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Bobbie Hanohano DeCambra

🎶Oh baby baby it's a wild world🎶 #ibetyousangthattunetoyourself lol

Last night Doug and I read all the "hopes for baby decambra" that was written for us at our shower by our friends and family. It was the sweetest thing ever! We took turns reading each aloud to each other and to our baby girl (apparently she hears us). She is so so loved 🌸And I couldn't thank all the people that love and support us enough! We have so much to be thankful for. Seriously love you guys so much! #bestbabyshowereveerr

SUN CHASERS ☀️🌴 #duh

9 months and CHILLIN' 😎 @isabellaoliver

Where I wish I was right now ✨

In my 9th month of pregnancy already and remembering when @hulalipop and I used to stuff our shirts with that round nemo pillow and dance around pretending we were pregnant. It's weird having that pillow come to life and actually be my child in there.. can't wait to meet her. 🌺 #36weeks


TROPICAL VIBES with @shoppinkblush Comfiest maternity dresses ever!! #babybump #maternity #shoppinkblush #maternitydresses

Can't get enough of this 🌴

Spending most of my time in water. Just 6 weeks til my mini mermaid is here 📷: @lexlolo19 (you're amazing)

According to my app my baby is now pineapple sized 🍍haha #areyousure?

I'm learning to smile through those weirddddddddo days like today when u cough and pee your pants and then pretend like #33weeks prego ain't no big deal 🤷🏽‍♀️😑 wtf!? #umnobodytellsyouthesethings

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