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Alli Souva  washed and worthy in the life of Jesus|| Psalm 42 || williams wyldlife! || NAU 2020

woke up, mom says, "hey al wanna go shooting today" frick yeah i do mom. frick yeah. #bangbang #sunsoutgunsout

got to reunite with this sweet sister of mine today and talk about all the GOODNESS that has encompassed our summers thanks to our good, good Father !! thanks for being one of the most effervescent, kind and BOLD people i know!! you radiate the love of God and i'm blessed to live life with you and i can't wait to do so as roommates for the next year of life!! you rock my socks off sister lady- never stop being you !!

shoutout to CPT for all the amazing weirdos i got to meet that made goodbye so darn hard // ps thx for making fun of my psycho smile

God really knows how to win ya girl over y'all #wowza

hey sweet friend thanks for mooching off your mom's business trip and hanging out with me, much love forever

happy birthday sister lady, you are truly one of my absolute favorite humans and i love ya!! thanks for constantly pointing me to the Lord and reminding me of who i am in Him, you are FULL and GOOD and God has created a surreal steadfastness within you that i cannot even begin to depict with mere words. you radiate love and joy more vibrantly than the most beautiful field of flowers. i am beyond blessed to have lived life with you for two and a half years (i don't understand how it hasn't been at least 23 years but ya know). the Lord really really knew what he was doing when 17 years ago he looked at the earth and said, "ya know the world really could use a lulu." and i'm so grateful that i've gotten to experience all that you are and that i have been able to receive the effervescent and abounding love and joy the Holy Spirit pours out of you. i love you always sweet sister of mine, have an incredible day !!!

frick, what i would do to be eating some dairy free ice cream, talking in sponge bob quotes and running from deranged skunks with these humans right now.

happy birthday best friend!! thanks for being a weirdo and an adventure seeker alongside me- you're mediocre at best but i've kept you around for this long, why stop now? have a great day babe, i love you.

it still has not hit me that when i wake up, i won't be heading to the sprocket, gassing up karts and hanging out with my favorite humans all day- these past few weeks taught me so much about who i am through the love the Lord that overflowed out of everyone there. i was able to experience childlike faith time and time again, but one occasion beautifully depicted it by dancing joyfully in insane rain alongside friends and strangers who would come into that. God taught me to find joy in the waiting- that even in the midst of confusion and uncertainty He is GOOD and with that, we will not grow when we're comfortable but we will bear fruit and experience life so zealously when we venture outside of our comfort zone. the Holy Spirit revealed to me through and unrelated statement "focus on your breathing." initially intended to make my big bites not itch so bad by not focusing on them, turned into the Lord knocking on my heart to do just that- focus on my breathing, what am i stressing about? marinating on? itching for? so frequently i found that when i did, when i took a step back, focused on my breath- God plugged me right back in, filled me up and spoke to me tenderly and reminded me to find my life source, my breath in him. Carolina Point will always have a piece of my heart, and i am forever grateful that the Lord knew so perfectly that i should be there because His intercession is the only reason i was and i am overwhelmingly blessed by that truth.

this past week i've gotten to grow alongside these beautiful young women and just live life to the fullest and now i have the amazing opportunity to be waiting in the airport to fly across the country to North Carolina and spend three whole weeks serving hundreds of high school friends alongside some truly incredible people at @carolinapoint - on this radical journey i will not have my phone, so if you feel so inclined i would adore some snail mail while i'm there !! (4000 Glady Fork Rd. Brevard, NC 28712-7730)

these people are my everything, my best friends, my adventure buddies and i simply cannot imagine life without each of them- i'll miss y'all, see ya when the sleigh bells ring !!!

the first thing i think of when i think of this sweet friend of mine is real, she is real and authentic no matter what. she is herself through and through, to her core and let me tell ya, herself is pretty darn great !! thanks for hangin with me today and just living life with me !!!

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