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B∞ks  —Credit to the amazing people who wrote these stories, we just change up the ending. —Posting endings for: ⠀.The Hunger Games➷ ⠀.Divergent☣ ⠀.TFiOS✯

Part 9! 💕 (20 likes= new post!)
Tobias POV
My feet carry me, first in a fast walk, then suddenly as if I can't wait any longer, a sprint that sends aches with each footstep through me. I hear childish screams of a girl I almost lost, and then, like a bolt of thunder in a rainstorm, my fathers last scream as the bullets pierced his body. The door next to the window contains a black box with the syringe full to the top with the Fear Simulation serum. I bolt the door locks behind me so Tris can't get in, and grab the syringe filled with the orange colored liquid. I repeat my process I always do when I go into my fear landscape: inhale, exhale, inject. My body starts to feel heavy, and I walk into the room, my hands shaking with nerves. Someone is pounding at the door, screaming my name, offering help. I ignore her, and let the simulation take me.
The height is dizzying, and my vision is clouded with tears. I crouch down, close my eyes, and protect my head with the palm of my hands. I feel light fingertips pressing into my shoulder, which could only mean the only person I care about, made it in, injected herself, and is here to save me from this height: Tris. "I couldn't bear to see you go in alone. I thought you could us some help. Only if you go through mine with me." She gives me a slight grin, and I nod my head, finding a tight laugh to give her. She stands up, and takes me up with her. We jump off, and are placed in an encapsulating box. We shrink the space, just as we did the first time I showed her my past. A woman that looks like Tris begs me to help her, begs me to save her, begs to keep living. I cry out to her, but my arms are tied and help back. Minutes past, hours past, and Tris continues to scream. I close my eyes. 'I'm alive Tobias' I hear in my head. I open them, and Tris is in front of me, grabbing onto my wrist. I move my hand over her heart, and it is still beating fast. I don't know if I am prepared for what's going to happen next. Will he beat me? Or is my fear just seeing him?

Part 8! 💕 (20 like= next post!)
Something about the way he died was brave, selfless. I let my head fall back into the soft, conformed pillow, and let a few tears trickle down my face. Not for Marcus, or for me and how I almost died once again, but for Tobias, and what he has to now go through, every waking moment, every thought of the day. His father, the same man who would whip him with his belt, slap his small, pale cheek, sacrificed himself for his son. I remember Tobias telling me that the greatest way for someone to show them that they love you is sacrificing themselves for the greater good. That's what happened here, a few minutes ago. Marcus wanted to show Tobias that he was sorry for what he did, and that he loved him. No matter how hard Marcus hit his son, no matter how much he missed him when Tobias transferred to Dauntless, an act if cowardice, Marcus loved him. The bullet hole in his chest runs straight through his sternum. I look away, only to be reminded of my mother, the bullet holes in her chest, as the life drained out of her eyes, the sound of her dense body hitting the pavement. My hands fumble for the edge of the blanket. I tear it off of me, and throw my legs over the bed, careful not to hit Tobias or land in the pool of blood. I stand, a little wobbly at first, but collect my balance and crouch next to Tobias' head, leaning my head on the back of his shoulders. They shake with each silent breath he takes in, and I notice he is crying. I wrap my arms around him, and whisper soothing words into his ear. I calm him down, and he suddenly stands back up, grabs my wrinkled blanket from the bed I once laid in, and covers his dads cold, tense body with it. He takes one last glance, and then sprints out of the room. I follow him, winding our way through the labyrinth of tunnels, and by the time I get next to the roaring of the chasm, Tobias is climbing the steep and unsafe steps lining the wall of the Pit. There is only one thought I can think: get Tobias out of his fear landscape where he is headed, the only place where he can see his father alive again. I wonder, is my mother alive in mine? #alternatebookendingsallegiant

Part 7 💕 (15 likes= new post!)
​Then something extraordinary happens- Marcus, still in his ragged war, Abnegation gray clothes, leaps out from the rooms shadowed corner, and shields Tobias and I from the whizzing bullet coming from the viewers room. Tobias throws himself in front of me, and Marcus the same to his son, and I burry my head into my boyfriends chest, covering my ears from the sound of gunshots and shattering glass. Tobias moves his hands to my hair, down my spine, and holds me close into him, not daring not lose me after coming so close twice. I move closer, eliminating all the space between us, and feeling as one; one human, the same person with our entangled limbs together, remembering this feeling from another memory: before he left to go to the city, we slept together for the first time, experiencing what it was like being so close to someone you love so dearly, gazing into each other's eyes, letting them swallow you whole. His peculiar blue eyes, thoughtful, dreamy, all I get it claim. I snap out of my daze, the sound of gunshots and Marcus's screams filling the air. A couple of minutes later, the gun’s sound fades, and it is only the sounds of Marcus, Tobias' loud, protective breaths against my ear, my breathing, muffled by the sound of my other halfs shirt, and my loud, thundering heatbeat. Someone’s breath slows, and I know its not my own of Tobias’, but his abusive father, slowly dying. He falls back and collapses onto the rocky stone underfoot, and gives out a yelp of pain as he lands on his wound. The dark, crimson color collects like a pool around him, and I know that there is no way to recover from this wound. (MORE IN COMMENTS)

Part 6! 💕 (10 likes= new post!)
Christina. Her name is the first thought into my mind, filling it up like liquid. My hand is engulfed in warmth from another boy holding it in his. His eyes are thoughtful, staring at me, skimming my face, then leaping down to the newly wrapped bullet wound. “Tobias.” I remember. Four was his nickname, the fine, deft movements of his hands in his fear landscape, all of my fears, Bureau Compound, his genes, all about him that I never could uncover before. “Why can I remember everything now? My mom, my dad, you?” “That’s a lot of questions for someone who almost just died again. How about I start from the beginning?” And he does. After I blacked out, he took me to the Dauntless informatory, stitched back up my wound, and gave me a dose of healing serum. “I also remembered..” he begins with a smirk, “that you are Divergent. So, I gave you a tube of the memory serum, and let your little, cray wayed mind do the rest.” “So you knew it would help me?” I ask weakly, still not recovered my full body strength. He nods his head, and he finally meets my eyes. I only have enough time to register the black barrel of an object in the window behind him. Then the gun goes off. #alternatebookendingsallegiant

Part 5! 💕 (10 likes!)
. My back aches from the constant crouching I have been positioned in for the last hour. “Up here on your right. Just jump when I tell you.” I stand, my eyes closed, arms spread out like a bird, the wind rushing onto a face. The Hancock building behind me, and I am face first, sliding down the steel wire. I force my eyes open, and I am back on the train, prepared to jump off onto a building 7stories high. “On 3. One, two.. three!” I get a running start, and I am suspended in midair. My feet slam into the ground just as I get used to the feeling of my body, weightless. I fall forward, landing on my knees, and then my stomach. I give out a clamorous yell, my vision turning black around the edges. Freckles of red, blue, and green dance around on the rocks below me. “Tris!” Christina yelling my name. I can’t think, not at all. I have lost control of my human self. I roll onto my back, revealing the blood-stained gauze wrapped what seems like hundreds of times around my petite midsection. Sharp shots of pain run through every inch of me, and I hear footsteps, loud man footsteps. Tobias. “Tobias what’s going on please help me! I didn’t remember about her bullet wound, and this is all my fault!” “Christina,” I moan quietly, “it’s not your fault.” I can’t bear to speak any longer, so I close my eyes, and let my head fall to the side. Christina mumbles something I can’t hear, picks herself up, and sprints, in which direction, I don’t know. (MORE IN COMMENTS!)

Part 4! 💕 (sorry it's shorter!) 10 likes= new post!
. "You didn’t want to kill him. No one did. His name was Will.” Will. “He was under the simulation, and he threatened your life. You only reacted because your life was in danger. And as for Tobias. Tris, how can you not know your own boyfriend?” Boyfriend.. the word echos in my mind. How can I not remember him, if he is who everybody is telling me he is? I try to give a face to the boy who appears in my dreams, but it is no use. I decide to grab onto the next thought in my mind, hoping to change the subject. “Do you know how to get to the Dauntless compound? I’m supposed to meet Tobias there, but my thoughts are clouded. Do I take the train inside the city, all the way through it? That’s what this note says.” I take the crumpled piece of paper out of my pocket, and hold it up to the light, revealing the smooth, tiny strokes of a dark green pen. Cristina rips the paper out of my hand, and takes it for herself to read, not believing her eyes. “Tris? Where did you get this?” Her eyes scan the scrap paper, reading it expeditiously. I answer her, starting from when I first woke up, to my memories when I was washing my face. As I speak, her head nods along with my words, but her eyes are still wide, hungry for more detail. “Do you know what this means?” I look at her with an addled face. “We have to take a trip to Dauntless.” She wears a smirk on her face, but all I see is danger of knowing what I left months before, our war stricken city, and the haunting of my memories still fresh in my mind.

Part 3! 💕 (10 likes= new part!) A girl with dark, black hair runs up to me, gathering me into a hug, sweeping me off my feet. I am hesitant at first, but an image of her and me in a gray house, her doing my makeup, comes into my mind, and I wrap both of my fragile arms around her. “Christina,” I say through an exhale of a breath. “Tris! Oh my gosh, I’m so happy you’re alive! I heard about what happened to you in the Weapons Lab, and how close you came to death! Tobias was so worried, he couldn’t think straight! He was sleepless thinking about you! Everyday when I went to the hospital to see you, he was in there, already next to your bedside, clutching your hand. It was so cute and saddening at the same time!” She explains it so fast, it’s hard to to keep track of her words. As she says it, pressure, just like someone holding me, encapsulates my hand. I bring it to my chest, wanting to keep the feeling for as long as possible, before reality comes back to me. An image of a girl hanging over a railing, blood trickling down her face, fills my mind. “Wait, Christina, who’s Tobias? Everyone keeps talking about him like he’s close to me. And I was going to ask you. Who is this boy that I keep imagining? He’s tall, pale, dark hair, dark eyes? I keep seeing him collapsed on the pavement, like I shot him. I wouldn’t do that, would I?” A dark look of sadness and the not wanting to remember who he was explains the expression on her face, a conflict of emotions. “Christina?”#alternatebookendingsallegiant

Part 2! 💕

I swing the handle of the faucet toward me, and splash water onto my face. I squint through my gritted eyes at myself. I don’t see a sixteen year old girl, but an older woman, carried away from war and pain. It reminds me of my mother, before she got shot, just like I did, only I survived.
I recollect myself, and look down at the clothes the nurse gave me moments before, the black pants with a low cut matching top. I can’t imagine myself in these clothes a year before, trying as hard as I could to survive Dauntless Initiation. A boy then comes into mind, us in his fear landscape together, me helping him overcome his fear of claustrophobia, with his hand on my chest feeling my heartbeat. Then we’re by the chasm. Our hands line up on the rock behind us, his fingers narrow and long, not meant for Dauntless. Months after, I am in an orchard, yelling out a number. But which one? I told him that he wasn’t very nice, and thats why he liked me. He threw me over his shoulder, and I kicked my feet into the air, loving the feeling of weightlessness. Him. It was him who showed and released the Edith Prior video, his sneakers stopping before my face, lifting me up onto my feet from the cold glass shattered beneath me, and explaining that I did it. I was the one who trusted his father, worked behind his back, knew what I was looking for, and how it would change the fate of our entire city. War. A bomb next to Uriah’s head blowing up the glass. A picture of my genes. The shine of the airplane wing. The bullet traveling through my body. That moment seeing my brother, a traitor, saving my life from David, the one person I thought I could trust. Then I return back to the bathroom of my hospital room, the pictures of the memories not explaining all the answers to my questions.

Part 1! 💕

It’s the memory of her, not the immutable beeping of the heart monitor screeching in my ear that wakes me up from my enduring sleep. The curtains are pulled away from the immeasurable windows, revealing what looks like the wing of an airplane. I scan the room for any signs of people when I see a red rose in an insufficient glass with about a cup of water in it lying next to my bed. Beside the angelic rose is a handwritten note that reads I didn’t want to startle you before you got used to everything, and I asked the nurse who said you were released today. So I am in the first place we met after the Choosing Ceremony. Meet me there at noon. Xoxo -Tobias.
Tobias? Who is Tobias? Where did we meet after the Choosing Ceremony? Dauntless! a voice creeps in the deepest part of my mind. A woman in a blue shirt and blue jeans walks into the room, startled to see me awake.
“Tris. We weren’t expecting you awake so early.” She examines the rose thoroughly, as if getting an answer as to who left it. “I see your boyfriend left you a gift. He told me to tell you to meet him at Dauntless. Take the train all the way to the city and exit when you arrive at the Dauntless compound. You should see him there.” She walks over to the side of my hospital bed, reaching for my arm and grabbing it with such force I let out a tight groan. The nurse quickly rips out my IV cord, powers off the heart monitor, and hands me a pair of black clothing. I nod my head, as a way to say a silent thank you, and watch her tiny footsteps leave the white, box room. I swing my legs over the edge of the bed, and a haze of dizziness covers me like a cloud. A sharp throbbing feeling in my lower rib cage makes its way to every molecule, every atom of my living being, and I let out a sharp cry of pain as I examine the raw piece of skin that once used to be smooth. Images flood my head of David, the death serum, the code 080712, the pondering question of what my brother was doing with a gun. The question that still fills my mind: who is Tobias? I don’t remember having a boyfriend.

Here's a sneak peek from the new ending! ❤️😍
From the corner of my eye, I see David slumped over in his chair, and my brother walking out from behind him, holding the bulky gun away from his body, rejecting it. Thats the last thing I am able to comprehend before all I see is pitch black darkness.

Here is a sneak peak of the cover for the "Alternate Allegiant Ending". I hope you love it! ❤️

Hey! So my name is Annika and my friend Chloe and I are going to write new endings to books, and post them on here! We are 2 girls who love to write, so please help us out! Out first new ending is going to be on "Allegiant"! 📚

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