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Alternative music channel  به شبكه تلگرام ما بپونديد و بجای شنیدن موسیقی های زیاد به یک موسیقی خوب، زیاد گوش دهیم. "لطفا از ابتدا دنبال كنيد" 🚫تمام درخواست ها تبليغاتي ميباشند🚫

If the world exploded behind us
I never noticed if it done
Let nobody dare confine us
I'll bury anyone who does
But it doesn't matter now
Just come and love me how
Like the way you used to do
The way you used to do # (the Way You Used To Do Live from MONA)

|Neverending Rest|

#Eigengrau - Nuuretarik

world's end girlfriend - yes

#Porcupine_Tree "Half Light"
Live in Tilburg

Are You Connected ?

|Valsa Escanifobética|

#Max_Richter - On The Nature Of Daylight (Entropy)

|Darling Pretty|

|Recoil, Ignite|

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