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hello. we are alone together. 


These two were so excited for this shoot, I can’t imagine how they will be feeling on the actual day.

Zan & George.

Sometimes the rain is on our side. Sometimes.

The more I look at this photo after hanging out with Matt & Nette, the more I hear the soundtrack of Juno.

And the rattlesnake said
"I wish I had hands so
I could hug you like a man"
And then the cactus said
"Don't you understand
My skin is covered with sharp spikes
That'll stab you like a thousand knives.
A hug would be nice
But hug my flower with your eyes" — Tree Hugger by Kimya Dawson

While the sun was out

Mel & ZJ, effortlessly.

After a long day of shoot, nothing beats looking through the raw photos you've just transferred to your hard disk and having one jump straight out at you. If they can have fun with a emergency torch, what can't they do! So looking forward to their wedding next year.

Back to the city.

This one's from Hakone. We reached the location early but the light was not right. It's always a gamble shooting on an overseas location. Do we wait it out in the freezing cold, or do we just take things as they are? After 40mins or so, the sun came out. What I remember most though, were the conversations and laughter that kept us warm.

Greetings from Tokyo!

Obviously came to have fun
Hair & make up by @cleochangmakeup

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