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hello. we are alone together. 


To have a couple who can gush about the same things you do, you know you've hit jackpot.
Shannon & Jolene on the blog now!
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These are the moments I love chasing after.

One of my favourite things about photographing wedding days is that it demands that you're fully present. Even if I had a troubled week, a wedding day becomes therapy for me. I love it because for 8 hours or so, I have only one thing in my mind - How do I best tell this story?

Being fully present is the only way to head the call of a story. It's a primal event, a trance that you experience with your body. There's no thinking too much. There're no two ways about it.

I would admit I don't usually see photos in black and white. Well, because we live in a world filled with colours. But when you allow it, some photos would tell you they should be and to me, they are usually moments you would love for them to last forever — where you can be detached from reality just for a little while.

Between 2008-2009, I spent an average of 12-14 hours in the darkroom everyday. I learnt everything important about photography and formed my worldview from those formative years. I miss the days of intense solitude where I would just focus on making the best photograph possible. One by one, with nothing more than my two bare hands. For the next two weeks, Xinning and will be embarking on a #blackandwhitechallenge as an attempt to return to our roots.

Chyr entering a car.

Downpour didn't dampen anything!

Little things matter.

Happy holidays! Have a great long weekend :)

Regina & Justin.

Commissioned by HDB to photograph their latest campaign.

I am always confronted with a dilemma. Do I stubbornly insist on my vision or photograph things as they are?
This happened when Chyr's youngest brother was making a simple speech. I don't know much about their relationship but I suspect they share a bond private to all of us. I love everything about this photograph except the phone. What a shame, I thought. It would have been perfect without it.
The more I looked at the phone, the more annoyed I got. I kept imagining the picture without the damn phone. I must have stared at the phone so hard that it suddenly spoke to me. It told me about the first newspaper photograph ever shown to the world in 1871.
What was it a photograph of? It was a photograph of dead corpses*
I don't mean to get all morbid but what that reminded me was that the camera was born out of a human instinct to say - Don't forget.
Why do guests find it so hard to put down their camera during a wedding? Why do we find ourselves photographing our kids so much? Why do we even make photographs in a funeral?

Someone once told me that if you look at what you can't stop photographing, that's the thing you're most afraid to lose.
Suddenly, everything made sense.

If you're keen, the photograph is here:

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