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Allison - Lifestyle + Travel  Lifestyle & travel blogger out of Phoenix, AZ, boy mom, maker, dog lover, DIY, scrapbooking/ YouTube.com/allisonwaken / Also @allfortheboys


My Barbies have been up in the attic for years. Since we moved we had to bring them down which meant they were accessible when I picked up my niece from preschool last week. You guys. I have been waiting for this! She sat and played with them the entire time she was here 😍
Do you still have some of your toys?

Still recovering from the amazing whirlwind of a week I had! Disneyland, walking the red carpet for Thor Ragnarok, getting stuck behind the Hemsworth’s (and Miley) walking out of the theater, and my favorite - photographing the interviews! Swipe through for some favorites (and to see my dress choice). Back to reality here but happily re-living the memories for blog posts on @allfortheboys all next week.
How was your week?!
#ThorRagnarokEvent #redcarpet #Disneyland #HalloweenTime

I am in LOVE with Haul-O-Ween @disneyland so many amazing details. I can’t wait to take the boys back at the end of the month. If you already love #HalloweenTime you’re definitely going to want to visit.

No where near done, but the front room is getting closer!
#ad This is the room you walk into & where the boys will hang out. I wanted to have an entry table for keys and little things & decided to add a battery operated lamp since a plug in lamp wouldn’t work here! I added a masculine box to hold @rayovac batteries for ALL the electronics the boys use. The RAYOVAC® HIGH ENERGY™ is probably the most used in our house because it’s perfect for high use devices. I’m trying out the RAYOVAC® Recharge on the game controllers too. Having them right here means the boys don’t destroy the house searching & I can easily see when to pick up more @walmart Because we buy SO many I love that RAYOVAC® batteries last just as long as the other brands but at a lower price point. Do you go through batteries often at your house too? How do you store yours?!
#PoweredByRayovac #SureThing #wakenrenovation #interiordecorating

When you move about a mile from one of your besties you can ride over to hang out 🙌 AD
Taking over @theseekerwines Pinot Noir & Riesling tonight. No cork screw needed is a bonus because I have NO idea where mine is 😂 Do you live close to friends?!
#SeekAdventure #happyhour #bicycle #wineoclock #livethelittlethings

Moving the majority of our stuff DONE the floors however not so much. Our bedroom is in the dining room for the time being. Happy to be in one place! We had 2 26ft trailer loads. That’s too much stuff right?! Who hates moving? 🙋

My birthday wish every year is to be by the water. It’s safe to say that will not be happening this year. More working on the house today, but I had to at least scroll through some pictures from the beach 😉 Lots of craziness here this week trying to get as much of the floors done as possible before moving all the furniture over on Wed. How is your week looking?!
#surfer #ocean #birthdaywish #mondaymotivation #beach #reflection

This is our “it’s 10pm and we’re still grinding down thinset” face. Your comments on my insta stories are totally keeping me sane during this reno!
#wakenrenovation #homerenovation #diy #diyblogger #phoenixblogger #renovation

Here we go! It's been on stop packing & prepping for a sort of last minute decision to move. We get keys SOON & will be renovating quite a bit ourselves. Check out my stories for updates & shenanigans (my clumsiness has already gotten me a nice slice out of my finger just in time to move everything 🤦‍♀️) we're still making final decisions on colors, flooring & furniture as we wait to jump in for final measurements. Who wants to come paint?! 🎨
#demoday #renovation #wakenrenovation #lifestyleblogger #phoenixblogger #azblogger

Did you know that you're supposed to clean your appliances monthly 😳 #ad
Embarrassingly, I don't think I've ever cleaned our dishwasher! My homeschooled helpers are now in charge of keeping track of the kitchen cleaning schedule INCLUDING appliances & we are LOVING the appliance cleaners (along with the other awesome products) from @LemiShine I get them at my @target but you can check their site to see where they are near you! So do you clean your disposal/washing machine/dishwasher monthly?! #CleanFreakClean #kitchen #pitbull #pitbullsofinstagram #kitchendesign #kitcheninspo #pitbulllove #pitbulllife #kitchendecor

I should be working, or packing, or working on my honey do list but I'm just sitting here talking myself out of making more of these gluten free banana chocolate chip cookies. I mean, I can't waist bananas can I?!
Recipe #ontheblog #yum #cookies #glutenfree #lifestyleblogger #recipe #foodie

Love this free print from @persnicketyprints blog. I can't believe it has been 16 years.

#Repost @persnicketyprints

It's almost 9-11 again, and we'll never forget the brave souls we lost and the loved ones they left behind. This FREE 8x10 download is available on our blog so you can remember too. Designed by @aubrey__willis #september11 #neverforget #linkinbio #persnicketyprints

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