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What gets harder to catch the faster you run? #ProfessorAvgi (Comment before you look it up)

Allony Here

I️t’s easy to write an essay; it is more demanding to write a poem. How do you create something that seems at the beginning impossibly difficult look very simple?

It’s going downnnnn tonight! @seaniemono & @tgodgiftedwill I’ll be ringside, see you in a few 🏆🥊 #Barclays #Boxing

“Don’t post anything that could affect you getting a job” -Uncultured Adults #HappyHalloween

Mood #FuckOff

We can now Scuba Dive together, Sky Dive together, Bike together, Climb together, Fight together... What should be next? Wingsuits & Flying Planes 🤔 #Brothers

Sugar Glider, Cat, Sloth (in case you couldn’t figure it out).

These two businesses lost me about $100,000 of my own money before I turned 20. I’ve devoted my life to one day becoming a wildly successful entrepreneur and within the next few years I’ll be there. I may have lost some money but at least I tried (unlike most of you critics). If you really want to get somewhere nothing should be able to stop you, including money. P.S. If you have something to say please say it, maybe only .001% of kids under 20 have been able to make $100k and how many of them were willing to risk it all to level up? #DontBeScaredToFail

10:42 a.m.

Training with the animals. My man @seaniemono has a big fight coming up November 4th. Everyone show him some love.

Goes to Career Fair. -Only kid without a button up or suit & tie. -Only kid without resumes in hand. -Probably only kid not actually looking for a job. -Probably only kid to kindly deny 14 job offers in under an hour.
#DropsMic #JustBeYourself #MainstreamAintUpstream

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