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🎒x 💿x4️⃣  Welcome To Get A Bag Records 🎒x 💿 x 4️⃣ Get A Bag Boyz For Bookings

Sick We Came @klutchsports @richpaul . Get A Bag Wealthy @kuddib @bald_jesus @goodwealthy 🎒x 💿

Real Street Niggas Worldwide @yellabeezy214 🎒x 💿 GABR @empire

“Mex World “ Produced By @_ejbeats Shot By @callmefill__ Out Now On @4shomagazine 🎒x 💿

@louieray__ x @allstarjr2724 “Big Shot “ Produced By @j__ally Shot By @callmefill__ Out Now On @4shomagazine 🎒x 💿

. I Do Not Have A Facebook Stop Falling For It Please . I Bet My Fake Facebook Ain’t Gone Post This 😂😂😂😂😂 ( Yes He Will Be On That Bitch Talking Bout I’m Just Playing On IG ) But Fr Y’all Been Dming Me A Lot We Go Through This Every Couple Months . 🤦🏾‍♂️ I Think Facebook Is The Freakiest Place On Earth And I Wont Be There Not Me 🎒x 💿

BM : Dont Be Dressing Our Daughter Like No Lil Boy
Me & Liyah : 📷 @jdiproduction

“Revenge “ @coachmejoey ft @allstarjr2724 Produced By @reuelethan Shot By @dontellantonio Out Now On @4shomagazine 🎒x 💿 x 4️⃣ Starring @allstarlee

Iced Up Get A Bag Shit “Time A Tell “ @big_webbo @icewear_vezzo @eastallstar Shot By @itztrichfilms Produced By @david_wesson87 Out Now On @4shomagazine 🎒x 💿

“You Wanna Live Yo Best Life Boy Take You A Risk , Niggas A Stand For Anything Boy Take You A Sit” - @1_lilmexico 🎒x 💿 📷 @kortlandavant @renegadeview

“Keep Goin R” Out Now

No Baby Pics Today , Daddy Gotta Have A Life Too 🤗😂😊 . 📷 @kortlandavant 🎒x 💿

“G.A.B Big Tymer “ Produced By @michiganmeech Out Now On @4shomagazine Shot By @jdiproduction 🎒x 💿