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Keeping it tactical in Austin. Found this peace keeper here at #sxsw #stpatricksday #weekendoff #tacticalaf

Shot this biatch today
It did not penetrate the vest
#DiamondageArmor #gamechanger #ballistics

I realize I have followers who aren’t law enforcement so I try to be patient with the random “range safety” comments from all of the IG operators but here’s a quick clue. If I’m wearing eye and ear protection I probably have rounds in the chamber and I’m really fucking shooting. If I’m wearing a dress holding a gun there’s no fucking shooting. There’s not even rounds in the magazine and the gun has been deemed safe. But fuck I’m a girl so I must be dumb af.
We shall all be safe when it comes to guns but I’ve had someone else almost kill me with their AD so I’m ocd about knowing the status of mine.
That’s all- have a fabulous day.

As much as i appreciate the nice comments I look for more than that in a man. Being a keyboard warrior doesn’t count as survival.

#Rangeday but all I’m shooting is the shit. My unit is getting some updated training on concealed shooting and I’m eavesdropping 😂
I got these custom ear pieces a while back and finally getting to use them. The are keeping the noise out but I think I will be feeling like I still have them in later tonight.
#earprotection #custommade

I felt #FlintTown on Netflix was a well balanced documentary about the community. Props to the Officers and the civilians still trying to make a difference. The show was the most unfiltered as I have seen on tv with limitations of course. But a lot of truths put out there. #staysafe

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Use Jennifer30
Use Jennifer30
Use Jennifer30
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Still on light duty for at least another month. Running through cases like a mad woman. I just wish I were the one putting the cuffs on all of these thieves.
Conceal carry:

All of the CURRENT active shooter training encourages law enforcement to stop the killing and if that means I have to go in alone that’s what has to be done. No fucking way I could stand outside of the building listening to children screaming and shots being fired waiting for backup. Is it safe? nope, but Cops do unsafe shit.
Lack of training or lack of courage? @abcnews ・・・
Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel says a Stoneman Douglas High School resource officer has been suspended without pay after surveillance video showed him taking up a defensive position during the shooting - but never entering the school. “He should have went in, addressed the killer, killed the killer," Israel said. #stonemandouglas #florida #southflorida #parkland #parklandshooting

I’ve always controlled my guns and law abiding citizens always will.
Criminals pretending to be law abiding citizens should be worried about the rights they continues to take advantage of.

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