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I miss having jet black hair...slick

New addition to the family! 🐶❤️

Trying to decide which nostril I should get pierced. It feels natural having it on my left side, but I feel like I show the right side of my face more...Idk man lmao

Y'all please please PLEASE BE SAFE OUT THERE. This almost happened to me last summer when this was all going down in NYC and I didn't know what was going on till I saw social media going crazy about it. If you ever get a random call from a number in some random state DO NOT ANSWER IT. I made that mistake, but I was totally unaware at the time. Some random LADY called me saying I had gotten the job and I needed to "come in" for an interview. Luckily I was shopping at the time and it was loud so I couldn't really understand everything she was saying and every time I asked her to repeat herself she's just keep telling me to come in. She also knew my name. Please girls please stay safe. Please try to stay off the streets late at night or when it's dark. If you can walk in groups and always keep your location on and tell and keep people posted about your whereabouts. This is so tragic and the higher media isn't talking about this shit at all. Please spread this around!!! #findourgirls

every time I'm out with new ppl, I realize how much more I need to get out. I feel like I'm always missing out on something.

Hey guys! My little sister is trying to go to Alonzo King Lines summer intensive this summer and needs to raise some cash! Any amount is highly appreciated, please help her out! ❤❤❤❤ THE LINK IS IN MY BIO!

He fine as hell lort 🍫✨


I'm taking a BOAT LOAD of pics at the fair omg

These boots were life boi 😛

My basic salt & pepper swimmy suit

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