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Allysa Swilley  Zoologist | Zoo Keeper | Exotic Animal Mom

The most rewarding relationships are the ones built with rescued animals. Especially the ones you never thought would grow to love you. #dory #macaw #blueandgoldmacaw #macawsofinstagram

This is the BEST thing! #icecreamtreatsonly #uhlissuh

My stunt double is here!!

I resented this kid for so long for being the youngest and getting whatever he wanted always. Now, he has become one of my rocks and one of my best friends. In an instant this kid (or should I call you a man now?) would be there if I needed him. I am nothing but proud of the extraordinary person he has become and the amazing work and passion he has shown in his short 20 years. Happy birthday kiddo and Congratulations on beating teen pregnancy @swillbilly04! Love you to bits Short Shit.

Today my best friend, the person that pushes me to be better, my lobster, asked me to be in her wedding (officially). I can not wait for the day I watch you walk down that aisle and say "I do" to the man that has made you the happiest I've ever seen you. I love you forever Lobster and I couldn't be any happier for you❤️ #theresnolobsteremoji #bestfriend #bridesmaid #lobstersforever #cooperscutthecake @tinaaelise

This will never not be home to me.

Sometimes...I try

For the second time in my life, I put on a harness, got in a plane, strapped myself to another person, and jumped out. I needed to remind myself of what it was to really LIVE. I needed to push a reset button and I sure as hell did. Big thanks to Endless Mountains Sky Divers for helping to reset my life. That huge, genuine smile shows just how great I feel. #neededthat #skydive #bebackinamonth

If you're in town tomorrow, GO TO FROSTY JOES FOR THIS EVENT!

There are no words good enough for this photo. Thank you Deborah Smith for catching this moment.

Three months ago this little monster came into the world. I'm so lucky to be able to work with him and today I was reminded of just how lucky I am. Things don't always work out in the animal world. Sometimes we do everything we can for an animal and it's simply not enough. My heart goes out to the @marylandzoo, vet staff, and their giraffe keepers. I'm sure losing Julius was nothing short of devastating. There are no words anyone can say that will ever make this easier for them. I'm so lucky and proud to work with giraffes. Will always be #teamgiraffe. #TeamJulius

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