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Alpha Training  Alpha Training is a smart and inclusive properly progressed training program that allows individuals to grow within their fitness aspirations

Alpha Coach Spotlight :

Take a look at your workout regiment and see how your program looks. Or are you even following a program?
Programs take the guess work out of your workout ... no more “what should I do?” Instead you walk into the club knowing exactly what you do

For health and wellness tips and to take a peak at how I train... follow our very own Alpha coach @kevin_andres_fit @getksquaredfit
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Awesome event down in @alpha1trainingscottsdale with coaches @dannynichols33 and @lucyitsell_alpha1 spreading the Alpha Halloween Spirit at @scottsdalebeerco

1 week ago OKC opened its doors and launched its 139th club. The energy was through the roof and over 3000 members walked through the doors on a mission to create a happier and healthier life.

Love what do and do what you love!! #wearealpha #alphastrong

Alpha Challenge Alert 🚨
Alpha Coach @sam_nelson18 said hey lifting heavy weights and moving things fast is cool and all but how good are you with simply being able to move your body in space.

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“The challenge of leadership is to be strong, but not rude; be kind, but not weak; be bold, but not bully; be thoughtful, but not lazy; be humble, but not timid; be proud, but not arrogant; have humour, but without folly.” ~ JR

Alpha Tips with Alpha Coach @sarahpozdol
Using a little pre-workout mobility/activation sequence to prime the hips and hamstrings. Have you tried a banded distraction before? 🤔

2 easy drills... 1. Face your anchor allowing the band to sit just under the sit bone of the extended leg. Perform 5 lunges then park it and bring your foot towards your seat (keeping your glute engaged) you should feel a solid stretch of the hips flexors. Then work the hips gently in multiple directions to promote fluid and prime your hips.
2. Start supine, creating tension on the anchored band (placed close to your hip crease) A simple assisted supine glute stretch to start. Then work your way through an external rotation. Finish with a PNF hamstring stretch creating your own level of resistance against the band.


Happy lifting TEAM Alpha 💥

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OKC Alpha Cert || Ready to Rock and Roll!!! Let’s go team!! #wearealpha

Alpha Coach @nadeen_pierre chooses to meet at these type of bars on her weekends!!
PR 320lbs/~145kg 🤩🤩
Came in today just to have fun and do some legs but 225 was feeling extra nice so I just HAD to max out ya feel?

and I know the angle sucks I’m sorry kinda

Alpha Training Tip of the Day with coach @sarahpozdol
Making use of our pull-up assist bands today with a hinge/march warm up drill that is sure to wake up the posterior chain! 💥

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Coaching Tips with @sarahpozdol
Sometimes we all need a little extra encouragement. Tag your Alpha Fit Friend who can help you get into position! 💪🏻 #chestup #squatdrills #coachingtips #alphatraining @wodontheroad

Alpha GA Showdown just finished up!!! Join me in congratulating all the athletes who competed today!! #wearealpha

Alpha Coaching Tips w/ @sarahpozdol
No need to watch fail videos to understand the importance of building stability in the bottom position of our snatch (the OHS)
Simple drills such as this can help to maintain stability under load and heighten muscle recruitment by providing a safe but unstable environment. End result? Stability under the bar with heightening core to extremity activation! 💥 Who doesn’t want that?! #alphatraining @sarahpozdol

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