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This week in The Sunday Edit you'll find on⠀

- Why I missed The Sunday Edit last week 🙈⠀
- Comfy, leg-elongating flats ⠀
- A realllllllllllly delicious chocolate bar ⠀
- The perfect dress for a comfy and put together look (thanks for the recommendation @cricketlanestudio_!)⠀
- Where I spent the last few days ⠀
- A note on traveling with my family of 3 other girls⠀
- A thing I'm normally really axnious about that somehow isn't overwhelming me at the current moment 🤷🏼‍♀️⠀

Enjoy and be sure to tell me something about your week in the comments of the blog post! 💎

What’s your favorite thing to wear in the summertime? ☀️⠀

Sometimes a little comfort is all you need, right? Take advantage of it this season. Get yourself some comfy clothes, tell yourself how good you look in the mirror, and head out into the world with the confidence a Gem like yourself deserves to have.⠀

I’m currently obsessed with these comfy wide leg pants that you’ll find right now on The Gem! Head over to for similar options that will fit any budget size 😉.

I got to spend the whole day today with my BFF4L, @a_swatt. ⠀

With no plan (which is not an easy way for me to roll 🙈), I'm pretty sure we ended up at every town in New Jersey and it was so worth it - lunch in Princeton, wine tasting in Lambertville, dinner in Flemington, and finishing off the night in Manville. It was so lovely having a day together to do whatever we wanted. 👯‍♀️⠀

Tag your BFF below and tell me about the last adventue you went on together!

My sister called this my "teaching preschool on the prairie" outfit. Teenagers are so lovely, aren't they? I don't care. This skirt makes me feel feminine while still being easy and comfy for summer. ⠀

It's literally only $11.49 right now and is still available in most sizes at the moment at @target! Shop this gem at the link in my bio on the “shop my instagram looks” tab.

Listen up (please!). My friend @sarahmhartley of @hollandlanemag could use our support. H&L is an essential voice in the publishing industry because it gives a home to the most powerful stories of all.⠀

The pieces in Holl & Lane are unfiltered, raw, and address real life stuff. Each issue helps women out there known they're not alone in whatever they're going through.⠀

The team behind H&L is focused on promoting honest media through their stories on mental health, body image, infertility, love, loss and so much more.⠀

Please consider making a donation to their campaign to help them help women!⠀

You can find more information about the campaign here:⠀

[📷: @kate.stutz]

Exploring #NewHopePA today and loving all the quaint little details. 🌸

Have you tried the berry rosé cocktail recipe that’s on yet?! Perfect treat for this lovely #winedownwednesday. Just click on the “Living” tab on the website and you’ll see it!

Let’s be real: mental energy is a precious commodity. Without it, what can we really accomplish? Soooo, if that’s the case, why do we spend SO. MUCH. TIME. wasting it?⠀

I’ll be honest, the four things I talk about in my new “Four Types of Thoughts That Are Depleting Your Mental Energy” post are things that even I still don’t realize I’m doing a lot of the time. Chances are, you may not realize you’re doing them either. But, I’m working on them, and so can you. Head over to to find out what they are and how you can start saving your mental energy for the things that need it!⠀

What do you feel is the most unnecessary thing you do that takes up your mental energy?

What’s one of the best parts about warm weather and sunshine? Driving with the windows down, of course!⠀

However, the experience isn’t exactly complete without the right music to compliment the feeling the fresh air gives you. Well, guess what, Gems? @shaunjnovak just published his “Windows Down” playlist on to help you make the most out of your summer driving experiences!⠀

What’s one song you would absolutely need to have on your ideal “Windows Down” playlist?

@shaunjnovak: You look so happy to be eating ice cream right now.⠀

Me: I am so happy to be eating ice cream right now.⠀


I don’t know about you Gems, but I won’t use every last drop of a product unless I absolutely love it. Do you relate to that, or am I just super picky? 😂⠀

Regardless, if you head over to my YouTube channel (and subscribe if you haven’t already! - use the link in my bio to get there 😉), you’ll see that I recently published my second “Empties” video! Not only do you get visual evidence that I did in fact use all of the products featured in the video, but you’ll also get to hear about some of my favorite products and why I love them so much. It would mean a lot to me if you’d watch it and let me know if you’d like to see more of this type of content! 😊⠀

Keeping on topic, what products are you loving right now that you’re sure you’re going to use every last drop of?

Okay, so, I know we can’t stop the aging process, and that we should be happy with and accept the way we are... but, can we all agree that under eye circles are pretty much the worst? 🙋🏼‍♀️⠀

Great! I’m so glad we’re all on the same page! 😜. For real, though, under eye circles are a cosmetic issue that a lot of people struggle with, so I wanted to try to help. Which is why I just posted a new tutorial video on YouTube (my second tutorial video ever!) called “How to Conceal Under Eye Circles and Stop Makeup From Creasing”. It would seriously mean the world to me if you took the time to check it out if this is something you struggle with. And, as always, please please please don’t hesitate to give me feedback! I’m still figuring out this whole video content thing, so any feedback is always incredibly appreciated. ❤️⠀

What is a beauty issue that you struggle with, Gems, and what sort of tutorial would you be interested in seeing me post next?

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