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Darren, I hope you celebrate your 40th birthday today looking just like this. Because nothing could be better. Happiest of birthdays to you! #BigDTurns40 @darrenwb

"I just want to be close to you..." #ginger #nopersonalspace #isshetryingtotellmesomething?

One step closer... goodness, it's hard to believe that we brought Phin home in this almost 17 months ago! I tried to make it a little "girly" with the pads -- thank you @jodybwilliams for passing them on!! 😊 #trevawren #nesting #anydaynow

Did some work on the kid's room this morning to make it more their own. We still had wedding pictures hanging in there, so I finally took the things we had been given and hung them all up. Loving how it's turning out!! 💕 #trevawren #phinehascove #phinandtreva #agneshilltreehouse

Am I the only one who has to go back to the passage in love on a regular basis to redirect my heart toward those around me?? Goodness, when the days start off with me being irritable, I realize I'm going to need a lot of redirection of my heart and adjusting of my attitude to not make it a pattern for the day. Reminding myself of this truth today that it doesn't matter how much I proclaim love with my lips, I must live it out in patience, kindness, not being irritable or resentful, and bearing with those around me in my heart and responses. So thankful for the unchanging Truth to correct my heart consistently! #truth #genuinelove #sanctification #heisfaithful

The other DIY project today (while I was on a spray painting bonanza) was a lamp for the kid's room. The lamp came from Goodwill and the shade came from Lowe's. Totally in love with it! #diy #home #spraypaintistheonlywayidiy

Finally decided to make our gallery wall a reality. I had tried to look for great deals on frames to start it, but even on sale it would have cost a fortune! So I decided to Goodwill shop for them and spray paint them all black. We like mismatched, so this worked great for our style. It may have taken 3 1/2 years, but we are finally putting @with_his_light_photography's amazing photos on our walls! #diy #gallerywall #familyphotos #spraypaintforthewin

38 weeks means: getting totally pampered yesterday by getting my hair done by @bekjef and nails done by my sweet friend Dana! A hike to get this baby ready to come out, and tonight the next month of meal planning for after #trevawren arrives so I don't have to think about planning meals a big grocery trips for a month after we get home. Soaking up these last 2-3 weeks of pregnancy. #thankful #pregnancy #38weeks #nesting

First park day of the season! Once he got settled in this boy played and played! He had his fair share of bumps in the hour we were there, but slides are by far his favorite! What is it about kids that makes them want to go back UP the slide? It's like a part of sin nature within them. Playground rules were a bit hard to grasp, but we'll get there! I foresee many afternoons at the park this spring and summer, and I am SO okay with that!! #phinehascove #park #feelslikespring

We are terrible about remembering to take pictures together about 85% of the time, so it's hard to find one of us together. But I'm so thankful that it's because we have learned to enjoy the time together and not feel the need to document every moment of it.
Happy Valentines Day to this stud. Thank you for loving me so genuinely 365 days out of the year and not making me feel as though this day has to fulfill all of my longings as a woman. You do that every day -- loving me selflessly, leading our home, showing gratitude for our home and family, and faithfully coming home everyday with an excitement to be home and with us. I'm so glad I get you to be the one I call my Valentine. ❤ @ianduncanbooks

Cloth diapers and 37 week Treva bump. Happy Monday from #agneshilltreehouse
#stayathomemom #home #thankful #clothdiapering #pregnancy #37weeks #trevawren

Starting in on our second week of our monthly meal planning trial. So far it's been amazing. It was a ton of work up front to plan meals and do a huge grocery trip for 80% of the monthly groceries, but this past week was SO much smoother! It was easier to say "no" the the desire to just go out to eat some nights because I already had all of the food in the house to make a meal. I can also keep Ian involved and ask him which week of meals he would prefer this coming week, so he gets to look forward to them.
I know this type of planning wouldn't be for everyone, but if you're a meal planner and look for ways to save money while still enjoying the meals your family loves, this could be totally worth it to you! #monthofmeals #mealplanning #stayathomemom #home #thankful