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Showing up this morning was a little extra special. @_angeliav killing it again with my new personalized water bottle. 🤭😳🤩 #blessed

The only thing I’m certain of in life. ❤️

Make yourself your best friend. End of story. 👊🏼


Lennon Jo, you’re perfect. 👶🏻🌸 Thank you for letting me capture your beautiful little family @northern_urbanity 💓 #avwgphotography

Feels like we never left ✨ #stoutreunion

Highly recommend this space to anyone looking for a great spot to work away from home or the office! They have so many wonderful spaces...not to mention complimentary avocado toast and kombucha with your membership 🥑🙌🏼✨
”The Coven is a catalyst for personal and professional transformation. We hold space for the magic women and non-binary folks create when they come together as their whole-selves. Within our walls, we see dreams realized, businesses launched, and empires built for folks from all ages, ethnicities, religions, and walks of life. We revel in the joy of creating a world where all experiences are validated and people are fully seen and appreciated. We believe love will win and strive to Do The Most Good for our community and the world.” #workspaces #femaleempowerment #minneapolis #goodvibesgreatpeeps

Thank you @umnsyz for having us tonight!! We love what you stand for and all the 𝐆𝐎𝐎𝐃 you do. 🌱✨ #slpnutrition #uofm #healthierandhappier #goodvibesgreatpeeps

Happy birthday to the man of my dreams 💭😴🧔🏻💓

I truly believe everything in life happens for a reason. Some events don’t make sense until you are much further down the road. I met this woman a year ago at the nursing home I was working at. She came in a couple days a week as a float social worker. We quickly connected and began going to lunch together. I was nervous for her reaction but I quickly suggested getting a shake at @10thmain. We spent the majority of our time complaining about our jobs and fantasizing of an alternative future. At that time we had no clue what that would be.

She always supported my passion for Herbalife and spent most of her lunch breaks drinking shakes with me. This is where the journey began!

A few months after she ended up leaving her position at the nursing home and we would meet up regularly for shakes at the nutrition club. It was always our place to catch up no matter what was going on in life. .

This girl decided to give the business opportunity a chance 41 days ago. In this time she has crushed it and just recently went down to part time at her corporate job. She is unreal. She is small but mighty. She is determined. She is changing so many lives and doing BIG things. I am so proud of your achievements! This spitfire will be walking across the stage at Leadership Development this weekend as a FULLY QUALIFIED SUPERVISOR!!!!✨💪🏼 I am so lucky to have you on my team and in my life. Cheers to traveling, laughing, crying, too many liftoffs, late night game plans and dreaming big. xxx
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No better time for a Vegas getaway with the Rockstar than on National Siblings Day 🖤✨

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