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Scotty and I celebrated our 14th wedding anniversary today. It hasn't always been easy--having kids has changed the dynamics of our relationship & we work hard at staying connected while constantly being pulled in different directions--but it's always been worth it. He's my best friend and I'm his best pal. I know 'cause I just asked him to confirm while I wrote out this caption.

Scotty got a bit emotional when he saw his beautiful Father's Day cake. (I asked him if I could share that with you.) It may have been utter exhaustion--the boys are teething and their molar eruption parties seem to regularly take place in the wee hours of the night--coupled with the sheer joy of getting to be a dad, a kick ass one I might add, after so many years of not knowing if that would even be a part of his reality. I'm proud of who he is and who he's becoming and grateful that I get to parent alongside this strong yet sensitive man every day. Happy Father's Day, Scotty! You're our favourite. Gorgeous cake by @sugaredandspiced.

Every night for the past week, once its cooled off, I open our bedroom window to let the sweet scent of the lilacs float in. It's one of my favourite summer rituals and also one of my favourite things about living in an older neighbourhood. Our entire community smells heavenly! Just wish these blooms would stick around a while longer. (a lovely reminder to enjoy life's most fleeting moments.)

I made fast friends with the coconut margarita @elcortezyeg. For the record: it goes down much too easily & took me back to when I was 18 & in Cancun with my best friend for our high school graduation. That, and the fact I'll be up at 6 a.m. with our dudes, was reason enough to stick to a two drink limit. #twinmamasnightout #isthereanelegantwaytosaycheapdrunk

First ride of the season! Sixty minutes of pure bliss pedaling through some of yeg's oldest neighborhoods while breathing in the sweet scent of spring blossoms at every turn. It felt refreshing to do something that reminded me of who I am underneath it all. #notjustamom #honestmotherhood

This long weekend was one of the best we've ever had. We visited three different playgrounds (we've realized that's what parents of early rising toddlers do in the wee hours of the morning), the zoo, Whyte Ave, Beaumaris lake & Kinsmen spray park. The boys are down to one nap a day so when they had their afternoon snooze, so did Scotty & I (yay for family naps!). We ended our three days of fun with a BBQ with Nono & Nona. Hope your long weekend was just as great! #exploreEdmonton

When you get excited after spotting a unfamiliar dress in your closet, quickly realize it's a never worn maternity dress and you wear it anyway. Because: 1) pretty dress, 2) you feel good in it & 3) wearing it makes you feel a bit like your old self. A show of 🙋🏼: who else has worn maternity clothes well after pregnancy? It can't be just me. Can it? 📷: my IG wife @theayesh.
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"I'm happy with a little house,
a low white fence before it;
Thankful for the little feet
That toddle to explore it;
Contented with a fireplace
Someone I love for kissing.
You can have your palaces,
I'll have what you are missing."
-Helen Virden
Hope your Mother's Day was exactly what you needed it to be! We started off the day with a long walk with our dudes and then made brunch for our mamas. We ate a lot. Laughed a lot. And kissed these two (teething!) bubbas a lot. It was simple and low key and perfect. I'm pretty certain this day will never lose its wonder. ❤️
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Sending love & comfort to those who need it today. I know, from years of struggling with infertility, how painful Mother's Day can be. Via @bymariandrew. ❤️

A few weeks ago, Scotty asked me what I wanted for Mother's Day. I answered, "to sleep in!" Because is there anything better than that? (Nope, there isn't!) So today I snoozed while he wrangled our dudes all morning. My eyes didn't flicker open until 11:08 a.m. It felt surreal! Afterwards my mama treated me to a pedicure at this hidden gem in St. Albert. My rough alligator feet are now gone & I can finally wear sandals without shame. To top off my day I wandered around HomeSense like a bad ass with my smooth feet, chai latte in hand and an extra bounce in my step. Feeling grateful beyond measure! I got to catch up on my sleep, spend time with my favourite lady & have some me time. Hope you're having a lovely Mother's Day weekend, too! You deserve it. #simplepleasures

the place that makes these scrumptious things is dangerously close to our home. 😳//😍

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