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Happy Mother’s Day to my badass mom. Every day that I’m a mother I appreciate you even more (which is hard to do considering I already adored you so much) now I can only aspire to be half the grandmother that you are. (But not for a while) I love you so much @ayalasabat and can’t wait to see you. אז פה יום האם (כן זה עדיין יום האם ולא יום המשפחה) וזו הזדמנות נהדרת לציין שיש לי את האמא הכי טובה בעולם. ועכשיו שגם אני אמא אני יכולה להגיד שההערכה שלי אליה התעמקה והתעצמה. את ההשראה שלי ואני מחכה כל יום לחיבוק שאקבל כשאראה אותך. ואמא... אני גאה בך.

Dinner with the amazing @yaelgrobglas ... as it appears I’m showing her my best duck face and she find that delightful. Good times. יעל יפה ואני פרצוף ברווז. נורמלי בסך הכל.

Shameless selfie moment. Happy Monday. סלפי ללא בושה. #wearehappyplace #flowerpower🌸 #noshame (maybe just a little...)

Days like these that fill my ❤️. All the things that make me happy. (Although having confetti fly in my mouth normally isn’t one of those things...) #wearehappyplace

I want to go back there. Strawberry fields with my baby. #strawberryfields #sun #babygirl #joy

#oldheadshotday with #babyme (19) at my first ever pic session in the USA. i HATED having my pic taken. Can you tell ? Thanks @gunarsphoto for being patient.

My babies. Loving on each other. Too cute not to share with everyone. Thanks @cxxm_ for capturing. @marcos595 look at our kids!

She’s... right behind me isn’t she.#pork #charlie #myloves #sunday

Shabbat Shalom ! שבת שלום!! #mycharlie #love #weekend #shabbatshalom

It’s #holocaustmemorialday in Israel. (Also tbt to my wedding...) A day I always think of my Baba. This little huge human (along with my Saba who I never got to meet) survived the horrors of that time not so long ago. Even though they are no longer here to tell the chilling stories , I will continue to tell them. And thus - never forgot. I miss her every day. And as my daughter looks at her picture and without knowing her , says her name and points to her- I know she is always with me. Guiding me. #neveragain #neverforget #יוםהשואה #לזכורולאלשכוח

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