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Alpro  Creating delicious plant powered foods & drinks with soya, almonds, rice, oats & coconut. Good for you & good for the planet. Enjoy #plantpower !

Yay, it’s #hammockday! And yes, that is an actual thing. A day where you celebrate relaxing to the max without moving an inch? We’re in! A little thirsty? Simply take multiple paper straws, connect them and enjoy your smoothie while sippin’ & swayin’ away the summer! 😎

Hot days call for a cool brekkie, like plunking a handful of freshly cut up apple and grapes into a bowl of #alpro Natural. Is this what they mean by ‘drop it like it’s hot’ ? 😜
#plantbased #breakfastinspiration #summerishere

If this doesn’t taste like a trip down memory lane, nothing does. That’s why this #alpro Vanilla #icecream served between waffle biscuits should be eaten like back in the days. Just squeeze until the goodness peeps out and start licking! 😋 *disclaimer*: we are not responsible for sticky fingers…
#icecreamaddict #plantbased #nomnomnom

Not having to choose between our #alpro plant-based alternative Natural and a cookie? Count us in! Just dip it, scoop it and enjoy this magic combo! 🍪=🥄+ 🤷‍♀️+💡+👏
#plantpower #foodista #snacktime

We’re pretty sure Riri should’ve kept the original ‘under my cocktail umbrella-ella-ella’. Because seriously: just adding one colourful little fella to your drink whizzes you off to the tropics in a jiffy. To get that summer smoothie perfection simply blend #alpro Soya Original Drink or #alpro Coconut Drink with your favourite summer fruit, add your umbrella and start sipping! ⛱☀️🌱👏
#plantpower #instafood #yum

Let’s be honest: those summer smoothies taste so much better when slurped straight from the fruit itself… So pour some #alpro Coconut or Almond drink in your blender together with some fresh pineapple, banana or other summer fruits, press the button and watch the magic happen. Now that’s what we call summer at your fingertips! ☀️🌴👏
#plantpower #inspiration #foodista

Sometimes all you need to go with your summery brekkie is a cold, fresh drink. Have a sip of our #alpro Oat Drink and you’ll instantly know what great mornings taste like… ☀️👌😘
#plantpower #morningmotivation #breakfast

That’s it; we’re off to the tropics. Your fault, Coconut ice cream! We’ll send you a postcard from our hammock. Ok bye! 👋👋Unfortunately we don't ship this tasty treat to the tropics yet, but it's already available in the UK, Belgium, Luxembourg, the Netherlands & Finland. Hoping to get this to all of you asap! 🙏
#plantpower #icecream

Head in the clouds, or clouds in your coffee? Just add a splash of our #alpro Soya Original into your cup and watch the magic happen… 😉
#plantpower #morningmotivation #coffee

Few fruits scream ‘summer’s here’ more than 🍑🍑🍑 … So grab yourself a spoon and scoop up this delicious #alpro Peach. It’s like sunshine in a pot 🤤 Happy summer, y'all!
#plantbased #snacktime #summer2018

🍦🍫🌰👌 Look at these tasty #alpro Hazelnut Chocolate Ice Cream servings in a cone, they’re almost too pretty to eat… Just kidding, we’ll have them all, thankyouverymuch! 😋 For now, only the UK, Belgium, the Netherlands & Finland can dig into this frozen deliciousness, but we hope to get this to all of you as soon as possible! 🙏
#plantpower #icecreamlove

“I think I’ll pass on that delicious dessert” said no one ever. No wonder, because this delicious #alpro #plantbased alternative to yogurt with Blood Orange is fruity, citrusy and oh so tasty! 😋
#plantpower #foodista #inspiration

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