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Allison Stetz  Co Owner of Petagogy. Founder, Foster Mom, Pro Snuggler of Biggies Bullies. My pups: #biggiesteez & #dirtymikey 🐶 Newest mission: @hungryhippospantry


Made some Kong’s, drank some wine. Can’t wait to see some happy pups tomorrow 💜

Only about a week difference in age but about 25lbs different in weight 😂 #chupacabrapup #banjothemalamute #malamutesofinstagram #pitbull #adopt

@m_a_doublet412/ @streetsoncarson got that turkey all grinded up and ready for the pupppers! @hungryhippospantry Is stuffing over 60 Kong’s tonight at @cranberry_veterinary_hospital to hand out to the pups at @beaver_county_humane_society tomorrow! Forever thanking the @petagogy family for donating Kong’s to make sure we had enough!! ❤️🐶💜💕

Big knows Chupa is exhausted from all his shots yesterday💜#biggiesteez #chupacabrapup

@biggiesbullies embroidered Jogggers! XS-XL — only available at upcoming events! Dec 2nd, 3rd, 9th, 10th, we’re slinging Christmas trees at @wigle_barrelhouse! & if you’re local I can bring them to Petagogy on my work days starting this Friday. 🤗 Thanks @majette @dubcaesar @denialprintco 👌🏼

Weighing in at 11lbs today! #chupacabrapup

Throwing it back because I miss my babe so much. There should be an angel emoji that’s a dog.

When you real mad you got a bath in the sink and your next heated towel isn’t ready for you yet 🙄#chupacabrapup

Wiley boy weighed in today at 45lbs. Got his first shots, got meds for Lyme because he was positive, & he needs some foot baths for some yeasty toes. He can stand to gain a few pounds for sure too. He’s not much older than a year. He was super duper friendly to everyone at the office today too! He just needs boosters in a few weeks and then to be neutered! He’s a little afraid of new situations, like the car, putting a harness on him, walking. He pancakes to the ground but with lots of treats and patience he’s already showing how much potential he really has. #biggieswiley

Breakfast with the little nephew nugget 😘

This dude is the funniest ever. If you missed it on my Facebook, he’s no longer a found dog, he’s now a @biggiesbullies dog. He’s a young goofy muttttttt of a dude and he’s hilarious. He needs neutered and some manners and he’ll be ready in noooo time. #adopt #foster #biggiesbullies

Feeeeeelin good after her first round of heartworm treatment #matzodogball #foster #matzahball #adoptdontshop #adopt #americanbully

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