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Allysa Swilley  Zoologist | Zoo Keeper | Exotic Animal Mom 🍼

"Watcha doing, Allysa?" Couldn't resist the photo op. #babygiraffe #zookeeper #aprilthegiraffe

You voice can be heard. Pick something, anything. It doesn't have to be giraffes or even an animal. Pick something you love and educate yourself, then educate others. We are the Lorax’s. We have to speak for the trees. We HAVE to speak for our planet. Whether you’re sitting at dinner with your friends or standing in front of the world’s most famous giraffe, your voice means something. #happyearthday

What a ride. Thank you to all who have watched and supported us. Now it's crunch time. In a blink of an eye we'll be open for the season.

Never in a million years did I think "Allysa's Choice" would be a thing. Since I've now been proven wrong, I am on a mission for the perfect name for my little peanut. (His name won't be Peanut) #zookeeper #babygiraffe

Nature holds the key to our aesthetic, intellectual, cognitive and even spiritual satisfaction. -E.O. Wilson.

Just what the doctor ordered. #waterfalls

Happy National Siblings Day! We fight and constantly pick on one another but we are each other's biggest supporters, biggest fans, and go to people. I would be nothing without you guys. ❤️ #siblings Collage cred 100% goes to you, Zack.

Think they're happy I'm feeling better? I know I am. It's nice to be back in my groove. Thank you all for all of the well wishes. #animaladventure #aprilthegiraffe #zookeeper #healthy #oliverthegiraffe #giraffewatch2017

We're gonna #throwbackthursday today. I love April but this handsome hunk of leopard is my first love. Working with Asia showed me what it was to love a wild animal unconditionally, what it was to build a relationship with such an animal. This place, this sanctuary, was the first and biggest step in my career. I will always consider it, the people, and the animals to be another home. #leopard #sanctuary #firstlove

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