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Alli Souva  loved beyond measure by the uncontainable Creator|| Psalm 42 || williams wyld life! || NAU 2020

faith is the confidence in what we hope for and assurance about what we do not see | Hebrews 11:1 .
this verse has been on my heart for about a week and God just keeps bringing it back up, and i just love that He pointed out what lights and beautiful examples of faith these sweet friends of mine are. y'all effortlessly and vivaciously pursue the hope and joy of the Lord with confidence in who He is and what He has for you. thank you for always encouraging me to do the same and loving me through all that life throws our ways. (ps @alia_raquel you're gonna rock this month at LC and i can't wait to see you there in a few weeks.)

happy birthday to my dancing partner and crazy gal pal- welcome to the most irrelevant year of life!! live it up darlin, God's got some stellar plans for you, grab hold of every one with the zealous faith God has instilled in you !!!

it was this sweet pal of mines birthday on friday and we didn't have any pictures together until today so here it goes- happy birthday han i love you a lot a lot and i'm so so blessed to have such a radical friend in my life to walk through the good and the bad with me!!! i love ya a lot and i'm just so grateful for your heart, thanks for rockin and being so grand !!!

adore my nine year old pup & sweet camping trips with my mama.

dorm sweet dorm, i may not have spent much time here, but you have been good to me ✌🏼communal bathrooms #mccompton

LOVE mornings like this- finals week mentality can suck it because i have some of the best friends in the whole wide world!!! you girls bing so much joy (and caffeine) to my life and i am oh so blessed because of it !!

my heart could not be more full right now y'all !!! we got two INCREDIBLE leaders for willy wyld life and i just love em so much already. i just have to give some praise to the man upstairs because williams is such an incredible town that can often get overlooked, and this semester we're taking quite a hit by losing three of our dedicated and faithful leaders (and some of my favorite humans) but God provided for us y'all !! i just love that when things seem crazy and hopeless- He shows up and He shows off !! praise the Lord for these people, this town and these kids we get to serve !!

Today marks my one year of being baptized and throughout this past year i have seen and experienced a lot- that a few verses i read this morning really capture; John 1:14 and Titus 2:12, together saying- We are saved and MADE NEW, taught and transformed through grace because Jesus has set up camp in our lives. He is here, present and fully in it, knee deep in our crap and smiling because of it, because he just wants to be with us. BUT he is not going to encourage us to stand in that crap forever, he will help, guide and point out ways out of said crap. He’s in it all with us but he doesn’t want us to remain the same, he is an ever creating God- allow him to grab hold of your life and run wild like he did with mine a year ago, I promise, you will not regret it.

love these sweet girls and crazy switch ups on plans that seem like they're going to end horribly horribly wrong but end up being pretty great, because well the suns still shinin and i've got some of my favorite people around me and some nice cold water to jump on into !!

"he makes my feet like the feet of a deer; he causes me to stand secure on the heights." Psalm 18:33 .
God is so darn cool y'all- looking back upon this year, all the people, all the places and all the things i had the opportunity to experience are seriously amazing. so grateful for mini trips like this one, full of wild adventures and radical people, my feet stand firm and steady in the midst of His glory and creation like wow.

happy birthday to my radical hippy brother, love and miss you so much my dude, thanks for always having the sweetest heart, i hope your day is full of film, good music and stellar people !!

everyday is earth day when you have a friend as rad as PK Woohoo- today is just a little extra special bc we get to celebrate you!! happy birthday my dude, i am so gosh darn grateful to have a pal like you in my life; someone who is ALWAYS willing to adventure or have stellar conversations about our great God !! i am so continually blessed by your friendship and authenticity, it's wild how much someone can impact my life so quickly, i hope today is as grand as can be because you sure are !! much love always my alaskan gal

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