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Ally Maki  Wrecked // Marvel’s Cloak and Dagger⁣ Currently snacking. ⁣ ✌🏼@asianamericangirlclub ⁣⁣⁣ ✉️

Had some fun with @bfa in front of very cool milk moustache ppl. 👍🏼 🥛 @sethrogen is selling the shiz out of some treats. @kith @kithtreats #gotmilk

You had me at snow cones. 🍧✨ So much fun at @kith @kithtreats last night celebrating their #gotmilk campaign thank u always @rembrandt! Also love my new gear from @japangeles @gfbnec so much that I never took it off.

🌼✨ sitting down is my favorite hobby by far. U guys feel me on this I know you do

RIP to the genius of geniuses. The man Stan Lee. I never got to meet you but always dreamed about the day.... it’s been one of the greatest honors of my life being a part of the everlasting and iconic universe you created. You will never be forgotten for your stories and characters that made every kid around the world feel like a superhero. ✨🙏 #stanlee #excelsior #marvel

One of the two of us did not want to be in this picture. ✨🤔 @jbearthedog

Miss u poppa. #NeverForget #veteransday 🙏✨ #442nd

Let’s help in anyway we can. This is just heartbreaking. #Repost @deborahbakerjr
Help in anyway you can help California is on fire. And these brave humans are trying to save it.
#Repost @lafdfoundation with @get_repost
EMERGENCY UPDATE: The @lafdfoundation needs your help. We’re requesting donations at to provide hydration backpacks for @losangelesfiredepartment firefighters who are working tirelessly to contain the fires across #SouthernCalifornia. Any amount of money you can spare makes a difference. 📷: Tony Handy / LAFD

The buddy comedy you didn’t know you needed? ✨👯‍♀️ love this babe so much @chrissiefit #film2future

#nationalstemday This goes out to the two baddest and raddest science gals in the game. Tandy and Mina. #STEM 💖✨🤘🏽🐝

So honored to present some awards to the incredible students at @film2future last night. I could not be more in awe of @rml645 on what she has built- providing REAL opportunities in the entertainment industry for at risk and diverse kids. Building that pipeline. It was an incredible night and we all cried so many tears. Congrats to all the grads and all the students who are rockin those awesome internships I’m rooting for you!!!! ✨ #film2future

One of my mentors and a true friend @anthonymeindl. Only Tony could get me emotional on a podcast but it’s truly because I trust him beyond. Talking all things life and career but most importantly - enjoying the journey on the way to your goal. Working through this was one of the tougher and most confusing points of my adult life. TRUST me. The journey itself is the best part. Love you T. Link in bio. ✨🌈✨

We voted did you? @jbearthedog is stoked (as per photo 3). WE WANNA SEE YOUR VOTING SELFIES. Gonna repost them on @asianamericangirlclub so tag us!! ✨✌🏼✨🌈 #iamavoter #AAGC