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I’m not crying. You’re crying 😭🙈 Today was quite the day. Brett & I watched the oldest of the 6 kids graduate from High School & then rushed to watch the youngest graduate from preschool. I shed tears at both. At Katie’s I cried because of the amazing woman she is & the honor I feel to be a part of her future. At Fin’s I cried because she is my baby. I never thought she would be my last but here we are. Getting ready for the next chapter. Today was a proud mom & step mom day. I loved being surrounded by the people I love most. I’m especially so grateful for these 2 special girls today. (Fin thought she was SO cool to be “graduating” with her big sister! 💕)

Before, right after first session & HEALED after first session! I loooooove how these turned out. THIS is what I mean when I tell clients that color will soften & fade! The video is after her touch up we went slightly darker & defined the arch a little more! This pretty chick is summa ready! 🔥☀️😍#allureartistry #allureartistrycosmetics #archaddicts

Long post... hang in there with me... There’s something extra that is included in my job that I treasure. I love what i do & helping women feel more confident, but I also love to spend the time with so many different women & hear their stories & learn more about WHO they are. With this comes a lot of laughs, sharing similar stories or experiences, but it also brings a lot of emotions. I can’t COUNT the amount of times that I have cried in my chair working on someone. Face mask, gloves, blade in hand & all. EVERY SINGLE DAY I hear stories of abuse of every kind, deception, trials of infertility, heartbreaks of children, loss of loved ones, struggles with self esteem & self worth, challenges with addiction, feelings of loneliness & depression, broken relationships & families & the list goes on. I just want you to know I HEAR YOU. I often come home from working completely drained mentally physically & emotionally. I think of the women I meet & their stories more often than I can even share. I guess this post is mostly about letting you all know that your strength is admirable. Your determination is heroic. Your beauty is so much more than outward appearance. The way you all continue to get up every day & fight for your children, your loved ones, your relationships, your goals & your future is truly remarkable. PLEASE don’t forget to fight for yourselves too. Don’t forget your worth. Don’t forget all that YOU bring to the table. Don’t let ANYONE (including yourself) make you feel LESS than. If you are needing an extra boost right now or the extra willpower to keep going or stand up for yourself, I hope this is it. I hope you can feel that behind this post is a woman who is carefully choosing her words because I am a woman who has also found myself many times in the DEPTHS. I’ve been there. My heart has been broken & my life has felt shattered & over many times. I have been on a road of self discovery & self love for quite some time now. I’ve learned SO much about who I am & what I have to offer, & when I forget I am so grateful to have someone who loves me enough to remind me. So if you don’t have that let me be the one to remind you. REMEMBER & CHANGE YOUR GAME!

Working backwards from finished product, pre-draw, to naked brow!! Just in case you missed these from yesterday on our story... these will give ya something sweet to dream about! 🌙✨ Tristan you are GORGEOUS!! #allureartistry #allureartistrycosmetics #archaddicts For appointments please email!!

When this client came in she said “I just want to warn you. My brows will probably be the hardest ones you will ever do” No way!! We got you pretty girl!! So fun to see these side by side!! 😍 For appointments or training info please email! #allureartistry #allureartistrycosmetics #archaddicts

Covering an older powder filled brow with microblading for this yearly touch up! Full day of appointments! Follow along on our stories!! #allureartistry #allureartistrycosmetics

I thought about posting a picture of all of us dressed up in our Sunday Best & smiling at the camera, but this seemed more fitting today. #reallife Mother’s Day this year means something entirely different than it has meant in the past. I am the mother to my 2 sweet girls that made me a mom, but this year I also added 4 more kids in to my life & heart. Although I am not their mom, I feel so lucky to be a “bonus parent” in their lives. This morning (under the direction of B) they all made me breakfast in bed, wrote me cards & heart shaped notes, & made me feel so special. At church the little ones sang a song that brought me to tears & Katie was asked to speak in church on mother’s & said some things that touched me so much it’s hard to put in to words. The past 6 months have been such a learning experience & growing experience for me as a woman & mom. I still have so much to learn. We never stop learning as moms do we? It’s a constant striving to be better & to be what they need. I pray for that every day. That I can somehow be what they all need me to be. Today was a good day. I told Brett “I feel feel but I keep thinking of the line from the book & that my heart grew 3 sizes today.” Happy Mother’s Day to all of the women that follow along here. Whether you have children or not you don’t know the power of your influence.

It’s FINALLY FRIDAY!! This cute client is weekend ready with her new feathery microbladed Brows! We started conservative here & will add more in the second session if the client chooses or we feel it is necessary! For appointment or training info please email! #allureartistry #allureartistrycosmetics #archaddicts

This made my day!! Love getting texts like this! Protect those brows from the sun ladies!!!! ☀️

Did this yearly touch up yesterday!! I truly LOVE looking back @ where I started with a client’s brows! Swipe to see her original before!! What an awesome different for her beautiful face & eyes!! #allureartistry #allureartistrycosmetics

Your heart gave me new kind of highs
Your heart got me feeling so fine
So what to do
Still falling for you
Still falling for you
It took us a while
With every breath a new day
But all YOUR flaws and scars are MINE
Still falling for you
Still falling for YOU” **6 months ago today I married the best man I know! Love you B! I can honestly say I’m still falling for you!
Video: @taylorlhansen
Hair: @yourhairbymel
Makeup: @cherisa.mua/lashes @kennasues.lashes
Dress: @pritchettbridal

If I’m being honest, today has been a TOUGH one. We all have them right? These brows cheer me up a little though I must admit! Previous work was from another artist. She wanted to go a little thicker, more density & add more of an arch. ✔️✔️✔️ To schedule an appointment please email! #allureartistry #allureartistrycosmetics

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