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Allison Winterbotham 

Really appreciating the free drinks on the cruise

Tori and Dad diving head first into one of the most beautiful cultures I've ever visited

Yo ❤ Havana

My vacation plan is to drink as much tequila as it takes to numb the pain of this sunburn

Finally going out to enjoy the sun

Poppy is graciously ending my suffering before finals start by snuggling me to death

Shes still growing in to her ears 👯‍♀️


Spending Easter with my two favorite ladies 🐰

I hate to say it, but I really miss the snow

Everyone say hello to Poppy! This little girl is the absolute sweetest and will be flooding my Instagram from here on out ❤🐶

It was finally warm enough to take the cats out for a stroll. Cleo is a seasoned pro, but Stoops might need some more convincing...

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