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Hand in the most adorable hand we go. יד ביד הכי חמודה בעולם אנחנו צועדות לעתיד ביחד. #mom #baby #love

This beautiful little woman next to me is my grandmother. this delicate little human survived hell when she was younger. Today is the day we remember the holocaust. It's not about staying angry but it is about never allowing it to happen again. And remembering That judging someone just because they're different can and has lead to the annihilation of a whole generation. And I remember her everyday and remind myself to never judge others as she and her whole family were. לזכור ולא לשכוח. #יוםהשואה

I know #earthday was yesterday, which is why I'm posting this today. Because our planet need to have this sort of attention EVERY DAY! Not just one day to remind people that if we don't take care of Mother Earth- we will ALL die. Do your part- Recycle, conserve energy, eat less meat or better yet- non at all, don't litter, go solar or fossil fuel free! #thereisnoplanetb♻️💚🌎🌍🌏 #Repost @jenroserosimons with @repostapp
NASA recently released imagery showing the deforestation of America in just 34 years. We are killing Earth

A man and his reflections. @marcos595

No title needed.

I miss my mom and she only just left. אני כבר מתגעגעת לאמא נורא והיא רק השניה עזבה! מה יהיה? . #mom #mymom #sad #comeback

I melt a little when I look at those feet

My sister came to see me and my babycharlie today. And in honor of that here is a pic of me and my sis from way back when. All that's missing is our middle sis who we love and need here badly and my little sisters who are currently at boot camp(!) where does the time fly(??). אחותי הגדולה הגיעה לביקור היום לפגוש את צ׳רלי. ולכבוד המאורע הנה תמונה שלנו כשהיינו קטנות. כל מה שחסר עכשיו זה אחותי האמצעית שאני כל כל אוהבת ומתגעגעת אליה.וכמובן גם האחיות הקטנות שלי שנמצאות כרגע בטירונות!! לאן הזמן טס??

I don't usually attend premiers I don't have anything to do with (other than being israeli...) but I did it this time... post baby outing is good enough reason. אני בדרך כלל לא הולכת לפרמיירות של פרוייקטים שלא היה לי קשר אליהם (במקרה הזה הקשר הוא היותי ישראלית ויוסף סידר ביים את הסרט...)אבל הפעם חרגתי ממנהגי ובאתי כי כל תירוץ להתגנדר ולצאת אחרי לידה הוא תירוץ טוב. #postbirth #momlife #redcarpet #fancyshmancy #outofprsctice #didmyownhairandmakeup #heelsarehell

And that's an understatement. Motherhood is tough. But the love is overflowing. #mom #lovemybaby #IMPRETTY

My little guardians. Always there. Even since Charlie came along and all I do is breastfeed and change diapers. #doggielove #kids #momlife #bestfriends

Hooray for my new found freedom!! Using both hands while caring for my baby is a luxury I will never take for granted! Thanks to @ergobaby !! #happymama #happybaby #momlife #love

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