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I didn't wear any makeup and I left my hair natural when shooting the lookbook for @champagneswim in Mexico this spring. I was worried I would hate all the photos and want to do it all over again. We are our own harshest critics. I got the nicest comments on my last photo and it reminded me that we are all insecure about some things that most people would never notice. I'm trying to smile more.

Tides by @allystoneart . 2ft x 2ft. Resin (hardened gloss) & ink & Acrylic on canvas made with a heated air gun and some creativity. So anyone who follows me, if you don't know, I design bikinis but I'm also an Art major and I LOVE creating. (I make anything from hyperrealism and portraits to abstract paintings like this for commissioned pieces or prints)
Yeah, I'm sick of being told I must be dumb if I major in art, and I'm sick of being told I won't make money so I can't live because artists struggle. I'm really sick of it because I love art. And I KNOW I'm not the only artist who feels this way. Sadly, the people I love most are the ones who have shown the least hope in me. But if any artist believed in the people who doubted them, there would be no artists at all. I love beachwear fashion design and I love drawing and painting. So it is what it is and I am who I am. And I think if you truly love what you do then none of those statistics matter at all.

Didn't post this one before cause I didn't like how one eye looked smaller than the other or how my hair or my hand looked. I could pick a million other things out.
But I like how my makeup and my teeth look and I like my freckles. I can say it a million times but sometimes I have to remember to stop picking myself apart too.

I think I want to make my hair a little blonder (def not all blonde). Or keep it like this idk ??

2014 ➡️ 2017 (and like 30lbs up I'd guess) Tag someone who needs to read this
Having abs or being lean doesn't always mean being healthy. Gaining weight isn't always a bad thing. I needed to gain weight to help re regulate my hormones and mental health. My body was more unhealthy on the left despite that I may have looked more "fit."
One thing I wanted to talk about is BMI. Your BMI isn't an accurate way of deciding whether you're overweight or not. According to my BMI, at my height (5'3") in BOTH photos I was considered overweight for my height. Clearly that isn't true. Even at my lowest weight and at 7-8% body fat for my show, where I lost my period and was at the peak of my ed behaviors, according to BMI I was STILL overweight even then. BMI only takes into account your height and weight - not body type or lean mass. So remember not to pay attention to that if BMI comes up.
Things to pay attention to whether you want to gain or lose weight: your sleeping patterns, your energy levels, how clothes fit, your mood, and basically everything else besides how much you weigh. #transformationtuesday

Wish I still had this tan I need a vacation from life for a sec (stretch marks and all)

There's paint on 99% of the clothes I own

Merlot top and bottoms @champagneswim

Not for the faint of heart

The second way to tie the Merlot @champagneswim top! It's basically two styles in one 🥂 #cswim

Cheers friends

Celebrating #cswim and positive life changes with my best gf 🌹#yesshebroughtmeroses #imemotionalaboutit

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