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🚨Post-Wedding Sentiments: 3 of 3
To the happy couple. You are so blessed to have found each other. Gino, Anna is the girl that you have been waiting for and I’m so happy that she is now finally your wife. Anna, you have found #TheBestman to spend your life with.
I am no expert but I agree with what the priest said. For the rest of your lives the two of you need to ‘share’ everything. All the joys, the sorrows, the triumphs, the losses, the blessings, the disappointments, and everything else that comes your way.
Little Ginos and Little Annas soon please!!!!! 👶🏻👶🏻👶🏻👶🏻 #AnnaGotTanned

🚨Post-Wedding Sentiments: 2 of 3
To #TheBestman Gino: I meant every word I said during my speech. You know I don’t usually come to you for advice but what you said to me last July and everything else that followed really pushed me and allowed me to witness your special day. You actually were kinda micromanaging my life for the past five months. Lol
I appreciate every time that you message me to check on me (even right now you just messaged me to check if I’ve recovered from my LBM 😅). I appreciate the pep talks and the little gestures like addressing my wedding invite to “Uncle Ben” so I will have another thing to look forward to after the wedding 👶🏻 And I appreciate your genuine happiness and support regarding my future plans.
I am pleasantly surprised to feel your maturity and selflessness. You are really ready bro! I don’t know why I didn’t say this during my speech (maybe na ratol na ko lol) but I’ll say this now. I love you bro and that will never change. *last photo is an excerpt of my wedding toast*

🚨Post-Wedding Sentiments: 1 of 3
A day after the wedding was when things started to sink in. As I stood behind Gino while we watched his beautiful bride walk towards us, all I can think of was: how is it possible that one of us is finally getting married? From our endless conversations at school, to our penthouse shenanigans, to not being in good terms during our high school graduation, to our more recent heated debates concerning the wizarding world or DC vs Marvel stuff. It almost seemed like there was no way adulthood would ever hit us. But it did. And it did so in the most beautiful way.
I’ve said it before and I’ll say it over and over again. I love this brotherhood. There are many uncertain things in this world but I know that this is constant. No matter what condition I am in, I can always come home to both of you.
I am a jealous person but not when it’s about the both of you. I will continue to cheer for you all the way. I am very proud of you boys. Thank you for always being an FB-messenger away (kana if nag on og data si Gino! Lol)

ps. Bro Bri, we missed you this week. I wish I could have shared with you the honor of standing behind Gino throughout these past few days. But we know you were there in spirit. Even if #TheStruggleIsReal


The #bestman
(@luiginoks you’ll get the reference tomorrow during my speech)

Last pic: things got wild really fast! 😂😅😭😭😭

Sister #3 started it.
I miss this feeling.

Surround yourself with people who make you brave!

We both wanted to jump. Of course I was scared. But seeing how @kim.deok.ho didn’t show a hint of fear, I braved through standing behind him while waiting in line for our turn. I felt so brave I couldn’t wait to jump! Right before his turn he turned to me and said: “Kuya I’m scared.” 😱 I replied: “I’m only being brave because you’re being brave. If you’re gonna tell me now that you’re scared then I’ll be scared too.” So he turned around, climbed up the stairs, straight through the edge of the plank and jumped. I followed immediately after.
Unfortunately no one captured that moment. So we jumped again 😁 this time making sure someone was filming. And we dragged @msprissy04 along with us!

BGM: Rollercoaster by Bleachers

Today my sister Janet and, hours later, my bestfriend Gino responded to one of my Instagram stories asking why I don’t post on my regular feed anymore.
I made up reasons: feed aesthetics, lack of material, too lazy to shoot, not wanting to post family photos on my public feed, pressure to be on par with every other grammer out there.
But the real reason is because I’ve always wanted my feed to have a positive vibe; to be inspirational and motivational. I used to be the go-to person when friends needed advice and my feed was supposed to be my platform for a bigger audience. However, for the last two years I have not been in the best place. And I felt like a hypocrite encouraging my followers when I myself can’t even walk the talk.
I was in and out of the dark. Half of the time i felt like I was at the top of the world, the other half I was miserable as f*ck. Half of the time I was out being sociable, the other half I wanted to shut everyone away. Half of the time I was in love with the world, the other half I cursed with every step. Half of the time I was a dreamer, the other half a realist. Half of the time I was a believer, the other half a skeptic. Half of the time I was a DC fan, the other half it was Marvel. Wait, that’s probably for a different post.
You get my point. I wasn’t using my power the way i wanted it and instead I was releasing the negativity affecting me. And it was not good.
So why post today? Not because I was told to. But because half of the time I wanted to close my eyes and never open them again and the other half I woke up early looking forward to the day ahead. I may not want to wake up early everyday, I may not always wake up looking forward to the day ahead. But the important thing is that I still wake up everyday because I choose to. Because i know that there will be bad times but there will also be good times. That with every darkness comes light. I just have to take it day by day.
Last week I had a high moment. I was with family. Surrounded with love. It was short but meaningful. I look forward to the day when we will all see each other again.
For that and for them, I wake up.

The best part is when you are learning from one another.

Pleasing other people
Trying to be somebody else
I get LOST
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