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‪1 week to go! #YoungRenegadesTour

#TBT to last month in Sydney. The Young Renegades Tour starts in the US in 8 days!

10 days until the #YoungRenegadesTour kicks off in the US! If you didn't get 'em yet, get your tickets at alltimelow.com before they're gone!

Less than 2 weeks until our US tour starts! What songs do you wanna hear?
Get tickets at alltimelow.com.

#TBT to playing Weightless at sold out Wembley Arena. Can't wait to get back out on tour in the US in a couple weeks! Comment below with your city if we'll see you there!

Afterglow was the last song we wrote for the record. We felt like our Last Young Renegade hadn't quite found their resolution, and Afterglow became an anthem to fill that void. We wanted to end with something that felt uplifting and celebratory, since much of the album explores some darker tones, it needed to be expressed that despite the darkness, there is also a way through it, and that once you find that light you're always much better off embracing it; so we hit the brakes on mastering the record and went back to write and record this track. I'm really glad we did. It's all about finding your way out of dark times stronger and more self-aware, more fully realized than ever before, stepping into the world ready to take it on again, rain or shine.
Thank you to everyone who picked up Last Young Renegade, we hope you enjoyed the track by track. If you haven't picked up the album yet, get it at the link in our bio. #lastyoungrenegade

Ground Control (feat. @teganandsara) is one of the most optimistic, hopeful songs I think I've ever written. The song came together because of an idea Phoebe Ryan had been working on with producer Mike Green. They had sort of hit a wall with it, and I had a chance to do some rearranging and more writing to see if we could make sense of it all. The end result, to me, is a song about finding yourself when you're completely adrift, completely lost, and that love can transcend all notions of time and distance. I think that love and compassion is a universal constant, and can be a life-line to hold onto when you're feeling empty and alone. Love and compassion pulls us back from the brink. Tegan and Sara jumped on board to record their parts, and the end result is a song that I think will be an extremely important one in the lifetime of All Time Low, a glimmer of hope in a dark sky.
Get Last Young Renegade at the link in our bio and check back tomorrow for the final post in the album track by track. #lastyoungrenegade

Next up in our album track by track is Dark Side of Your Room. A lot of time went into writing songs that would feel anthemic live. We knew the energy of this song would carry a good story, which became a reflection of heartbreak and lost causes. This song really leant itself to that notion, an anthem for the used and bruised, the other side of the coin that Drugs and Candy flipped. Every story here is a piece of my past, and this one is about being the butt of the joke in a time and a place I wasn't ready for. Sometimes we chase people down roads we know we shouldn't go down and wind up lost. For me, the lyric, "You made a fool of my heart," is the most prominent in this song. It's a reflection of genuine naivety, when a leap of faith becomes a hard fall. Get Last Young Renegade at the link in our bio and check back tomorrow for the next part of the track by track. #lastyoungrenegade

Next up in the Last Young Renegade track by track, Nightmares. I imagined a conversation with my childhood self, how revealing it might be, and what I might learn about my fears then vs. now. We outgrow many of our fears, but some never change, and I think that's a very interesting piece of the human psyche, how we don't always overcome, but learn to do a better job of filing away. For so many years I had been carrying around unwanted baggage. I'd been doing such a good job of pushing things off to one side, rather than dealing with them head on, that all these issues would pile up and become overbearing. This song is a culmination of those emotions coming to a head, and I think it really helped me to visualize some of the skeletons in my closet that I needed to let go for good. Melodically I wanted to be adventurous, go to unexpected places from verse to pre-chorus, and pre-chorus to chorus... This song is always teetering on the edge of it's next part, and I think that somewhat anxious, anticipatory movement goes hand in hand with the theme of the lyrics. Get the album at the link in our bio and keep an eye out for the next part of the track by track. #lastyoungrenegade

Life of the Party: an anthem for a million hazy, wasted, restless nights; melancholy undertones full of waking regret and clumsy self-indulgence. It speaks to the part of who we are that always wants to please, trying to live up to the expectations of the spotlight pointed back at us. We try so hard to become what we think the world wants that sometimes we lose touch with who we really are.
Get Last Young Renegade at the link in our bio and follow along for the rest of the track by track. #lastyoungrenegade

Part 5 of the Last Young Renegade track by track, Nice2KnoU. This one's for the dance halls, the dive bars and the 100 kids we used to play for at the Ottobar every other weekend. It's a tribute to our roots and the history of a band that comes up in small-town with a die-hard group of friends who all want something greater. It's an ode to the late nights, filling up the van with half a tank of gas so we could leave for the next show before someone got jumped in the wrong part of town-- Getting into Tampa at 3am and crashing on someone's floor, saying thanks with a 30 of Coors Light and never seeing that face again. This is a dedication to all the places we've been that made us who we are today, the sea of sweaty hands that raised us up in low-lit clubs across America on our first tours, and all the people we owe these stories to.
Stay tuned for the rest of the story, grab the album at the link in our bio, and follow along. #lastyoungrenegade

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