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I learned a lot of lessons today (stay tuned for a recap of that story🙈) but the most important one was that you are the true patriarch of our family always guiding us to safe ground. You are strong, and selfless and stay calm in a crisis. I hope Lachlan and I can find a way to up the anti next Father’s Day @claytonmclure . We love you so much today and every single day.

“The art of mothering is to teach the art of living to children”.

All I want to do is teach this little soul the art of living. Living deep within your core values, building a life that don’t need a vacation from, and feeling a deep rooted connectedness to all things and people around you.

We have committed to family hikes on Sunday’s. Rain or shine, well rested or running on two hours of sleep (today was the 2hrs of sleep kind of hike🙄), just us or with some of the great humans in our lives (today with @perstephanie_ and @holycola13). This commitment has me feeling more alive then I have ever felt. My heart is full.

A beautiful conversation with a loving, supportive friend today sparked some deep thoughts about expansion. Truly breaking free from our limiting beliefs, and pushing ourselves out of our comfort zones take so much courage. Courage of being vulnerable enough to say what you want and why you want it. Courage to share your ideas and passions with the world. Courage to take aligned action... yes REAL steps forward... towards the things that you want, and the ideas you want to bring to fruition. All of this courage to really lean into this expansion, no matter what the outcome, yet we struggle to celebrate it. We focus on the roadblocks, the things that didn’t go perfect, the “lessons for next time. All of those are important to reflect on, and to build on, but you know what is HELLA important for your soul? For your confidence? For self love? Celebrating the courage it took to dream, to start, to do the damn thing. Celebrate it all. The vulnerability, the strength, the action, the connection, the work, the ideas and the next steps.

This weekend made me feel so bad ass and powerful, more then I have maybe ever felt in my life. Yet, in conversations I was finding myself saying “only 1 person showed up” or “I was really slow, but got it done”. Tonight I’m choosing to lean hard into my expansion. I am celebrating a truly magical weekend.

I led my first workshop. After months and months and months of being to scared to take any real action. I was honoured to connect with a new human and share some thought provoking ideas, in NATURE. I got to work along side my best friend, and see an idea we’ve had for a long time come to life.


Discover what your values are, and build your entire life around them.

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Climb the mountains and get their good tidings. Natures peace will flow into you as sunshine flows into trees.

Teaching this little guy to love and appreciate this beautiful earth as much as we do.

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.....and together we’ll float on into the mystic

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Just a boy and his pup

You light up my life little muppet.

Some angels fall, some mortals fly.

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I had no idea
it would be
this much.
I had no idea
I could handle it.
I had no idea
how beautiful
it all

I am so thankful for friends who capture these sweet moments. As a mom, so many of these simple moments get missed as we are always the ones behind the camera. Thank you @haizphoto for loving us, always taking us in, and capturing these sweet moments.

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