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πŸ“·; @tooshyphotographs with cosmetic adjustments and edits added by myself

My father warned me when I first started talking to people online never to tell them where I lived or ever meet up with them bc they might be secretly 50 year old men - six years later I finally have connected with the kids who got me into online gaming and brought me out of my shell πŸ’• (I'm glad they're not 50 year old men) tags +James +Billy


sirène 🌊

Little known fact about me! My first ever anime was Tokyo Mew Mew - and it's held a wonderful place in my heart ever since. It was the first anime that I ever challenged myself to watch in Japanese, and it introduced me to the cosplay and anime culture that I am a part of today :) I have fond memories of watching this show with my grandmother and dad - making YouTube videos that I shared with my sister (she also loved this show!!) and just overall wanting to be a Mew Mew! I have a tattoo of Strawberry Bell (StrawBell Bell) on my right arm becashe of what this series has brought me to (needs to be touched up SO FUCKINF BADLY THO WTF)
My collection has grown over the years and I'm finally proud enough of it to share it with ya'll!!! 1-7 Tokyo Pop Manga (English)
1-4 Omnibus Manga (English)
1-7 Original Manga (Japanese)
Zacross Whip (Zakuro Weapon)
PuRing Rings (Pudding Ring)
1-2 Mew Mew Power Australian DVDS
Minto, Retasu, Ichigo, Zakuro Maid Costume Dolls
Mew Zakuro and Mew Pudding dolls
Nakayosi A Note Book
Nakayosi Activity Book x2 (I'm an idiot and ordered two)
Offical Pudding and Lettuce mini figures
Unofficial Team Mini figures (Pudding is missing from picture idk where she went aye)
Nakayosi playing cards x2 (dad got one for birthday as he is a magician πŸŽ‰) Mew Mew Amiche Vincenti Sticker Book
Sifvi (?) team mini maid figures
Tokyo Mew Mew ps1 game
PS1 game art book
Korean Toy Camera Phone
and that's my collection!! I can't wait to get more stuff to add as I am 100% not done!! #tokyomewmew #mewmewpower #tokyomewmewichigo #mewichigo #mewmint #mewlettuce #mewpudding #mewzakuro #tmm #mmp #mewZoey #mewcorina #mewbridget #mewkiki #mewrenee #amichevincenti #hikayagami #anime #animecollection #mangacollection #animefigure #magicalgirl #magicalgirls #animegirls #animefigures #figurecollector #figurecollection #animetattoo #tattoo

I've been hiding something from ya'll.. even my best friend @elfvie_ until today had no idea I've been working non stop on this for days πŸ˜­πŸ˜­πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ WIP prototype of Zoe's wig from League of Legends!!! This wig is only like 50% done at this point but I have never even styled a wigs bangs before let alone the whole flipping thing πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ So I just wanted to share with you guys ! I'm super proud of myself and I can't wait to show everyone how she turns out !!!!

A lot have things have changed over the last six years, but my attitude towards Spooky Day hasn't !!! I have and always will love halloween (just have no idea what happened in 2013 lmao) and here's a little compilation of the spooky things I've done for the last six years. (2011 and 2010 were just to embarrassing to share honestly.....)

i don't have a quote for this one... all I can say is doritos are life and you can't tell me otherwise. #doritossponsorme
πŸ“·: MLPS Photography

"The best things in life come in small packages"
πŸ“·MLPS photography, with cosmetic edits and touch ups by myself bc what is self confidence looolll. 😊😊

#notsponsored but hmu Doritos if you wanna promote me idk πŸ˜‚πŸ’• I was inspired by @meekxthree 's D.va shoot where she brought the Doritos and mountain dew for her little gremlin, unfortunately I couldn't find Mountain Dew ANYWHERE on the way to the con 😭😭😭 πŸ“·: MLPS Photography

Not a cosplay post but just wanted to post a pic of myself and my other half πŸ’•@deaanm8

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