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Day 21 - Cosplay storage
I keep most of my cosplays in my closet, cause lot's of these clothes I wear regularly. Rest of the stuff are in my room πŸ™‚ In my shelves (like my collection of hats), on my mannequin and all of my wigs in one box. #50maniccosdays

Some amazing cosplayers who we met a #festivalfantazie2017 πŸ’•

Be more chill fandom worships George Salazar all the time (and I totally understand that, I love him just like everyone else). But I feel like Will Connolly doesn't get enough love and he totally deserves it. I really admire that he isn't just fantastic actor and singer, but also composer.
One of my favorite things about BMC soundtrack is like at one moment is Will's voice smooth and beautiful and suddenly it cracks and he really sound like fifteen years old. He couldn't do better job at playing Jeremy πŸ™ Also have you listened to his albums Freddie won the toss and Caterpillars of the commonweal? It's definitely worth checking out. He'll be forever my favorite member of BMC cast πŸ’•
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Day 20 - Comfy cosplay
The most comfortable cosplay is definitely HABIT! Cause I'm not wearing wig or complicated make-up and I actually often wear HABIT's clothes to school or when I go shopping, cause it's just really pretty and comfy πŸ˜‰
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Day 19 - WIP Wednesday
I'm currently working on Heather's skirt. Both HABIT and Connor are done so only things I still need to make for AdvΓ­k are Heather's skirt and bow.

"I'm waiting for my porno to load..."
Day 17 - Cosplay speciality
Do I have cosplay specialty? Honestly I don't know πŸ˜… Maybe it's making things even when I don't have to - like my T-shirt for Jeremy (I could just buy some random stripped T-shirt at Second-hand)...and random costests of characters almost no one knows.
Day 18 - Learned skill
That's definitely sewing! I would never start sewing if I wasn't cosplaying and I'm so grateful for that motivation πŸ™
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