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TWD edits || 3.5K || 8/1/17  🌚2 cast members follow!🌝 🌚Noticed by 5 cast members!!🌝 🌚GOAL = 5K by WSC LONDON 2018 🌝 🌚Norman trash🌝

Follow my icon account! Taking requests πŸ’— @allstuffandthangs_icons

I don't feel like I post enough Caryl and since it's my fave ship ever then I think I need to post more... πŸ˜… // dt: @daydreamreedus @savioursamc @thew_lkingdead @kay.dixon_ // 🎢: Fix you, by Coldplay

Comment when doneπŸ‘‡πŸΌ (the topps digital card trader giveaway) - MUST BE FOLLOWING ME AND @daydreamreedus TO BE ENTERED

Going back to video edits for a while ☺️ - So kicking this theme off with my fave πŸ’— { @bigbaldhead } // dt: @savioursamc @kay.dixon_ @daydreamreedus @thew_lkingdead // 🎢= Below my feet by Mumford and sons (my fave band)

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Theme divider 1/3 - (using these as my theme dividers because why not?) πŸ˜‚

Another simple one, but they'll have to do until another 2 weeks which is when I finish my exams! // Thoughts on Jesus? πŸ’—

Sorry for this rubbish edit, I will upload some good ones soon but I've been so busy with exams and I have another 3 weeks of them! 😭 // Song lyrics: Hot gates by Mumford and sons 🎢 // dt: @thew_lkingdead - sorry I will do the other edit you wanted me to do soon πŸ˜­πŸ’•

I loved this episode (7.08) - also can I just say that Carl's/ Chandler's hair was fleeky af in season 7 πŸ˜πŸ’—

Maggie's speech in the season 7 finale got me sobbing sm😭 - I might do an edit with the whole speech, what do y'all think? πŸ’—

Tbh I didn't really ship bethyl- I liked the relationship they had but I think it was more of a big brother/sister relationship // dt: @twd.shipping πŸ’—

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