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Alon Gabbay  Love, Power, Freedom. 💖🦁🦋

Playing some baseball in my garden 🎃 #GoVeggie

Blood moon is happening today during Leo season. Leo is my spirit animal which helps and guides me in my shamanic work and my personal life.

Do you have a spirit animal, and if yes which and why? What is your experience with spirit animals?

Connecting energetically with a spirit animal can download specific qualities and characteristics into your own Energie field. For example when I invite the lion into my being I feel the vibration of a lion, I visualize myself as a lion and it is providing me with shield, confidence, fatherhood, strong heart, exclusiveness, family, settlement and stability. It makes me feel absolute comfortable in my own skin.

Finding and connecting to a spirit animal is not so easy at first, you need to become sensitive to energies, starting with your own energies first. The more you refine and deepen your spiritual work the more you will gain benefits from the subtle worlds and the mysticism of life.

A true understanding of this begins with a transformational experience. In our shamanic workshops we provide a strong and profound journey into these subtle energy levels through raising consciousness with plant medicine and sound. You are welcome to join us at a safe space to explore these dimensions and to grow in love, changing your perspective of life.

Message me if you are interested to join us in one of our next ceremonies 🙂

Listening to Mantras ✨

Listening to mantras or even better, chanting them out loud helps us to purify and raise our vibration (Slide left to understand more about vibration) the practice of mantra is an easy technique to solidify our consciousness and move us from the grosser energy levels into the subtler and more higher vibrational planes.

The best thing about it, it works pretty immediately and it’s also fun, it’s even easier than meditation.

Although it is easy, the power and the effect of the mantra depends on the readiness and the openness and the faith of the one who’s doing it.
Mantras aren’t magical spells, and you need to strive towards having a one pointed mind so your personality will be able to focus and get still, and if you do so, it will lift you up and you will feel the power of it pretty quick.

Namaste and have a great weekend 💖

Love ❤️

When we run from silence we run from ourselves. The special thing about meditation, you get more and more you. Have a blessed weekend everybody 🦁

Meditation is not a believe, it’s not a religion, and it’s not a “hippie” thing.

It’s the most powerful tool in life to explore, empower and become the greatest version of yourself!

To give you some motivation:
Meditation is the discovery that the point of life is always arrived at the immediate moment, in the NOW. By meditating you can create your own inner reality, and the universe will become a reflection of it.

So what is a good meditator? The one who meditates 😁😉 Go at it, learn and try, and you will see that meditation is purely experimental and if you catch it right, the results are immediate, and by time this tool will also get stronger to support you in every situation and every step in life.

If you have questions about meditation you can leave them in the comments and I’ll try to answer them in the next couple days 👍👍 Namaste and good practice MY FRIENDS 🙏❤️🦁

Doing some work at home. I bought a new house for me & my fam and we’re building a temple here for workshops, soon I’ll share more about that.

Also I’m renovating the top floor into a loft and when all this is done I’m probably gonna start posting again regularly and also uploading content on YouTube.. I have a lot to share from the last 2 years I haven’t been active. Maybe in 2-3 months I think 🤔 but I rather not promise anything yet haha 😅 Swipe left to see the garden and the nature around the house, I’ll show more of the house when it’s ready 👊👊👊

I am not myself only. I am all I see, hear, feel, and all that flows to me. I am the land, the trees, the sky, and I am linked directly to nature as my body is just a small outcrop of this planet.

Reconnecting with nature is harmonizing the system. If here is no connection to the earth, there is no order inside.

Returning to nature is a great source of inspiration, consultation and the best hospital when one feels stuck or out of balance.

Move into the light, and let nature be your teacher 🌲🌲🌲

The world is only a perception of our state of consciousness and our mind. If we change ourselves, the world changes.

When you realize your true power, your love for power becomes the power of Love ❤️🦁

Heading off into the deep amazon jungle - no electricity, no internet, completely out of civilization to meet the ancient tribe of the indigenous shamans to cook plant medicine with them and to align to a deeper and higher vibration with Mother Earth 🌏🙏 We will take many pictures and will be available after we are back, so don’t worry if you don’t hear from us 🦁🦍🌿 Hasta la vista, baby 🐎🐎🐎

Arrived at the shamanic temple ⛩
As a human, I am a part of this wonderful creation and shamanism is my way of connecting with the whole.

Let this experience be another deep and long journey of self discovery! I’m ready for battle Aho! 🦁🌿 #aya #medicine #journey

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