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Alpha Pup Records  Digital home to Brainfeeder, World Galaxy, The Order Label, Westbound, Ruby Yacht, Error Broadcast, Dome Of Doom, Fuselab and more.

Low End Theory hits NYC tonight!

Asad Ill talks about his upcoming release "God's Gift" on The Garden:

Asad Ill will be releasing "God's Gift" on May 26, 2017 - production by Burnin Giraph // art by Dylan Tull

Low End Theory hits NYC tomorrow night!

Just announced: "RUINISM" - New LP from Lapalux out June 30 on Brainfeeder:

"When I first heard Thundercat’s stuff I thought, 'Man, this is so original.' A lot of his ballads to me had such a beautiful harmonic, almost classically Hispanic feel, or like Brazilian kind of feeling." Michael McDonald talks about working with Thundercat on SPIN:

Fun upgrade! We're now using Amazon-style frustration free mailers for all vinyl orders from our online stores:

LOW END THEORY NYC this Friday 4/28 with Prefuse 73 & the whole gang: Daddy Kev, Nobody, Gaslamp Killer & D-Styles -

"¡EUREKA! carries the auditory weight of challenging times directly in its DNA." Read a new review of Eureka the Butcher's album by John-Paul Shiver on Music Is My Sanctuary - the LP is out now on Alpha Pup: - photo by Andrew Joseph

Check out Alpha Pup artist Elusive in the latest issue of The Wire magazine

Tonight - Catch Huxley Anne at Elevate with Dot, Astronautica, and Shiva - Huxley Anne's album "ILIUM" is out now on @domeofdoom

Artists share their fondest record store memories and selections on Nest HQ - with Daedelus, Huxley Anne & Elusive

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