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Allyn Lewis  Lifestyle blogger & storyteller figuring out how to live again. Fan of ice cream, jewel tones & deep convos. 💎


This face is how I feel about: ⠀

a.) fall ⠀
b.) vegetables ⠀
c.) my little sister going off to college ⠀
d.) getting rejected in my business ⠀
e.) all of the above ⠀

Take a guess in the comments below and then you'll have to head to VLOG 2 to find out! 😂 >>⠀

Photo: @kate.stutz

Hey you.⠀

In case you're feeling a little lost, a little uncertain, or a little broken (or a lot), I want you to know that you matter. You deserve to take up space in the world. You are well on your way to greatness, even on the days when it seems like no one else around you cares. You're going to make it. I just know it. 💎

Sliding into another round of #FridayIntroductions just in time! ⠀

HIIIII 👋🏻, I'm Allyn. I blog about real life stuff and neat stories. Sometimes I even talk about things like failures and bad days (*gasp*) because if we don't talk about them, how are we supposed to know we're not alone? ⠀

Today, instead of giving you my go-to facts (like, I think you gems all know by now that I REALLY love ice cream), I'm going to give you a few facts about where I'm at right now! ⠀

- I'm realizing that I have been living with way too much stress for way too long. ⠀
- On my blog, I share little, imperfect stories of mine along with how I'm taking back my life to do more actual living (don't expect answers, I'm still figuring it out, but you can find comfort in knowing you're not alone while you navigate through your own chaos at!). ⠀
- I'm behind on everything - emails, laundry, adulting, etc. ⠀
- I think the new triple truffle blizzard at @DairyQueen is magical (no, they're not sponsoring this or paying me to say it 😂) ⠀
- New York Fashion Week is next month and I am SO excited! ⠀

Tell me something about where you're at right now below 👇🏻. ⠀

[photo: @abaroner, dress: @tidalcool]

Realness matters, Gems. It's science. ⠀

In psychology, there's this thing called "The Pratfall Effect" which shows that when a highly competent person (which you are) makes a mistake, they become more likable and attractive by making a mistake. Seriously. Look it up. ⠀

So this week, humanize yourself. You don't have to hide your mistakes. You don't have to be perfect. A little bit of realness goes a really long way when you're trying to get people to show up for you. ⠀

Double tap if you'd like to see more humanness in your social media feeds. ❤️❤️⠀

[📷: @abaroner // sitting at @carnegiecoffeecompany]

Rejection sucks. ⠀

It's paralyzingly. ⠀

It's got this ugly way of activating our inner over thinker and dampening both our confidence and self worth. ⠀

And I've been getting a lot of it lately. I think it just comes with the territory of being an entrepreneur. ⠀

At first, it REALLY sucked but this week, I'm welcoming rejection. In fact, I'm actually making it my goal to get rejected 20 TIMES this week! Find out why and how in the Instagram live that I just posted to my stories. ⠀

Let me know below how you handle rejection. And if you don't already have a strategy, I hope you try out my suggestion from the video! ❤️ ⠀

[📷: @abaroner]

Have you met my friend @rachel_tenny yet?! I am SO proud of this Gem. Not only has she been creating so many necessarily conversations around mental health for creatives lately, but today she launched her #racheltennylovenotes collection! ⠀

A pile of scrap paper from her artwork sparked the idea and since then she has sent out 500 cards of encouragement to remind women how powerful, strong, capable, and talented they are. ⠀

Now you can shop these love notes and the "Already Enough" Stamped Bangle (which is in collaboration with one of my other favorite gems, @borntobedesigns) on! 💎💎💎

My engine light came on yesterday (not the "check engine" light that just means you need an oil change but the one that is shape like an engine and means you're really screwed), soooo I'm trying not to drive unnecessary distances until I get that figured out. 🙄 ⠀

Which means I practiced yoga today at home instead of going to the studio. I'm normally not a fan of practicing at home, but I'll be honest, it felt good to just do whatever my body needed today. ⠀

What did you do today that was just for you? 💎 ⠀

[📷: @kate.stutz]

"Because I spent so many years thinking I just wasn’t “trying hard enough” to be happy, I have a stubbornness and drive that have served me especially well in business, though it might sometimes be a hinderance in my personal life!” - Robin Marie of @soasadesigns

Even our mental battles have the potential to strengthen us in some capacity. 💎 ⠀

Read more about Robin, get details on my outfit, and meet 3 more entrepreneurs who have built amazing brands despite dealing with depression here >>>⠀

❤️ Double tap if you'd like to see more quotes and stories like this ❤️⠀

[📷: @kate.stutz]

I'm proud of YOU for making it though this week. Proud of you for everything you accomplished (it was enough, promise). Proud of you for not giving up. Proud of you for kicking some major ass. Proud of you for showing up (even when you didn't want to). Proud of you for making it through the rocky moments. Make sure to do some living this weekend, Gem. 💎 ⠀

And, raise your hand if you want one of these coffee floats from this delightful photo by my girl @kate.stutz 🙋🏼.

I don't always know who I am.⠀

Sometimes the things I stand for get fuzzy. ⠀

What I want to do tends to waver (I'm the best at pivoting, guys). ⠀

But I know I want to do things that matter. ⠀

I know I want people to walk away stronger after they come in contact with me and my words (and my mighty little corner of the internet). ⠀

And I know I LOVE ice cream. ⠀


[📷: @abaroner]

Your dreams are sourced from your own potential. So, if you weren't capable of doing this, your intuition would've never let you start it. Just keep going. ⠀

Somewhere inside of you there's this little, quite voice that believes in you because you're still here, showing up for your big ideas. Listen more to that whisper than you do to the screaming doubts going on inside your head. ⠀

Tag three people below whose words always make you feel like you can do this to give them a little "thank you"! 💎

Good morning, Gems! What's on your to-do list today? I'm...⠀

💎 Wrapping up writing one of my vacation blog posts that features the story behind these bright and bold @iskayshoes and @kutulakiss bracelets ⠀
💎 Pitching brands to collaborate with during #NewYorkFashionWeek (can you believe it's almost here already?!) ⠀
💎 Dedicating an hour to hopefully making a small dent in the madness of my inbox 😂⠀

Tell me what's on your plate today!👇🏻

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