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Guess who passed her Detective exam!!!!! Of course this is just the first step in the process.
It's not that I have to go inside, except during winter, but my body could use a break. And if it doesn't happen, then it wasn't meant to be and I can keep doing what I've been doing.
But today I'm a happy girl.
Yesterday I was pissed when i found out I was featured in someone's bully IG page just for being a woman with a gun and random comments on my photos. But it's beyond awesome to know that I have people who will have my back when something like that happens. He has since been removed along with his negative comments from his followers, some cops.
#cantstealmyhappy 💋
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I'm a huge supporter of Law Enforcement, Military and 2A
But these industries aren't always easy to support. There will always be a few hateful opinions base on what they see not what they know to be actually true. This is what I would expect from non members of the groups I support.
So I just block them, clearly they don't like what they see and have no respect for others.
What's worse is I would actually still help out these immature adults. But hey if that makes me a positive gun bunny so be it. Oh and all of my #selfies are before or after duty or a non essential part of my day, although I should consider lunch essential. I am respected at work and I do take my job seriously. I don't sleep with guys I work with and I don't care if you find me attractive or not. After 16 years on the job I'm holding on to the last few feelings I have and I refuse to give them to some anonymous instagram account but since you're still watching I hope you have a fantastic night. 💋

So you're a Troll.

I have to believe most of these bully pages belong to people who keep it private from their wives, mothers, sisters, female friends, coworkers or female boss. And of course the people who comment on them are free to do so because most people don't know to even look for it.
But in case you care to look. Here is how 😉
Swipe right ➡️

Forgot my work shades for traffic direction overtime. 😎
@diffeyewear #charitableeyewear #police

Is now a good time to talk about changing our titles from Public Servants to something less offensive?
So many other great changes happening in our country but at what cost. Make the change without the violence.
Just a thought 💭
If people didn't see as "servants" maybe they wouldn't think they own the right to cause chaos.
Maybe others choose not to join the PD because they don't want to be labeled a servant.

And sometimes a girl just wants a braid.
The boys will say be careful you don't want a suspect to grab you by the hair. Well duh
But let's think about that statement the guy with no hair just said. Regardless of its length, if there is hair the female suspect will no doubt grab for it, sometimes the men.
BUT It can be in this braid or a bun or as short as the guys and it's still possible they will try and succeed. The thing is with #FemaleCops we are prepared for that; it's like telling a guy to protect his junk, you've been doing it your whole life.
Stay 🚨
Stay safe

I'm dying 🔥☀️
Trying to find a bullet shot into the ground. Just digging out the landscape during the day at 95 degrees, no big deal.
It's forever lost and I need a shower.
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Rain or shine just too bad I have to ditch the umbrella to actually work. 🌂

Praying for the safety of all the Officers dealing with the violence not only in VA but across our nation. Our law enforcement represents every color, ethnicity, nationality, sex, age, creed and sexual orientation WHO PROTECT EVERYONE
This photo will be symbolic because others won't see he's just doing his job but he's doing his job under extreme restraint and putting any beliefs aside. It's no different from the hundreds of thousands of photos of other police officers standing in between chaos and liberty.
#police #protest #bluelivesmatter

In my case there will always be someone bigger and stronger than me which is why I train 10x harder.
I'm not an idiot to think I can "manhandle" people I have survived my job thus far by critical thinking, positive reinforcements, instincts and the drive to keep fighting. Even the smallest warrior can mentally breakdown Goliath, especially if Goliath lacks all of these skills.
Fortunately these two beasts here just happen to be on the right side of the law. 💙

I am a type A personality. I work harder under stress especially when things are chaotic and I'm responsible for the results. I crave responsibility and stressors to arouse my neurotransmitters.
This is why weight training is important to me. Other people work better with less stress like yoga and shit.
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