KimTaeHee . She is so pretty even only with a light make up. #BoniaFashion #ThomasSabo #megwakandcompany

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