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Ally Maki  🦋 Currently snacking. Wrecked on TBS. Mina on Marvel’s Cloak and Dagger. ✉️:

#tbt to when I was 15 on ER. My mom said you GOTTA get a pic with @mingna_wen. We had no scenes together so it seemed hopeless. On my last day just as I was about to leave set there was Ming, who just so happened to be passing by in between stages like a gorgeous fairy unicorn. I literally stumbled over myself to get to her. The whole thing lasted about 10 seconds. I waited a week to get the picture developed. I’LL NEVER FORGET THIS MOMENT. She was the nicest ever and still is. Iconic 🦄🦄🦄🍦🍦

travel. slug. 🍦🐌

The story of how Allen Mackland was created. ✌🏼😸 #tightfit @wreckedtbs @tbsnetwork

Color guard really paid off. 👊🏽🎏🍦🍦🍭🍦 @wreckedtbs @tbsnetwork #wrecked

This video was taken a few rehearsals before we shot tonight’s fight on @wreckedtbs . I was supposed to take down 6 professional stuntwomen/men @itskaransoni and Will M. AKA Surf in a tiny cave with one giant stick (which later became two sticks) all choreographed in time to the incredible vocal stylings of Whitney Houston. You guys. I can barely even walk in heels on solid ground or tie my shoes while standing up let alone do this. Growing up I was the kid who hid in the back of the line at swim lessons so she didn’t have to jump off the diving board (pic 4 is me terrified in a pool). Who gave HERSELF a black eye on the first day of softball (gravity is real people). Who was always one beat ahead of everyone else during the tap team routine (literally beat to the rhythm of my own drum). So on day one when I asked our wonderful, incredible stunt coordinators @andystehlin and Auggie who the last person they worked with was and they said JLAW. ON X-MEN I went full on internal and pretty much freaked the full on freak out channeling young scared of sports padawan. We practiced everyday. In my room, walking all over the resort, on my patio, with the team. I carried the stick everywhere I went in Fiji just twirling it. People stared at me like I was crazy. For weeks. And over time something crazy happened. One day I just felt like I could do it. Practice coupled with the patience and passion of a wonderful teacher in Andy, our director @aletheajones, the Shipley’s, my girl and double @carly_rees_ and the entire stunt team, I was able to shed that former physically awkward scared to go for it girl and become the (still) physically awkward yet empowered to kick butt girl. I found a confidence I didn’t know I had and it has changed me forever. 👊🏽👊🏽 if u have any doubts in whether you can do something I’m telling you YOU CAN. It may not be perfect but just doing it will open up sides of yourself you may have never known existed. also to our amazing writer @celesterstallone I luh u girl.

Tomorrow night. A lot of bruised toes and weird glances from honeymooners after three months of dropping and twirling this stick around a Fijian resort. ✌🏼 #wrecked

Forced him to take this mega tourist picture with me. He was not happy about it as shown in picture 2.✌🏼🐊🐊 @jbearthedog #splootmasterflex

B A E 4 L Y F E

Noches con Platanito was WILD. I’m basically a hot potato master. 🥔🔥 @nochesconplatanito @mollygreenwald @scottkinghair @justinegoodiel @travisatreo

We get out of the cage tonight and the hunt begins. We still however find no way out of our scuba suits. Are you gonna wanna tune in? Uh....YEAH. @wreckedtbs #wrecked