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Anna Schwarz  🙏 Vinyasa Yoga Teacher📍Berlin 🐛⏳🦋On a Quest for Meaning 🌎🌱


Lately I have been thinking a lot about #Yin and #Yang in relation to my lifestyle and energy levels.
Summer was almost pure Yang for me - for two months I was travelling every weekend to another place. Four festivals, many parties, many new friendships, new projects and hobbies. I was enjoying it so much and am so grateful for all these great memories and friendships that evolved and strengthened over this time.
But as seasons change I also realized how my energy is changing. I needed to go a bit slower. Needed to give myself a break from seeing new people, needed to finally just stay in for a few days, feel a bit heartbroken and to rest for a bit.
Needed to get out of my normal fast paced life in Berlin. And especially needed some time with my better half @nessrad
So we travelled to France to live with a very cute family and help them with their Permaculture project. Sleeping in a garden chalet, starting the day with some gentle Yoga, petting the dog and cats and then working the whole day outside in the fresh and clear air cutting trees, planting raised beds for growing veggies and seeing how our work is visibly progressing. I forgot how rewarding it is to work with your hands in the mud, seriously. Sitting down by the end of the day seeing what you have created eating a Spanish tortilla made of the eggs of the ducks that run around in the garden. Falling to bed sleeping like a baby cause you're physically so exhausted and mentally so clear like I havn't been for long. A dream.
In German there is a Word called 'besinnen' - literally to get to your senses. Feeling, smelling, tasting, hearing, seeing.
Grounding. Establishing the silence outside and inside of you.
How do you feel? Can you feel the seasonal change also impacting your own energy and lifestyle? .
📸 by @max.carburner

Part 3 of #Iwanttogettoknowyou

I have been silent for a bit. On Sunday I finished #oshomeditation challenge - 21 days of getting up at 6am to cycle to an one hour dynamic meditation at @oshostudioberlin. Every day. And inspite of not being a morning person I am still amazed how energized I was during these days - one time I went directly from the club to the studio and had an awesome meditation. At the moment I am pretty much following a #rumi quote saying 'respond to every call that excites your spirit' - And my spirit is excited by so many people and activities at the moment: singing in a choir, organizing co-working sessions, taking pottery classes, teaching and and and.
On my last day of the Osho meditation I decided that my spirit needs to be lifted by some proper dancing so I prolonged the last stage of the meditation (celebration) onto the dancefloor - and ran into Clive who I had just met there months ago. I did remember him because of his aura: While the usual Berghain crowd mostly is rather dark and super cool, he was radiating joy like no one else. Dancing and even singing on the dancefloor he made everyone around laugh and smile. His presence alone made me so cheerful and I was asking myself - what is it that I am bringing to this world? How do I touch the lives of others?

Have you figured out yourself yet? Do you impact others through your job, through your talents, through your smile or do you have any special gift?

Part 2 of #Iwanttogettoknowyou

I you could live anywhere - which place would you choose?

This is a classic, don't you think? I've heard it on dates and also cheeky @besinnbar asked me when we first met (now I'm wondering - was it a date?🤔😉). But it is actually quite a nice question because when you answer it very open and honestly - it shows a lot about your values and preferences.

So when I am being asked, I always say that I wouldn't know where to live if I couldn't choose Berlin. I have never felt anywhere as free as I do here. There are so many opportunities, so many interesting people and I feel like the city can more than keep up with my pace and need for change. Basically, you could reinvent yourself everyday and always find a group of people to bond and to learn from. And whatever you do - you are accepted.
At the moment I am planning a trip to #Lebanon and the more I am looking into it, the more other places are coming up - maybe making a first stop in #Cairo, maybe stopping in #Jordan and who knows. And it feels like I could go anywhere. I already hear all the voices telling me that it is insane to go alone as a female into these countries but the ones knowing me also do know that this wont stop me. At the moment I feel like I could make myself feel home just anywhere but I also know that this is not true. When I lived in #Mexico I absolutely adored the culture and felt very much at home. On the other side I missed going out in the night time alone, feeling safe enough to move around freely at any time or place. This is a quality I dont want to miss long-term. It is the people that make me feel at home in a place but it is the freedom that makes me want to stay. For the last 2 years I have been living alone and only recently I have been wondering if I want to change it - but I am not sure yet if it is rather a dog-like company that I am missing -someone who awaits me at home- or more of a communal -let's do stuf together- kind of feeling.
Which place defines #Home for you? Which values, which feelings?

Part 1: #iwanttogettoknowyou
A few days ago I looked at my own instagram profile and realized that apparently more than 1.000 people are interested in the stuff I'm sharing. In the beginning of this year I didn’t even understand what insta is about - I thought it was just to post and spam one another with yoga poses or look-how-healthy-I-am kind of pics. But somehow I got drawn into this world and made some really nice connections through this platform: @ericbenjaminjr who inspired me with his love for living on the waters, crazy chick Isa, @besinnbar, who visited me a few weeks ago confirming my feeling that we would get along so so well or @richard_friedrich who also just recently stumbled into and brightened up my life with his humor and thoughts!

So Insta has become more than just sharing pretty pictures for me - it is also my creative outlet and channel of processing. I love to share and reflect my experiences through text. Probably I've never been so open and vulnerable showing my softer sides to the world. I had built quite a hard shell around me trying to protect myself from being rejected but also not to be a burden to others when I did not feel like the happy smiling girl.
But at some point I realized that the biggest burden is when I’m not expressing my emotions, needs or wishes. It leaves friendships or relations of any kind on a superficial level that makes one feel alone even while being together. And of course it always takes two - it is one thing to open up but it also needs another part that holds the space. Not knowing if your counterpart can or does want to hold the space makes it scary but there is also nothing more rewarding than a truely authentic and meaningful connection with another human being.
Have you ever felt this way? Did you feel alone while being together? And have you experienced how a connection just elevated to a whole new level after you have dared to open up and be vulnerable?

'Hey let me take a picture of you' - 'ah, no.. never know what to do or how to act' - 'just act very natural' -'sigh. Alright.' Going in #hastapadangusthasana

At some point I might start a 'Yoga for comfortable travelling in limited spaces'-Workshop series.
Who's in?
#yogaeverywhere #travellingyogi #yogaontheroad

'There are two great days in a person's life: The day we are born and the day we discover why' - William Barclay

It was my birthday yesterday and honestly, the last years I always become somewhat become fearful on this day- realizing that time is passing but I still didn't feel like I am in the right place or on the right path, thinking I would need to thrive higher, be greater, wiser, more compassionate, more creative, more serious, more engaged, more active - you get the point. I did not have enough love for myself and rather listened to my self-doubts instead of making space for the truth to unfold.
This year, however, there was none of these thoughts. Even though I probably did one of the scariest things in my life -letting go of my job without having a proper Plan B in mind- I do not sense fear. I feel that I am exactly where I need to be and am ready to give way to unleash my full potential. My life is unfolding in the most beautiful, curious and exciting way - and I have never been so in love with life as I am right now.
I guess I have found my own key to happiness. My mission now is to find a way to pass this on and share the gifts that I have received to contribute to this world in a meaningful and sustainable way.

Lokah Samastah Sukhino Bhavantu
-May all beings everywhere be happy and free, and may the thoughts, words, and actions of my own life contribute in some way to that happiness and to that freedom for all.

Am 3. September kommt @wanderlustdach nach Berlin! Yoga, Running & Meditation in einem :) Und jetzt das beste: Isa (@besinnbar ) verlost aktuell 2 Karten für das Event! Mitmachen geht ganz easy:

SPIELREGELN für das Gewinnspiel:
1. @besinnbar folgen.
2. Dieses Foto auf @besinnbar mit einem Herzen versehen.
3. Deine gewünschte Begleitung taggen.
4. Mir deinen Lieblingsdisneyfilm verraten. Ich bin nur neugierig.. 😋
5. Meine Story am Donnerstag, den 24. August schauen, um zu erfahren, ob du gewonnen hast. ✌️✌️✌️ Viel Erfolg!

Ok Muggles, time to reveal the true reason for my London trip and why I really quit my job: My letter has just reached me 16 years later than it should have but finally I'm on my way to Hogwarts! ..ok kidding.. Truth is I'm still a Muggle but was offered the position as the Yoga Trainer of the Gryffindor Quidditch team! Yikes! 🙏⚡️🔮 P.S.: This ins was just for you @george_jp_lolos , @mashaborok & @mojofromtheblog !

@morwennayoga has been my #yogaphilosophy teacher in Goa last year and I enjoyed many of her creative flows during that time. So when I signed up for her workshops in London I knew there would be minimum one #goddesspose - Morwennas favorite! 🤗
Being her student again reminded me on the good times in #Goa and how much I loved her teaching style. Amazingly creative flows that show her background in dancing, her storytelling and her personality that just shines through.
In Yoga but also in everyday life we are choosing our teachers, choosing the people we are willing to respect and learn from. Through my trainings I have learned that I learn best from people that are kind, play- and joyful. It is easier for someone to motivate me through humor than through authority - but this is just my learning style and I know that some people also prefer a drill-style and need strictness in their lifes. Realizing that there is no better or worse is also essential being a teacher - to not take it personally when someone does not come back to your classes.

What is your preferred teaching style? Who can motivate you and who cannot?

Travel update #1
I found a seat with plenty of legroom! Thank you @ryanair !
#yogaeverywhere #urdhvamukhapaschimottanasana #travellingyogi

This is what happens when a friend surprises me while practicing before #Yaamyoga 🎧 must watched with sound 🎧

Your chance to surprise me tomorrow, Thursday, 11.30am 🤸🏼‍♀️🤗
#joy #friends #neeeein

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