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Allison  Arizona 🌡//Mama to πŸ‹ & πŸ•΅πŸΌ// Yoga Teacher @desertsongyoga & @hotyogau πŸ•‰//High School Teacher πŸ“š//LipSense @adventurereadylips πŸ’‹//@cookingwithlemon ❀//


Yesterday Lemon had school and then we went to dance and dinner with my mom. We didn't take any pics, so enjoy these cute park pics instead! 😍 Stay tuned tomorrow because I'm doing a giveaway with @birdrockbaby for some moccs! πŸŽ‰ *swipe left*

Yesterday Lemon went to gymnastics and then we met some friends at Pump it Up. In one morning, before nap time, Lemon cried 5 times. First, because they didn't have a teacher for Lemon's class (and she had to warm up with the "big kids." Next, she was pulled off a high jumping thing by her friend, landed on him, then cried because she felt bad. Then, she jumped off the same jump with me and flipped and landed on her face. Then, she kicked herself (I can't make this up!) and cried because it hurt. And finally, when we were leaving, and she found out they got rid of their Icee machine SHE LOST IT. 4 year olds man, 4 year olds. πŸ™„ So, we all needed a break from the morning, and the heat so we went to Bahama Bucks - YUM. We were just commenting on the weather last week, and how nice it has been, when this week rolled in and we saw 120 degree days. SO, shaved ice really hit the spot. Indy loved Pump it Up and wanted to crawl everywhere and do everything but there were so many big kids there causing trouble, it was hard to keep him safe. We were exhausted after eating lunch, we all took naps. When we woke up, Ian took the kids swimming while I made dinner, then everyone went to bed. It's so funny how our kids seem so grown up, but they are still such babies at heart. ☺️ #lemonandindysendlesssummer

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Crescent Pose πŸŒ™ #summervibesyogachallenge

Today I had a lot of free time to myself and it was GLORIOUS. Ian stayed home this morning, while Lemon was at school, instead of going to check on his garden at school, so he napped with the baby and I ran errands and went shopping ALONE! I had plans to buy some things for me but ended up with stuff for the kids, always. πŸ™„ I came home to grab the baby then left again to meet my mom and step-bro at Target. I shipped SOME MORE, and then we went to lunch (Indy yelled the whole time, it was SO funny). Ian picked Lemon up from school (they stopped by the garden) and then they met us for lunch. It was so hot today, almost 120, and I carried a baby and ran around so I was tired by nap time. We all napped and then Ian and Lemon made dog biscuits for @cookingwithlemon (as a tribute to Zoe) and Indy complained almost all night for some reason. πŸ˜‚ Lemon and I worked on a project (she's decided to work towards a hedgehog, stay tuned) and I tried to pack the baby to get him to relax. Ian rushed off to a show at bedtime and I'm on the couch watching Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt alone again! πŸŽ‰ My favorite parts of today - I found Indy kissing a pop up bear in a book that he brought out from his room, then Lemon had to kiss it too. πŸ˜‚ Lemon was upset later because I told her she couldn't have a lemonade stand outside in the summer (in AZ) and Indy crawled up and gave her a kiss and tried to pat her, it was SO CUTE. The days are going too quickly and being home with the kids (and the hubs) all day is exhausting but I'm trying to stay positive and soak in every minute - even when the minutes are filled with a crying 4 year old and whining baby. πŸ˜‚ #lemonandindysendlesssummer

Our first pose ardha padma prapadasana brought to you by @_lifeyogi! 😊 #summervibesyogachallenge @hotyogau

The HYU Summer Vibes Yoga Challenge starts today! For the next 21 days each host will post a posture from our Hatha sequence and why they love it!
This challenge is all local, with our talented HYU instructors hosting and a chance to win some awesome prizes from our sponsors! β€’Deep Eddy-Swag β€’Adventure ready lips -LipSense,
β€’Itgirl Diva- full set lash extensions β€’Wild Clover Botanicals-organic soaps and bathbombs
β€’Body Awakenings Az. Relaxing massage β€’Earth and Alchemy- Mandala print β€’Nikki Berkel-Two One hour life coaching sessions

Each night you'll be prompted to go to a different teachers Instagram page to check out the pose for the next day. Post a summer vibes photo of yourself in the posture. 🌞🌞🌞🌞🌞🌞🌞🌞 To be eligible for prizes, hashtag it #Summervibesyogachallenge and follow all of our amazing hosts and sponsors! Go to @_lifeyogi to see the 1st pose! 😊
@omshantaram @bunnyregan
Good luck and have fun! #scottsdaleyoga #hotyogaevolvedintegrativemethod #yogisofinstagram #summeryogachallenge #summervibesyogachallenge

Today we celebrated this guy. Indy woke up super early (seems to be his routine this summer πŸ™„) and after I tried to put him back to bed, Ian finally did it while laying with him. Then he rushed off to a video shoot and we made Dutch baby pancakes. He came home and we ate, then Lemon and I headed to our friend's house to swim. We had so much fun and when Indy woke up from his nap, he and Ian joined us. We stayed until way past lunch/nap time. We came home, ate and got in bed 2 hours later than normal and everyone slept until 5pm! When we woke up we rushed to my mom's to play and go to dinner, and then got the kids in bed late tonight. I wish there were no bedtimes, nap times or early wake ups in summer - I want to soak up every minute, but not be tired while I'm doing it. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜΄ Such a fun Father's Day! #lemonandindysendlesssummer

Yesterday we walked to our neighbor's for a baby shower and met some more neighbors (which was fun). Then Lemon and I rushed off to yoga where I taught about 8 kids (1.5-4 years old) and their parents. It was fun but exhausting; so happy I had my little Lemon helper there. ☺️ We stopped at our friend's house to snuggle her baby and then came home for lunch. Lemon decided she wanted fish, rice, broccoli and carrots for dinner so Ian went to the store while we swam in the pool. He grilled, we swam and then we ate. We loved that Lemon decided what she wanted and we made that, it was so cool! Indy has entered the "won't eat anything unless it's a potato/bread/cheese" phase and its way too early for me. He went without dinner two nights in a row so hopefully he figures it out soon. The days are going by SO FAST and I can't believe was as are more than halfway through June, school is going to start again before we know it. 😭 I love summer nights with nothing to do, bbqing and staying up late (and letting Lemon sleep in our bed so I can hold on to her before she turns 13). ☺️ I want to remember what a little fish Lemon is, how swimming is her favorite and how much Indy loves the water too. He kicks his legs and holds on to the side by himself; smiling and giggling the whole time. These are days I never want to forget. ☺️ #lemonandindysendlesssummer

Lemon got a microscope and I love it. πŸ˜‚ Thanks @fifilynn @modmatthew and @saveourmcdowells. ❀️ #lemonandindysendlesssummer

The coolest of the cool, ice cold. 😍😍😍 #babyindyblue #jjmakesclothesfor putting your feet in the pool. πŸ˜‰ #lemonandindysendlesssummer

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