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The best part is when you are learning from one another.

Pleasing other people
Trying to be somebody else
I get LOST
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Breaking my Instagram feed for the following rant. Still feeling pumped from today’s great session at Fittin It’ Fitness (and probably from the energy drink) so I’m just gonna ramble on.

I just watched John and Leon’s latest video on their @theleanmachinesofficial Youtube page and it perfectly sums up why I haven’t posted anything on here for almost three weeks. Particularly on the ‘Most Social Media is People’s Highlights Reel' segment. As I browsed through my SNS feeds these past few days, I felt like the upcoming posts that I had prepared weren’t good enough. The people that I follow weren’t inspiring me, instead they were intimidating me. And just two nights ago I saw something on Snapchat that made me feel like shit. But that’s okay because you are allowed to feel like shit!
In fact, I’ve been feeling like shit these past few days. Maybe its due to the fatigue from moving apartments, or being too overwhelmed thinking about bills, but definitely SNS played a big part. I went through my stress-depression routine where in the past five days I made poor food choices: pizza, spaghetti, rice, pork rinds, ice cream, cake. I broke over a month’s worth of healthy eating. On days when I didn’t have sessions, I used to do light cardio but I didn’t do any of that over the weekend. And naturally, I went through my go-to routine of listening to melancholy songs; this time around it was courtesy of @harrystyles' solo album.
There is nothing wrong with scrolling through your SNS feeds from time to time but what we need to keep in mind is that just because people you follow on SNS post something interesting, eat something scrumptious, do something intrepid doesn't necessarily mean you have to be doing it too. We all encounter different circumstances, are presented with different situations and go through different processes. You make use of what you have. You take something ordinary and make it extraordinary. (#Bosconian)
John puts it out accurately when he says “Understand that what you see, 99.99% of piece up on social media are highlights reel." (Tap link on bio to read full rant)

When traveling with your two best-friends:
One takes the photo while the other bombs 😎

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