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Aigerim🇰🇿  Be kind🌸 Страница не про #успешныйуспех ✨

“I wanna be your sunshine...”
missing @aidana.snow 💔

I want to believe that I’m smart and wise enough, not to make some mistakes. Unfortunately, I’m not.
Must learn to accept everything as part of life experience without searching for flaws in myself.
Be better version of myself. Not only physically and on words, but also mentally.
Be kind.
Be kind to myself.

Second Year at @nu_awards19 ❤️ thanks for trusting me 🖤
No words, just thank you to those, who came and shared this evening with us! —————————————

Окончание зимы отмечу этим постом.✨
❄️ Ice Party 2019 ⛸ ✅
@ministry_of_sports @volunteersclub ————————————
📷: @nu_img

When it is a Spring Break, but you haven’t skied enough yet, you go to the Northeast 🎿
Temp: +1 C
Трасса замёрзшая от подтаявшего снега и вчерашнего дождя. —————————————

Spring is here 🌸
На память о прекрасном вечере 💞

Modeling 101. 💃🏻

Because I can. 🌟

Happy New Year! 🎄
Be kind. Be nice. 🌸

🇺🇿 One more journey, to the south this time.

“My last three brain cells”
This phrase became the motto of the Fall’18. Hard. Exhausting. But still fun.
If you had asked me a week ago, I would probably cry. 😹
Now it’s over and I’m glad it is, need to sum up it now. Thanksgiving time:
Astana Ball 2018. 90% of my semester. Organizing committee, trainers, debutants and those who came to support us all, thank you. #astanaball2018 #СКорабляНаБал
Thanks for having fun during our rehearsals. Thanks for holding me back (in a good way), thanks for making me forget about my problems. During our rehearsals we lived in our own world.✨
Thanks to my “study-buddies”, who made my stu-dying unbelievably fun. Laughing hard, playing hard. Thank you for supporting me in my “downs” and sharing my “ups”. 🙏🏼 ——————————————
Photo #7, these three adorable men, are the discovery of this Fall. Keeping me charged, allowing me to DJ, feeding with yummies and joking around. Thank you ☺️ #nudailycup ——————————————
thank you for continuously being with me. There are not enough words in my vocabulary that can explain how grateful I am.💕

I smiled like for life, I enjoyed it so much.
6 минут, как одна
2.5 месяца, как мгновенье
3 года проб и вот, я здесь
Спасибо @mirrrrras @nadine.ryapolova @kismelyevas за божественную хореографию и каждую потраченную минуту. И за то, что поверили, что смогу. 💕
@aktanberdy.askerbay стойко держался под моим взглядом и также стойко терпел мои косяки, мы сработались (сама в шоке как😹) спасибо ✨
И всем дебютантам, спасибо, что были там и делили эту радость со мной. #сКорабляНаБал #astanaball2018 ————————————
Cr: @nu_img & @androbaza
Фотографии, чтоб влюбиться снова. ——————————
P. S. Я ещё не поняла, что все закончилось. Если в понедельник после 8 увидите меня танцующей между 8&9, не удивляйтесь, я на тренировку пришла.

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