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Allison Zahigian  🎥 Writer/Director Photography at @allyzstudio

We fell in love with Moonshine in Branson. Can you tell? 🙈 It’s been keeping us warm ever since. The Salted Carmel from @smithcreekshine tastes like Werther’s and has been the real MVP 🙌🏻 #roadtrip #branson #travel

Don’t mind if I do 📷 #roadtrip #santafe #camerashop

And so it begins ✨ #roadtrip

Had some much needed girl talk and giggles with my favorite ginger. I missed ya toots. ✨#soulsister #towerdistrict @lizzwill391

Yesterday I said a very difficult goodbye to my Auntie Helen. She was made of all things magic, stardust, and glitter (literally). My OG Carrie Fisher. She was one of those unforgettable people that even when she wasn’t there with you, you could feel the magic of her presence coursing through you. She always made me feel like anything I wanted was a possibility, I just had to believe it. Screw what anyone else thought, because the road best traveled was the one that brought your soul the most joy, adventure, and laughter. That humans are meant to make mistakes and every wrong path explored just brought you closer to the right one. Took me a while to hear it, but now I’m all ears. Forever remembering her joking around, getting glitter everywhere, and calling me her Gator Girl with a sweet laugh in her voice. Thank you for being the most magical presence in my life growing up. I am me, because you were you. Forever your Gator Girl ✨🌕✨

My heartbeat, my guiding post... breathe... breathe in the stillness... this moment, frozen in time... for the future is ahead of you... for better or worse... there’s no hiding... but this moment... this one right now, is at peace.

@maliabeth and I went to @busytonighttv on Monday. It’s a VIBE. A women supporting badass, strong, confident women vibe. A women representing what matters to women vibe. We love you @busyphilipps, @instacais, @tira_tira_tira, @jennyyangtv and @kellyoxford! Keep slaying ladies! We couldn’t take photos of the set so naturally we took selfies. #TheBusytomyKelly #womenintelevision #womenrepresent
#womencrushwednesday #wcw

No one makes ✨5️⃣0️⃣✨ look more Chic than this Gorgeous woman, @kellyrutherford! Happy Birthday my love! You are such an inspiration! Thank you for never letting me doubt myself, for always holding me accountable to myself, and for making me laugh till I’m on the ground, barely able to breathe, every time I see you. Have an incredible day at work you force of nature!!!!

Jewelry is super cool and all but it has nothing on this FREE sticker that says you VOTED! Did you VOTE yet? Put a 🗳 in the comments below if you did! #vote #glovesoff

Real smiles compliments of a real friend being their true self. I love you @maliabeth ✨ ALSO FINALLY received my Vote by mail ballot and sample ballot today. So today is a GOOD F@$KING DAY! You better VOTE by tomorrow people!

A year ago I signed the lease on the first place all my own. Why I chose it I couldn’t tell you. It’s in a location I never found myself in, an area I wasn’t sure was safe but something was pulling me to it. In January I became obsessed with watching @busyphilipps dedicate herself to her writing via Instagram stories. Something I never let myself do, not fully anyways. One day I said screw it, I’m gonna do that. I walked to different coffee shops in my area trying to find my Central Perk. On February 1st I went to my local @lepainquotidienusa. As I walked in I watched Busy’s story, a selfie saying “It’s all happening.” When I looked up she was sitting right in front of me! Talk about IT’S ALL HAPPENING. That day I wrote my opening scene. On April 12th I was still on a hunt for my writing space. I came upon @coffeecommissary on my way to see @flowerthemovie starring @ZoeyDeutch. That was the day I went into a state of tunnel vision with writing. I think it was the combination of her performance and finding my perfect place of comfort and productivity. The day after I finished Act I, I walked in and Busy was sitting there! For the next two months we sat next to each other. Her dedication pushed me to work harder. I never wanted to break her writing zen but the day her show @busytonighttv was announced (Series premiere tonight!) I had to congratulate her. We talked about a number of things but what stuck with me most was why we loved writing there. Oh and that it ended because James Murphy @lcdsoundsystem walked in and she respectably fangirled and had to talk to him. Oh the irony 🙃 On June 21st I finished the first draft of my script with her sitting next to me. That was also the day she finished her book. The universe really does give us signs when we are on the right path. Like the day I hit my 100 page mark and randomly met the writer of Flower, @hellomattspicer a few hours later. THANK YOU BUSY for inspiring me continuously over this last year to dedicate myself to my craft and find the confidence I so desperately needed. You are a FORCE. Today I proudly sit at the Coffee Commissary reading what I had the honor of watching you pour your heart and soul into 💕

Carol shook her head, not looking at her. “Child, child, where do you wander - all by yourself.” - The Price of Salt - Page 68

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